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Ride Rough (Raven Riders Series #2)

Ride Rough (Raven Riders Series #2)

4.6 20
by Laura Kaye

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Brotherhood. Club. Family.
They live and ride by their own rules.
These are the Raven Riders...

Maverick Rylan won’t apologize for who he is—the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club Vice-President, a sought-after custom bike builder, and a man dedicated to protecting those he loves. So when he learns that the only woman who has ever held


Brotherhood. Club. Family.
They live and ride by their own rules.
These are the Raven Riders...

Maverick Rylan won’t apologize for who he is—the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club Vice-President, a sought-after custom bike builder, and a man dedicated to protecting those he loves. So when he learns that the only woman who has ever held his heart is in trouble, he’ll move heaven and earth to save her.

Alexa Harmon thought she had it all—the security of a good job, a beautiful home, and a powerful, charming fiancé who offered the life she never had growing up. But when her dream quickly turns into a nightmare, Alexa realizes she’s fallen for a façade she can’t escape—until sexy, dangerous Maverick offers her a way out.

Forced together to keep Alexa safe, their powerful attraction reignites and Maverick determines to do whatever it takes to earn a second chance—one Alexa is tempted to give. But her ex-fiancé isn’t going to let her go without a fight, one that will threaten everything they both hold dear.

Ride Rough also contains the bonus Hard Ink e-original novella, Hard Ever After!

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
★ 02/13/2017
Kaye’s second Maryland-based Raven Riders contemporary (after Ride Hard) breaks hearts and inspires loyalty from the first page. Alexa Harmon has had a rough life. Her mother’s a hoarder, her brother is dead, and poverty is nipping at her heels. Alexa thinks her wealthy fiancé, Grant Slater, is her ticket to happiness—until the second time he hurts her physically, which is the umpteenth time he’s hurt her emotionally. Big, bad biker dude Maverick Rylan is desperately in love with Alexa, and she’s shocked when he puts his own life on the line to save hers. As Grant spirals out of control, Maverick proves that Alexa can trust him with anything. But Grant decides that if he can’t have Alexa, no one will. Maverick is the perfect antihero, and Alexa is a heroine with unbreakable strength. This tightly plotted and aptly characterized story pulls readers along for an unforgettable ride, leaving them hungry for the next story in the saga. Agent: Kevan Lyon, Marsal Lyon Literary. (May)
Laura Griffin
“Bikes, bad boys, and plenty of sizzle! Laura Kaye’s high-octane storytelling will pull you in.”
Jay Crownover
“Scorching and seductive! Laura has a knack for writing impressive men who are the perfect mix of badass and big-hearted!”
Julie Ann Walker
“Pulse-pounding action, swoon-worthy romance, and red-hot sexual tension—everything I want in a good book!”
Katie Reus
“Scorching sexual tension and edge of your seat suspense—Ride Rough grabs you and won’t let go until the final page!”
Chanel Cleeton
“A sexy and emotional romance that will capture your heart.”
Tiffany Snow
“Sexy, compelling, and addictive, RIDE ROUGH doesn’t disappoint. Highly recommend!”
Melinda Leigh
“Laura Kaye delivers a sizzling, satisfying read. If you love bad boys with big hearts, you’ll love Ride Rough.”
HelenKay Dimon
“No one writes an alpha bad boy like Laura Kaye.”
Cynthia Eden
“Intense, sexy, and dangerous-this book had me from the first page!”
Rebecca Zanetti
“Sinfully delicious with an addictive bad-boy who just melted my heart! I absolutely loved this book!”
RT Book Reviews
“gritty and exciting... Kaye is an exceptional storyteller who brings depth and passion to her characters as they face tough and sometimes dangerous choices. Excellent!”
“Readers who love biker bad-boy heroes with a heart of gold will find the second installment in Kaye’s Raven Riders series [... ] utterly irresistible, as she revs up the danger and injects plenty of steamy sensuality into the story.”
