Renewing the World: Casebook for Leadership in Water

Renewing the World: Casebook for Leadership in Water

by K Lusk Brooke
Renewing the World: Casebook for Leadership in Water

Renewing the World: Casebook for Leadership in Water

by K Lusk Brooke


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Renewing the World: Casebook for Leadership in Water

Casebook companion to Renewing the World: Water, this book presents ten water problems offering significant opportunities for innovation. The case method, based on Socratic principles and developed at Harvard, invites participants to analyze problems situationally to develop innovative solutions. Renewing the World: Casebook for Leadership in Water is one of the first books with cases on increasingly urgent problems related to climate change and water. The book takes a solution orientation, finding within failure the seeds to success.

Topics include floods and storms, droughts and wildfires, food, energy, rising seas, deep seabed mining, hydraulic fracturing, transboundary water resources, water infrastructure, and water renewal systems. Cases are relevant to fields include agriculture, business, energy, engineering, fashion, infrastructure, insurance, investment, law, manufacturing, marine environment, micro-plastics and PFAS chemicals, real estate, sanitation, satellite capabilities, science, and technology.

Cases are presented in a lively, engaging manner featuring current market leaders and emerging start-ups. Emphasis is global, with examples from every continent and region. Each case offers a Window on the Economy with financial data and a Thinking Tool Kit with the latest research. The book links to a related website with a database of leading organizations and direct access to one hundred years of water agreements, treaties, and laws.

Author K. Lusk Brooke, honored as one of the Beautiful Minds of the Millennium, developed innovative courses at Harvard and MIT, founded the Center for the Study of Success, and has written books on organizational mobilization and the role of engineering, science, and technology in shaping history.

Renewing the World: Casebook for Leadership in Water is valuable and useful for university education, business and corporate training, innovation centers, and those exploring investment.

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ISBN-13: 9798985035933
Publisher: Center for the Study of Success
Publication date: 01/02/2024
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 272
File size: 5 MB

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Case 1. Leaking or Lacking

Water - where and when you need it

For: Municipal Water, Filtration, Public Health, Engineering, Water Justice

Case 2. Asparagus or Broccoli

Water - a key ingredient

For: Agriculture, Food Industry, Water and Drought Management

Case 3. River Real(i)ty

Drought, fire, and future habitats

For: Real Estate and Land Development, Architecture, Construction, Energy Options, Insurance, Water Resources, Water Law

Case 4. Yours + Mine = Ours

Colorado River

For: Transboundary Law, Regional Cooperation, Water Rights, Sports Industry, Wine Industry

Case 5. Water's Edge

Rising seas coming to you - soon

For: City Design, Construction, Insurance, Ports and Shipping Management, Estuary Planning, Coastal Sustainability, Satellite Imaging

Case 6. Buried Treasure and Speedo Diplomacy

Deep sea mining and marine protected areas

For: Ocean Sustainability, Energy, Mining, Marine Protected Areas, Laws and Treaties

Case 7. Beaches, Flip Flops, and Coral Reefs

The case for biodegradables

For: Plastics, Marine Habitat, Chemistry, Materials Design, Hotels, Beaches, Coral Reefs, Fashion and Footwear

Case 8. Frack Off

Hydraulic Fracturing - do the (after)math

For: Groundwater, Energy, Lithium, Chemistry, Engineering, Produced water, Job Transition, Post-Frac Maintenance, Water Renewal Systems

Case 9. Go Blue

Wearing your heart on your sleeve

For: Awareness through Fashion, Design, Marketing, Promotion, Color, Education and Curriculum Development, Merchandise Messaging

Case 10. Water of Life

Rescuing drinking water from micro-plastics

For: Finance, Investment, Manufacturing, Laundry Industry, Fashion Industry, National Environmental Policy, Industry Policy

Water Systems: A Model of Use

For: Water Systems Everywhere


Index of Organizations

Index of People

Voices of the Future

Windows on the Economy

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