Quicklet on The Kite Runner

Quicklet on The Kite Runner

by The Quicklet Team

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Quicklets: Your Reading Sidekick! Never read a book alone again! Supercharge your reading with Quicklets. Quicklets are jam-packed with information like those notes you totally copied off that geeky kid you knew back in high school. But theyre not boring like other study guides. They keep you entertained AND informed. You can conquer any book with your trusty sidekick. Weve got your back :) Quicklets: Your Reading Sidekick! Published in 2003, The Kite Runner is an international bestseller, with more than 12 million copies sold worldwide. Publications including The New York Ties, Chicago Tribune, People and Newsday have described the novel as extraordinary, haunting, moving and riveting. In The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini tells the story of the friendship between a privileged young boy, Amir, and his poor servant, Hassan, in Kabul in the 1970s. The two boys innocence is shattered one day and their friendship forever changes because of a random act of brutality against Hassan. As the boys grow apart and start their own lives, The Kite Runner follows the transformation of Afghanistan from a peaceful and isolated country to a living hell. Even as Amir has immigrated to America and thinks that he has left his old life behind, a call one day brings him back home to confront his past. The Kite Runner is Khaled Hosseinis first published novel. Born in Kabul, Afghanistan to a diplomat father, Hosseini and his family received political asylum and immigrated to the United States in 1980. Hosseini was a physician living in northern California at the time The Kite Runner was published. Hosseinis childhood memories of pre-Soviet Afghanistan, his own brief friendship with a Hazara servant and his familys immigrant experience in the United States inspired him to write the novel. If you want to learn everything you want to know about The Kite Runner without reading more than 200 pages, our Quicklet eBook is for you - just like CliffNotes, it's fast, fun, and the best material up front! THE KITE RUNNER BOOK SUMMARY EXCERPT Summary of Chapter 2: Hassan never denied me anything. Amir and Hassan are mischievous boys. At Amirs urging, they play pranks on their neighbors. Hassan always does whatever Amir tells him to. Even after being scolded by his father, Hassan never tells on Amir. Amir is from a prosperous family. He lives with his father in a pretty house in a rich part of Afghanistans capital. In the living room are custom-built cabinets with photos inside, including one of Amirs father with his best friend and business partner, Rahim Khan. Hassan and his father, a servant to Amirs family, live in a small mud hut in the garden. While Amirs house has gold-stitched tapestries, a crystal chandelier and marble floors, Hassans mud hut is almost empty. Despite living on the same grounds for eighteen years, Amir has been inside the mud hut only a few times. Hassans mother, Sanaubar, gave birth to him inside the hut. Sanaubar was a pretty young woman with a bad reputation. Hassans father, a gentle and kind man, is physically deformed. The midwife tells everyone that Sanaubar refused to hold her newborn son when she saw Hassans cleft lip. She leaves her husband and baby only a week after giving birth. ...buy the Quicklet to read more! Random trivia is also scattered throughout the book. Did you know Khaled Hosseini actually befriended his familys Hazara servant and taught him to read? Quicklets: Your Reading Sidekick!


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