Kirkus Reviews
When Alexa Harmon gets spooked by her fiance's increasingly abusive and controlling behavior, she turns to her ex-boyfriend Maverick for help, then gains additional help from his motorcycle club, the Raven Riders.Alexa has convinced herself she has it all: in two weeks she'll marry wealthy Grant Slater. But the closer the wedding gets, the more she realizes that something is very wrong and what she feels is dread: "Skin-crawling, stomach-dropping, run-while-you-can dread." Telling herself it's just pre-wedding jitters, she has to snap out of it when Grant becomes violent and verbally abusive. After he attacks her the first time, she runs to Maverick, the ex-boyfriend she broke up with after her brother died in a motorcycle accident. She's never forgotten him or his protective instincts, and once she feels threatened, she turns to him again. Maverick is extremely worried about Alexa but also has some problems to deal with in the Raven Riders—some of which are caused by businessman Slater, who hates the club. As the Riders work to raise their positive profile in the community, it's clear someone is working against them, and while they're all certain Grant has a hand in some sabotage, there's no proof. Meanwhile Alexa has to deal with her mother, a hoarder who is living in a property Grant owns, which makes it imperative to find her a safe new home, another challenge the Riders help her deal with. As Alexa rediscovers buried feelings for Maverick and accepts help from the club, Grant becomes more jealous, jeopardizing the club and the couple's happiness. Author Kaye consistently delivers layered characters, sizzling love scenes, and smart, fresh plots; in this second-chance-at-love storyline she also lightly explores mental illness and domestic abuse. A word of warning, though: readers who dislike profanity should beware, since it's set in a realistic motorcycle-club world. A sexy, textured, and wholly satisfying romance.

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Raven Riders Series , #2
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Meet the Author

Laura Kaye is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty books in contemporary romance and romantic suspense, including the Hard Ink, Raven Riders, and Blasphemy series. Growing up, Laura’s large extended family believed in the supernatural, and family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses cemented in Laura a life-long fascination with storytelling and all things paranormal. Laura also writes historical fiction as the New York Times bestseller, Laura Kamoie. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and monster puppy, Schuyler, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.

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Ride Rough 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
BooksCoffeePassion 3 months ago
Ride Rough is the second book in the Raven Riders series and it’s an amazing addition to this series. Maverick is Raven Riders’ VP, he’s a protector, loyal to the bone and he’s been in love with Alexa since they were teenagers. Unfortunately, their relationship took a bad turn because they couldn’t deal with a huge loss so they broke up 5 years ago (if you want to know more, you just have to read it!). Letting Alexa go is not Maverick’s only regret… Alexa moved on from Maverick (or so she thinks), she tried really hard to forget him and now she is engaged to a perfect, wealthy, educated man who offers her the security and stability she craves for herself and her mother. But she’s been trying to ignore her inner voice warnings, after all her wedding date is so close and she’s sure her fiancé loves her… I loved Maverick, he’s a sweet, strong, hot biker who puts those he loves first and protects those who need protection (the club provides protection for victims of abusive relationships) no matter what. His loyalty to his brothers and the club is absolutely swooning, I loved their MC family moments and their unconditional love for each other. And the chemistry between Maverick and Alexa was electric! Even though, I do think Alexa was a little too quick in giving in to their chemistry. Actually, I have to say that at first I didn’t exactly love Alexa, I had trouble understanding how could she break up with someone as special as Maverick. But Laura Kaye was brilliant with Alexa’s background, I mean grieve can sometimes lead us to make stupid mistakes and as their story progressed I understood Alexa’s need for financial stability and I warmed up to her. Besides, I admired her for getting out when she did and for finally standing up to Grant, her scumbag fiancé. It’s hard to read about an abusive relationship. Abusive relationships can include sexual, emotional and/or physical abuse, it’s not only based on physical violence. Disrespect, intense jealousy, mistreatment, controlling behavior, etc are not ok and I admire the way Laura made that point by showing us Grant’s erratic and escalating behavior. Of course, I wished Alexa didn’t ignore her intuition and all the other signs but that wouldn’t be very realistic. Overall, Ride Rough has a little bit of everything: action, suspense, sweet and steamy romance and a hot group of bikers (lots of them still single!). Ride Rough is my favorite so far in the Raven Riders series and I’m definitely in love with this MC! If you love a second chance romance, you can’t miss this one. Can’t wait for Cora and Slider’s story!
