Run to You

Run to You

by Rachel Gibson

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Rachel Gibson, New York Times bestselling author of Rescue Me, returns to Texas with a tale of what happens when a tough guy meets his match—and falls harder than a ton of red-hot bricks . . .

There's nothing like fleeing Miami to ruin a girl's day.

Stella Leon's bartending gig was going fine until gorgeous ex-Marine Beau Junger decked her mob-connected boss, spirited her out of the city, and claimed that Stella's half-sister—the one with the perfect life—sent him. Now Stella has no choice but to go along for the ride . . . and seduce

Beau's military-issue socks off . . .

The Marine Corps was Beau's escape from his old man's legacy of naval heroism and serial philandering, but no amount of training could prepare him for the day he looked in the mirror and saw his father staring back. The answer: swear off meaningless sex. Oh, and find a way to make Stella Leon quit being so damn hot . . .

Editorial Reviews

RT Book Reviews

This lovely romance will charm your socks off [...] a light touch of humor and just enough conflict to make the story interesting while not distracting from the main theme. A real treat.” -RT Book Reviews, 4 ½ Stars, Top Pick! (October Issue)

Kirkus Reviews

Stella wants nothing to do with Sadie, the sister she's never met, but when Sadie's sexy friend Beau tracks her down, accidentally ruins her life in Miami and offers temporary sanctuary in a road trip to Texas, she has to reconsider.While he was alive, Stella's father, Clive Hollowell, made it clear he wanted nothing to do with her, so she can't generate a tear when she hears he's died. She's not too interested in what sexy Beau Junger has to say about her half-sister Sadie either, since the legitimate daughter never spared her a thought. She's definitely not interested in a trip to the Hollowell ranch, even when Beau tells her Sadie never knew she existed until their father died. However, after the sexy ex-Marine stops her boss—an angry bully with mob ties and some dangerous friends—from assaulting her, he convinces her to leave town and trek to Texas for a long overdue family reunion. The man seems as approachable as a stone wall, but their enforced togetherness and meeting with his mother along the way forge an intense emotional connection that surprises both of them, and which is complicated by scorching sexual tension combined with determined abstinence on both sides. Plagued by trust and abandonment issues, Stella is certain she neither wants nor needs a sister or a lover. So why does Sadie make her feel so special, and Beau make her feel so safe? Gibson's romance is light, funny, touching and sexy. With a fast-paced plot and characters that keep the audience engaged and connected, Gibson manages laugh-out-loud humor as well as sweet tenderness. A few quirky elements make for some "out-of-the-box" plot points, and an original take or two on hot, contemporary romance.

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ISBN-13: 9780062069153
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 09/24/2013
Series: Military Men , #1
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 95,219
File size: 986 KB

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