Reparations: The Complete Series (Omnibus Edition)

Reparations: The Complete Series (Omnibus Edition)

by Philip Wyeth
Reparations: The Complete Series (Omnibus Edition)

Reparations: The Complete Series (Omnibus Edition)

by Philip Wyeth


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The Reparations Omnibus... Four Books in One!

The year is 2028. A new bureaucracy called the Historical Reparations Administration oversees enforcement of restitution for colonialism and slavery. This is the story of everyday people caught in the crossfire between idealism and technology.

Reparations USA sets the stage with exuberant world-building, bizarre tech, outrageous spectacles, quirky slang, and a diverse cast of sympathetic characters.

Reparations Mind is the darkly satirical examination of how "changing the world" became the religion of an entire generation. Can individuality assert itself over enforced ideology?

Reparations Core is a taut political thriller steeped in psychology and philosophy. Hands will be revealed... pressure applied... and loyalties tested in this perfectly paced installment.

Reparations Maze is the inspired conclusion to this utterly unique series. The sweeping thematic drama hurtles forward breathlessly to a remarkable and rewarding final act.

The Reparations Omnibus... A Not-So-Distant Mirror.

At times comical, literary, and even spiritual, author Philip Wyeth's ambitious future history transcends all expectations. It is an immersive and unflinching exploration of the realm where human aspirations and public policy diverge. (187,000 words)

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780999299968
Publisher: Philip Wyeth
Publication date: 06/15/2020
Pages: 542
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.25(h) x 1.21(d)

About the Author

Originally from Northern Virginia, Philip Wyeth has lived in the Los Angeles area for many years. He's an entrepreneur, musician, film aficionado, hockey fan, and enjoys playing tennis and golf. Inspired by such unique writers as Heinrich von Kleist, Ambrose Bierce, Joseph Conrad, and Len Deighton, Wyeth's imaginative novels will resonate with fans of Philip K. Dick, Rich Larson, Michel Houellebecq, and Neal Stephenson. Also a lifelong fan of heavy metal music and its many sub-genres, Wyeth strives to infuse his writing with comparable levels of intensity, independence, and larger-than-life visions. His website is

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