Karenls1956 4 months ago
tigerlilly_liz 6 months ago
Ride Rough is book two in the Raven Riders series by Laura Kaye. I loved this one. Maverick and Alexa have a past, but they or I should say she broke it off. She just wasn’t ready and of course she’s moved own. Now she’s engaged to a man she thinks will give her everything she ever wanted. Maverick made a vow to watch over Alexa whether she is in his life or not. These two might just find a second chance. WOW, it’s hard to read about abuse, of any kind, on anyone. The author vividly portrayed what was going on with Alexa, what she was thinking, and feeling. You can see and feel the abuse, but Alexa is not yet ready to see the signs, but when she does things get complicated; because her fiancé, Grant, has made it so her life is all wrapped up in his and their is no easy way out. Maverick is such a sweet guy. I loved him. When he gets his chance to be with Alexa again he doesn’t push. He is just their to help and maybe; become something more, if they can discuss the past and keep her safe. Their was just so much tenderness, passion, and warmth in this novel. I love the Raven Riders. They are a protective bunch and will do what they can to help Alexa out. The feelings Maverick and Alexa have for each other are deep and intense. The past was never resolved and they both have carried a torch for each other, even now, when they both tried to move on in their lives.  Two things that really stood out and made this one fun, sexy, and entertaining where the carnival and the sex scene on Maverick’s bike. Who can resist a splendidly well written sex scene on a motorcycle. Oh boy, it was hot and so sexy. The carnival was adorable and delightful. It was so great that the Raven Riders had this idea to put together a carnival to bring back business after the events in Ride Hard. The carnival brought back many memories from when I was a kid and all the fun times me and my friends had at the fair. It was well done and everyone had such fun. The more I dive into the Rave Riders series the more I fall in love with the world, the club, and their ladies. I’m excited for Ride Wild, because it’s finally Cora’s turn. I’ve wanted her story since the moment she popped up in Ride Hard as Haven’s best friend. Rated: 4 Stars *Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by Avon via Edelweiss with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.
Anonymous 6 months ago
I loved how why the blinders finally come off that that is when we truly begin to live!!! Alexa was in denial but life sometimes has a way if forcing you to see the truth for what it is.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Nick and Becca together with their love and a happy ending.
ReadingInPajamas 7 months ago
✦Review: RIDE ROUGH: A Raven Riders Novel by Laura Kaye Publication Date: April 25, 2017 Genre: Contemporary Romance Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Donna Rated 5 Stars REVIEW I enjoyed this fast-paced exciting story of Maverick and Alexa. The problems in her life were so realistically portrayed and the characters real. Her mother’s mental health issue was handled realistically without dramatization, including how it affected Alexa. The portrayal of her abusive fiancé and how the situation had progressed was also spot-on. All that played well into the sexy love story and made Maverick even more perfect. Love, sex, friendship and hardship all rolled into one nice story. *Review copy provided by Avon Romance in exchange for an honest review
Anonymous 7 months ago
A must-read to learn more about this MC. Loyalty, love and honor is throughout this awesome story.
KnottyGirlReviews 7 months ago
Ride Rough is the second book in the Raven Riders series about a group of bikers whose core focus is to help those who can’t help themselves. Their motto is Ride. Fight. Defend. This book is about the president of the club Dare’s cousin, Maverick Rylan, the Vice President. His old flame, Alexa Harmon, is engaged to a controlling, abusive jerk named Grant who owns half the town and has the mayor and a deputy in his pocket. Alexa also has a mom with a hoarding problem, but when she finally has enough, she ends up with Maverick. But Grant wants her back and is willing to do whatever it takes. Can Maverick protect her? Buy Ride Rough and find out! I love this series! First, it’s Laura Kaye, and she’s an amazing writer, no matter the series. Second, she’s made the MC genre fresh with these guys and I love them all. Third, the suspense is just great! Fourth…I could keep going, but seriously, you should grab a copy and see how amazing this book is for yourself.
