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by C.A. Simonson


by C.A. Simonson



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She couldn't help but feel unwanted, unloved. Nina abused her, called her ugly and lazy. Benny said she was damaged goods; no man would love a cripple with those scars. Nina tried to give her away and Benny almost took her. Escaping the clutches of another man, there was only one thing left to do... 

The people around think she's a runaway and put her in a group home. Foster care seemed scary, but anything was better than living with Nina. The girl finds sweet solace in playing the piano: a talent that comes naturally, easily, and floods her soul with peace. It becomes the only place she feels safe. Nina's coming for her. Will she have to escape again?

Over two million children are thrown away or run away every year in the USA. This story depicts the journey of one child. Would someone step in to help? Or to hurt?

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781087802305
Publisher: C.A. Simonson
Publication date: 09/20/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 296
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

C.A. Simonson is a content writer, author, and designer. Her writing journey began in the 1980s writing inspirational and DIY articles for national magazines. As writing evolved to the digital world, her content found its way to blogs and other online venues. Her fiction debuted in 2013 with her first inspirational drama, "Love's Journey Home," to be followed by two others in the series. "RUNAWAY" is her fourth novel. Her award-winning short stories have been published in seven anthologies. Simonson also has four nonfiction books. See more on

Table of Contents



  1. Damaged Goods
  2. Discovery
  3. No Words
  4. Runaway?
  5. Doctor Visit
  6. Questions
  7. The Gold Scarf
  8. Church
  9. Who is Nina?
  10. Found Out
  11. Search for Answers
  12. What Now?
  13. In Holding
  14. The Report
  15. Abbotsville
  16. House Search
  17. The Missing Scarf
  18. The Group Home
  19. Troubles
  20. Benny's Place
  21. About Nina
  22. A Friend from the Past
  23. The Show
  24. The Mayor
  25. Bad Dream
  26. Clues
  27. Confessions
  28. Blame
  29. The Letter
  30. Retreat
  31. Advice
  32. Call from Hazel
  33. The Talk
  34. Assessment
  35. Court Order
  36. Dreaded Day
  37. Emergency
  38. Foster Parents
  39. The Surgeon's Report
  40. Bad News
  41. Cursed
  42. The Man with the Golden Hands
  43. The Gift
  44. Waiting
  45. Suspicions
  46. Investigation
  47. Confrontation
  48. Cornered
  49. Revelation
  50. Accusations
  51. Truth
  52. Unexpected Miracles


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