Redshift Rendezvous

Redshift Rendezvous

by John E. Stith

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One man must stop starship hijackers from using an unusual starship to plunder a wealthy colony. Aboard the Redshift, light moves so slowly you can see its passage, and relativistic tricks are an integral part of shipboard life. Flip a light switch and see the room slowly fill with light. Run fast, and the view ahead shifts into blue, and you can create sonic booms. One component of the book is this slow-light thought experiment, a la Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott or Mr. Tomkins in Wonderland by George Gamow. (The appendix separates actual Theory of Relativity principles from speculation and fabrication.) Science Fiction Book Club selection, HOMer Award winner, Science Fiction Chronicle best of year list, LOCUS recommended Reading List, Nebula Award nominee.

Praise for Redshift Rendezvous

"The list of science fiction authors who play the game the hard way by sticking to the rules of science is all too short. Now to that group which includes Clarke, Niven, Asimov, Bear, and Clement should be added the name of John E. Stith."
—Dan Simmons

"If you love writers who play techy games with reality...pick this one up."

"Mystery and adventure against a fascinating hard science background. This is without question Stith's best work to date."
—Science Fiction Chronicle

"Redshift Rendezvous represents an ingenious exploration of an idea in a manner that only science fiction can allow."

"a unique, fascinating hard SF novel. Recommended."
—Library Journal

"This is absolutely one of the most terrific ideas for an SF novel I've seen in years. My first thought was, 'Why couldn't I have come up with this?' My second thought, too."
—Connie Willis

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BN ID: 2940153778570
Publisher: ReAnimus Press
Publication date: 11/15/2016
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

John E. Stith's works include REDSHIFT RENDEZVOUS (Nebula Award nominee), MANHATTAN TRANSFER (Hugo Award Honorable Mention), REUNION ON NEVEREND, and RECKONING INFINITY (on Science Fiction Chronicle's 1997's Best Science Fiction Novels list, on the Nebula Award preliminary ballot). His other novels are SCAPESCOPE, MEMORY BLANK, DEATH TOLLS, and DEEP QUARRY. Naught Again includes a Nick Naught novella and a novelette. Stith's work also includes best sellers, a Seiun Award finalist, a La Tour Eiffel Science Fiction Book Prize finalist, HOMer Award winners, and Science Fiction Book Club selections. His work has also appeared on the New York Public Library Best Books for Young Adults list, Science Fiction Chronicle's List of Year's Best Novels, and the yearly Locus Recommended Reading Lists. His website is Personal Facebook Page for interests beyond writing: More books from John E. Stith are available at: E. Stith

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Redshift Rendezvous 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
topps on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
A whodunit, placed on a spaceship traveling at nearly lightspeed. Uses the real concepts of relativity for some nice twists on the plot.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
From beginning to end the plot was worked out masterfully. When the last page came I was craving for more from the lives of Jason Kraft and Tara aboard the redshift or beyond. To sum up my thoughts the book is intriguing, unpredictable and leaves you wanting more. For the first Sci-Fi book I've ever read I can say with complete certainty that I'll be on the hunt for more like this down the road. Though the first half of the book was a bit repetitive at times and it felt more like a documentary on the redshift during that time it didn't really put me off. Everyone has their own styles that they like or don't like. So if you don't enjoy learning about how a fictional spaceship works or aren't concerned with the more technical aspects of space, then I'd say either don't pick this book up or what I really recommend is try and get it for a couple of dollars on a place like amazon. The characters were surprisingly well thought out in my mind, especially considering many older science fiction books neglect character development. The world building was also similarly good, though a few times I felt like it was taking place in a void. Thinking back on it this story is like a few stories woven together and each story has something that kept my attention. This isn't saying that I didn't get bored and put the book down a few times, it wasn't like that until the end, but that is to say that each scene felt meaningful. In another vein I really enjoyed how unpredictable the actions of different characters were. When viewed again they all made perfect sense. I'd say this is definitely a book I'd read again, although I would skim over a few parts that bored me the first time. If you're on the fence and want what was to me a mixture of adventure, mystery, just enough romance to push the characters on and a well thought out plot then I'd gladly recommend Redshift Rendezvous.