beckymmoe 7 months ago
Whoa. What a ride this book takes you on! Ms. Kaye did a fantastic job of showing how an otherwise seemingly strong, rational woman could become a part of an abusive relationship--and holy cow, did it give me the chills. That the reader can absolutely see what is wrong with Alexa's relationship when she can't yet? Yikes. This book has made me add Sleeping with the Enemy to my "must re-watch in the near future" list, because, yeah. That kind of creepy horror is all over this book. Plus, motorcycles. And a hairless cat who wears sweaters and plays in the bathtub. A filled bathtub. With bath toys. Oh, and Maverick. Can't forget him. ;) Basically, this book is non-stop awesomeness from cover to cover--I can't even begin to tell you how much the fact that Mav has so many single "brothers" in his club thrills me! Raven Riders is a spinoff of Kaye's Hard Ink series, and a few of the guys from there make appearances here (not enough, though, IMHO ;)). Even so, this one could work okay as a standalone. Some of the events that happened in book one of this series ( Ride Hard ) do come up here, but you're given enough information to know what you need to for this story. Dare and Haven are almost as awesome as Mav and Al, though, so you're going to want to find out their whole story--just a warning! While clicking through to the series page, I see that Cora and Slider's story is next, and all I have to say is YESSSSSSSSSS! (Fist pump in air) Rating: 4 stars / A- I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
KaliMcQuillen 7 months ago
Maybe they weren't ready before. They needed to grow, find out what they really wanted. Become who they were supposed to be all along. Be careful what you wish for. Alexa thought she got what she had wanted when she wanted certainty, permanence, and security. Unfortunately it's not what she thought it would be. She's got herself into a bad situation and didn't realize how bad it was until it was almost too late. When she needed help, she ran to the one man who used to have her heart, Maverick, her ex. (I'll just throw in there I'm calling dibs on him!) When she goes back home to Grant, her fiance, he is not pleased. He's not pleased about a lot of things. He's a controlling perfectionist that needs his butt laid out. The way that he treats Alexa made me want to get violent with him. Mav feels like he's let down the people that meant the most to him in the past and he isn't going to do it again. He's all in on protecting Alexa even if she doesn't want it. When the chips are down and he has to step in what is Alexa going to do? When Grant plays dirty to get her to come back to him, is she going to be strong enough with the help of Mav and his MC brothers to do what needs to be done? The way that Mav is with Alexa I just wanted to hug him. He's just being himself and she calls all of his protective instincts to the surface. These two together are steamy hot and to see them rebuilding their relationship *sigh* there's nothing like second chance love is there? "You're a good man, Maverick Rylan. Better than I gave you credit for. But I see you now."
LynnB888 7 months ago
A big, bad motorcycle guy reunited with his first love makes for an exciting story as deceit and danger abound! A great continuation of characters that we met in the first book in the series with lots of drama, danger and intrigue. I felt the street retribution seemed to get overshadowed with the reunion storyline a bit, but Mav turned out to be such a sweet guy. Tough guy Maverick Rylan has never gotten over his first and only love, and when he learns she’s in trouble, nothing can stop him from being there for her. As the VP of the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club, he knows what a family is like, and he has plenty of man power behind him in support as he rides in to save the day. Alexa Harmon thought she had everything she’d ever dreamed of … a good job, the security she never had growing up, a successful fiance … and then it all started crumbling down around her. Who was this guy that she was with and how could she not have realized what he was capable of? She lets Mav whisk her away and protect her from all of the ugliness, and when the old feelings come back in a flash, will they be able to resist that old pull of desire?
Julalicious 7 months ago
The second book in the Raven Riders series is about Maverick and Alexa. They used to date until she left him hoping for a better and more stable life for her and her mother after the death of her brother. We get our first glimpse of Alexa in the first book when five years later, she’s knocking back on the Raven’s door with bruises. Maverick only wants to help her, but she refuses to admit she needs help and apologize for coming. The second book continues to where things were left off between them; Maverick watching over her discreetly and her being in denial of what her life has become. He can’t seem to put her in the past though he knows he ought to do it knowing something is not right. Maverick is dedicated to the people he cared about. From the first book of the series, you can see that. He’s loyal and he would do anything to protect the ones he loves. He feels a lot of guilt over what happened between his mom and father and that reflects a lot into the person he has become. Alexa's character was frustrating at time, but at the same time, you understand where her thoughts are coming from. Unlike us the readers, Alexa isn't aware of the bad relationship she is in; she always finds excuses to explain why Slater did one thing and why he didn't do the other. But Alexa is a lot like Maverick; she takes care of her loved ones. She is dedicated to her mother and even if it’s hard sometimes, she doesn’t let that stop her. Alexa and Maverick together were like two pieces of puzzle put back together; they just fit. I liked how he helped her realize little by little that the relationship she thought she needs/wanted was far from perfect without pushing too far. He was there when she needed him and that’s it. It was slow building because Alexa had to work a lot on herself to understand who she was and who she has become and realize who she really was. Though the main story is about them, there’s also a lot of going on in the background with the Ravens as they try to save the image of the club after the events of the previous books and so many obstacles are put on their path too. I will admit that I got frustrated with the book from time to time because a lot of injustices happened in it and I wanted to punch someone and since I can’t punch my phone, I decided to just turn it off and wait to cool off. Overall, it was a quick read that will probably make you want to hit something from time to time, but I think you’ll fall in love with Alexa and Maverick’s story. I'm really looking forward to the next books of the series and see where Laura will take us next.
AHopelessRomBooklandia 7 months ago
I loved Ride Hard so much that I couldn't wait to read Ride Rough! I didn't care what the synopsis said or who was going to be the couple - I just wanted to read it. I wasn't disappointed at all to find out that it was Maverick's story and while I was expecting for it to be great, it was even better than I thought it would be. Ride Rough was absolutely amazing and I positively loved it! I'm not for sure, but I don't think I looked at Alexa too favorably when we first met her in Ride Hard and I dimly remembered that when I first started Ride Rough, so I didn't think I would be too crazy about her. I thought she would frustrate me and while I felt that way in the beginning, it didn't take long before Alexa changed my mind. She really opens up her mind and realizes the truth of things and and she fights to set rights to them. She truly is strong and determined and she's pretty smart. I have to admire Alexa, she came so far and grew so much - she will definitely do you proud. I loved Alexa, but she couldn't hold a candle to Maverick! He's a rough and rough, but he's a total softie underneath that exterior. He's loyal and genuine, real and true, and so protective. Maverick would do anything for Alexa, but not just her, he would help out his Ravens or anyone who needed his help without hesitation. He is a wonderful guy and it would have been impossible not to love this sweet, thoughtful, sexy man. Even though I had some thought to how Ride Rough was going to play out once I knew whose story it was, it wasn't what I expected. Of course, you still have the danger and action and heartache and it's by no means easy, but there is fun and lightness to it too. It's full of passion, steam, beauty, and depth. Ride Rough was marvelous and I can't tell you how much I loved it or how much I'm looking forward to the next book! Ride Rough can be read as a standalone, it's told from Maverick and Alexa's POV, and they do get their HEA. ~ Sonja, 5 Stars
Book_Sniffers_Anonymous 7 months ago
We met Alexa briefly in the last book when she showed up at the MC club shaken and bruised. However, she didn’t stick around long and wound up going back to her fiance. Ride Rough starts off with Alexa fretting over being late to get home and have dinner waiting on the table for her fiance. Right away you are aware that something isn’t right. She’s worked a full day at his company and she’s in a panic that she won’t be presentable and have dinner on the table by the time he walks through the door. The first quarter of the book is of Alexa sort of in denial that she’s in an abusive relationship. I mean, it’s not like her fiance has actually raised his hand and hit her. So, everyone’s concern is for nothing, right? Thankfully, Maverick has been tailing her and keeping an eye on her since she randomly showed up at the clubhouse, and is there for her in her time of need. One thing I want to point out is that these two had a relationship prior to her being engaged. They actually sort of grew up together since her brother and Maverick were the best of buds. However, when her brother died in a motorcycle accident she ups and leaves him and falls right into the arms of Slater, her now fiance. For me, I just didn’t fully grasp her reason for leaving him and immediately getting in a relationship with someone else. Sort of like I didn’t fully understand how you can hit your limit with the abuse you’ve endured, decide to leave them, and then just about immediately sleep with someone else. To say Alexa’s character was all over the place is an understatement. I get that they had a history but the way she flips partners was a little off-putting and to not use a condom with the new guy when you’ve just had sex sans condom with the other guy creeped me out. I’m not overly sure if Alexa was just naive and thought her birth control pill covered her and in turn Maverick from STD’s or if she was in lala land that her abusive fiance couldn’t possibly cheat on her. I mean, the abusive jerk has some pretty good morals after all. *total sarcasm there* Regardless of my issues with Alexa, I really liked Maverick’s character. I almost wish we just had his POV because I just couldn’t stand Alexa. He’s caring, passionate, protective, and easy going. He seems like the kind of guy that you can count on when you’re in a pinch. Plus, I LOVED that when he takes Alexa and her cat in after she leaves her fiance, he goes out of his way and buys her cat a crap ton of stuff, even a skull and crossbones sweater. I’d also like to say that Lucy the cat was probably my favorite character in this book. I loved that the author included a bath time scene with Lucy where the cat plays in the water. I mean, I’ve watched a couple videos of sphynx cats enjoying their bath time and I loved that we got to see Lucy play in the water too. While Ride Rough wasn’t my favorite, I still enjoyed seeing the gang. I still love that it’s not a bad-boy MC biker gang like all the other MC romances out now. One story I’ve been dying to get my hands on since the first book is Slider and Cora’s story. Thankfully their book is next and I don’t have to wait too long. I’ve been watching their story continue to be stagnant for two books now and I’m ready to see the fire light under their butts.
Suze-Lavender 7 months ago
Maverick is the vice-president of the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club. The club protects vulnerable people who are having a hard time and one of the women Maverick is keeping an eye on is his ex girlfriend and the love of his life, Alexa. Her fiancé, Grant, is a rich businessman who's all about control. Alexa doesn't see what kind of man she's living with until she's about to marry him. Grant made sure she had everything she dreamed off, but his unpredictable behavior starts to scare her. Fortunately Maverick is there to help her out and Alexa discovers that she still has feelings for the man she left behind. Grant doesn't want to let Alexa go and he will do everything in his power to make sure she will come back to him and become his wife, he wants to own her and isn't giving up. It doesn't mean anything to him that Alexa has broken up with him. Will Maverick be able to keep her safe and while doing so, does he have a second chance to convince her he loves her with all his heart and is the man she should be with? Ride Rough is a gripping story about abuse, power games and true love. Alexa is a sweetheart. She lovingly cares for her mentally ill mother, she makes sure everyone around her is happy and she works hard for her future. I immediately liked her and it saddened me that she was engaged to such an awful calculated man. Grant is cruel and Alexa only discovers his true nature just before their wedding. Maverick has always kept an eye on her. He's kind to her, even though she broke his heart, and helps her to escape. Alexa never stopped loving him, but she went through something traumatic that made her leave him. She finally opens her eyes and realizes that Maverick is the man she should be with, but Grant isn't giving up. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to see where that would lead and read Ride Rough in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. Laura Kaye writes about abuse in a raw and honest way. She doesn't spare her main characters and her stories are very emotional. I love how deep she's willing to dig into the personalities she's writing about. The Raven Riders might be rough men, but they all have big hearts. They care about each other and about their women, but also about complete strangers in need of help. That's an admirable mentality and I love the Raven Riders series because of it. Laura Kaye's vivid writing makes her story come to life very well. Her stories are sexy, romantic and emotional, which is a great combination. The Raven Riders regularly get into trouble. They're good men, but doing what they do doesn't make them popular with everyone and they have quite a few dangerous enemies. Grant is one of them and reading about their conflicts and his willingness to go far to bring them down kept me on the edge of my seat. Ride Rough is a terrific captivating story with an amazing scary ending.
booknooknuts 7 months ago
If you read book one, then you will know who Maverick is. He is the Raven Riders Vice and Dare' cousin. And you would have met Alexa in book one. Mav has only ever loved one woman, and that is his best friends sister Alexa. The only problem is she left him just up and poof after her brother died. Alexa has to do whatever it takes to take care of her mother. But she may have bitten off more than she can chew with Business Man Grant Slater. A JERK with a capital J. There is so much love between this couple, and it may take them a bit to get back to each other, but when it does, it sizzles. This book gives us exactly the right amount of angst, drama, love, and friendship. Everyone will be put to the test. There is vivid abuse in this book, but it's written tastefully. Alexa has made friends with Haven and Cora. I really hope Cora gets a story she is such a strong female, funny, and caretaker. This book was fully loaded, and I enjoyed it actually I devoured it in one day. Again I'd say grab book one to begin your journey. Oh and we do see mention of previous characters from other books which I love when an author does that.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 7 months ago
4.5 stars--RIDE ROUGH is the second full length installment in Laura Kaye’s contemporary adult RAVEN RIDERS erotic, MC, romance series focusing on the men and women of the Raven Riders MC. This is club vice-president Maverick Rylan, and interior designer Alexa Harmon’ story line. RIDE ROUGH can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from previous story lines is revealed where necessary. Told from dual third person points of view (Alexa and Maverick) RIDE ROUGH is a second chance story line between the vice-president of the Raven Riders MC, and interior designer Alexa Harmon. Five years earlier, upon the death of her brother and fellow member of the Raven Riders MC, Alexa Harmon walked out of Maverick’s life without looking back. Fast forward to present day wherein Alexa is preparing for her upcoming nuptials with wealthy businessman and real estate investor Grant Slater- a man Alexa once thought she loved but a man who has become too controlling and too possessive with the approach of their wedding date. Enter Maverick Rylan, the man to who Alexa once gave her heart, and the man who will sacrifice everything to protect the woman he loves. What ensues is the rekindling romance between Maverick and Alexa, and Maverick’s desperate attempts to save Alexa from a man willing to destroy everyone Maverick loves. The relationship between Maverick and Alexa is one of second chances ;a rekindling romance between two people destroyed by the death of Alexa’s brother Tyler- a member of the Raven Riders MC. Alexa and her mother had a difficult time coping with their grief and loss so much so that our heroine pushed away the only man she would ever love. Throughout the years Maverick has stood watch, protecting Alexa from afar, and he is the man she runs to when life with Grant becomes difficult and troubling. Alexa and Maverick’s love for one another has never waivered in the face of Alexa’s decision to walk away from everyone that reminded her of the past. The $ex scenes are intimate and intense. There are a large number of secondary and supporting characters including all of the Raven Riders MC membership, as well as Club President Dare Kenyon and his significant other Haven Randall, as well as Haven’s best friend Cora who may or may not have an attraction to Club member Sam ‘Slider’ Evans. We are introduced to Alexa’s long-suffering mother Cynthia who struggles with more than the grief of a mother who has lost her son. The world building looks behind the scenes of the Raven Riders MC: their struggles to maintain power and authority in the face of a legal system with dirty hands in the back pockets of one too many politicians and businessmen; and the brotherhood, family and life long friendships in the Raven Riders MC. RIDE ROUGH is a story of friendship, rekindling romance, second chances, betrayal and loss. The premise is dramatic and impassioned; the characters are dynamic and lively; the romance is seductive and hot. RIDE ROUGH is a thrilling and intoxicating story that will leave you breathless and wanting more.
Kindle_Loving_Mom 7 months ago
I love everything Laura Kaye writes, and this series is shaping up to be just as great as Hard Ink was! Maverick Rylan is a higher up in the Raven Riders MC, which is run by his cousin, Dare, the hero from book 1, Ride Hard. Mav is a great guy that you can always count on when you need him. He's been in love with the same woman since he was a teenager, his best friend's sister Alexa Harmon. But after his best friend died in a motorcycle accident 5 years ago, Alexa left him and he tried to move on with his life. Mav's dad was an abuser, and he still blames himself for not getting his mom out of there earlier, so he's got a soft spot for a woman in trouble, which fits in well with the MC's mission of helping women and kids in need. He's been throwing himself into that work for the last 5 years. He's moved on, but he's never really let go of his Al. Then in book 1, she showed up at the MC club house one day with a beat up face, and no real explanations. She ran off pretty quickly after seeing Mav, saying she was fine and that she made a mistake by coming there. Needless to say, Maverick is enraged at the sight, and vows to find out what's going on, and if she's in danger. Alexa has moved on following her brother's death. She grew up dirt poor, and her mom is a hoarder, so she's had a rough life. She needs to feel financially secure and emotionally cared for in her relationship, and she didn't think Mav could give her that. Not to mention the way her brother died made her worried for Mav's safety as well, so she walked away from him. She met her fiance, Grant Slater, when she started working for his company. You realize right from the opening lines of this book, that all is NOT well in her relationship. She's constantly tiptoeing around his moods, and his needs, and telling herself that everything is fine, but she has a feeling of dread towards their quickly upcoming wedding. After her fight with Grant that led to her face getting hurt, and seeing Maverick again, she's trying to push all that behind her and act like everything is ok. Her sense of denial is STRONG. I was afraid she was heading down a TSTL (too stupid to live) path, but she surprised me. Maverick starts watching Alexa to make sure she's safe, and it enables him to be there for her when things start to go down and she leaves her fiance. Alexa has a TON of issues to work through, but she finally starts to come back to herself after years of being torn down left and right by Grant and all his crazy. Once she's out, it's like a fog has lifted and she's realizing how much crap she put up with and she can't believe she ever let it get so bad. She was looking for comfort in all the wrong places, when what she had with Mav was what she really needed all along. It was so great to see them come back to each other. I really love when the hero is ALL IN, and this is definitely the case here. Once Mav knows that Alexa really does need him, he'll stop at nothing to help and protect her. He was a fantastic character, and I loved his heart. I was really proud of Alexa as well. She let herself get swept up into a completely unhealthy situation, but she managed to get out and keep her head about her, and it was really great to see. 2nd chance romances are usually a love/hate thing for me, but this one was so different from the norm, and done so well, that I loved it! Truly a fantastic story! Looking forward to book 3!
Lashea677 7 months ago
Love, Honor and Protect. Maverick lives his life by those three words. The blood that flows through his veins may not be blue blood but is laced with a steel that makes him a dangerous enemy. He's a man of few words and boundaries but he gives his all to everything he does. No one can write a bad boy quite like Ms. Kaye. You want to hate him, but can't help but love him. He may not be the standard do-gooder but he loves as hard as he fights. Alexa is a weakness, he can't shake and that sets him on a course for the biggest risk of all. Ride Rough gets under the skin and leaves a mark on the heart. A dirty, sexy, thrill.
Anonymous 7 months ago
I love all Laura Kaye books, especially the Hard Ink series. This series about the MC is proving to be equally as good. Can't wait to read the next book in the series. Highly recommend all of this authors books. Mjw
wizkids32 7 months ago
Awesome book loved it loved the whole story line between Maverick and Alexia and how they got her away from her crazy ex Grant and how they got away from him and how he died at his own hand by starting a fire in her mom's house and tried to kill them all Glad they got together in the end Can't wait for the next book in this series and loving this series can't want to see how Cora and Sam get together and with his kids and Laura is an amazing author thanks for an amazing book