by Gina Robinson
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Rushed by Gina Robinson

A girl who has everything. A guy who has everything to lose.

Some things can't be...Rushed

***New Edition with an Expanded Ending!***

Like there has ever been any doubt which sorority my family expects me to pledge. I'm a third-generation legacy. On the first day of rush, I realize I'm in trouble. I'm not like the other girls in the house. But as long as my parents control my college funds, resisting is futile. Until Zach, the live-in houseboy, who's quite possibly the hottest guy I will ever meet, serves me a cupcake and flashes me a sympathetic look. With one enigmatic smile, he flips my heart and my world upside down. My parents will cut me off if they even suspect I'm interested in a house guy. But I can't stay away from him. And so I pledge the house for all the wrong reasons.

Living in a sorority? I get flipped a load of crap about being a live-in servant, the help. Easy access to the hottest girls on campus? Not with the unbreakable rule--get caught with one of the girls and you're fired. Immediately. Lose this job and I can't afford college. I sure as hell can't ask my parents for help. They wish I'd never been born. Considering what I did, I don't blame them. I've learned to think of the girls like sisters. Until Alexis pledges the house. Now sister is the last thing on my mind.

*** Standalone novel. No cliffhanger. ***

Interview with the Author
Q – The Rushed Series of New Adult Romance is an interconnected series with your Reckless Series, what does that mean?

A –The Reckless Series is a trilogy of new adult contemporary romances that follow the same couple, Ellie and Logan, throughout. The Rushed Series books are standalone romances showcasing a different couple each book, with the featured couple from previous books continuing as minor characters in future books. The romances take place on the same university campus during the same school year as the Reckless Series. Many of the favorite Reckless Series characters make cameo appearances. What's even more fun is that the Rushed Series contemporary romances contain scenes that weren't shown in the Reckless books. They're told from the perspective of the Rushed Series characters so you get an outside view of the Reckless faves.

Q – Why a new edition?

A – Many fans of Rushed felt the story ended too soon and urged me to expand the ending. They loved Zach and Alexis and wanted to see more of their story, to stay in their world a little longer. I love my readers and wanted to give them what they wanted.

Q - What order should I read the books in?

A – You can read either series of women's new adult and college fiction first. That's totally up to you. The Reckless books should be read in order. The Rushed books can be read in any order. If you do want to read the books in the series in order, I'd suggest the following sequence:

For the Rushed Series:
- Rushed
- Crushed
- Hushed

For the Reckless Series:
- Reckless Longing
- Reckless Secrets
- Reckless Together

Hope you enjoy them all. And thanks for reading!

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BN ID: 2940149698769
Publisher: Gina Robinson
Publication date: 06/30/2014
Series: Rushed , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 606,622
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About the Author

Gina Robinson is the award-winning author of the contemporary new adult romances Reckless Longing, Reckless Secrets, and Reckless Together and the Agent Ex series of humorous romantic suspense novels. She's currently working on Crushed, the second book of the Rushed Series of standalone, connected romances. Look for Crushed in early fall 2014.

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Rushed 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
starznstripes24 More than 1 year ago
I really wasn't sure that I was going to like Alexis, but she managed to surprise me in so many ways. She is not your stereotypical sorority girl and would much rather play sports and have fun than do her hair and nails. That's not in the cards if she wants to make her mother happy. Zach is handsome, smart and is a live in houseboy at the house. He ordinarily has no romantic involvement with any of the girls. There's just something about the two of them together that they cannot resist the pull. It eventually becomes too much. They keep their relationship hidden - which is remarkable considering the prominence of the sorority and the size of the school. We learn of his past and his former friendship with the top fraternity's top man. We learn how and why the friendship fell apart and watch as Alexis is the key to restoring it. All hell breaks loose when they are caught together in the house. Zach could lose his job and Alexis could get thrown out of the house. Want to know what happens? You've got to read the book. This book really surprised me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's lighter than I thought it would be, but it was also quite refreshing.
Chenet_Fabiola More than 1 year ago
Rushed is a New Adult novel by author Gina Robinson, who is new to me but has already written more than 10 novels. Rushed is a standalone but the story takes place on a campus the author has already used for one of her other trilogies featuring the same heroes: Reckless. As for Rushed, I think the author is going to write a sequel with some of the secondary characters. Gina Robinson writes historical, contemporary and new adult romance. She has been published since 2008 and is not translated into French. I had some difficulties at the beginning of the book, because it is what I would call a real New Adult. I’ll explain: usually, in a NA, the setting is in the background and the relationship between the heroes and their friends is more important. In Rushed, that’s not what happens. The book reminded me of teenage movies, where the heroine arrives on the campus and discovers the students’ dynamics and the way they compete because they want to be the best and attract the best new students. So, if you are not ready to read that kind of thing, stay away. If you are, you can rush headlong. Indeed, once I got into the book, I definitely had a great time with it and with the characters. Our heroine, Alexis, comes from a wealthy family and should get into the best sorority. She also knows that she doesn’t have to make a lot of efforts for that, just to act like the perfect girl. However she has other aspirations and not being part of the elite is one of them. Alexis wants some real friends, but it will be difficult, so she makes the best of the situation by being warm, friendly and respectful. I loved Alexis, even though I found her very careless at the beginning, when she doesn’t respect the hero’s wish not to be in a relationship with a girl in the house. Zach has a difficult past and he doesn’t get along with his parents, who divorced after a dramatic event. I loved him because he was not a womanizer. I often say that it’s good to have this kind of hero sometimes in a NA. I loved Zach’s course of action: no relationship with a girl in the house. The reader isn’t burdened with his ex during the whole novel. Alexis and Zach are attracted to each other from the beginning, but one of the rules of the house is that the houseboys must not have any romantic relationship with the girls. Otherwise, the two (the girl and the houseboy) can be fired and the girl can be banned from all the other sororities. At first Zach tries to fight his feelings, while Alexis chases him. Fortunately, the author well explained the reason behind the heroine’s behavior, otherwise I would not have liked her. The story is very interesting, the writing flows and the tone is light, with some emotion and tender moments. I loved that the heroes were very clear about their feelings, that they trusted each other whatever happened. The sex scenes are not described in any details, but we feel the sexual tension between Alexis and Zach, and because of that, they often forget those close to them. There is a bad girl in the story. She has had a thing for Zach for two years and doesn’t like when the girls don’t obey her. I would have loved to strangle her myself during the entire book. Aside from her, the other people were nice and they have some potential for their own story. I’ll read the other books if the plot appeals to me. In conclusion, if you want a story in the teenage movie style, go on, you won’t be disappointed! If you want a contemporary romance, you won’t be disappointed either! For everyone else, I will just say: Try it!(
DestinyRosee More than 1 year ago
I was sent this eBook ,and exchange would give my honest opinion *rated 4.5* this is going to be a book you either love or hate. Which in my case I loved. Some of the characters were hard to relate to but over all I loved Zach, Dakota, and Alexis characters. There wasn't to much of the story line that had me thinking my god what going to happen. There were a few times I was a little stunned at what happen. The whole college life setting I did love you really don't see to many of the settings taking place in that setting. This was a fast paced book. Didn't lag on to where I was bored at all. The quite opposite actually I couldn't but the book down. This is a stand alone book, from what I've gathered. As far as the ended I didn't get to read. I was sent an ebook to read and review. Overall, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the book once its released. I enjoyed this authors writing I look forward to reading more of her work
wheeldav More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book. I'm not a Greek in the sorority sense, but am one in a math-science fraternity.  I don't like the social, peer-pressure, alcohol and abuse crap that goes with the social Greeks.  Keeping this in mind, I still wanted to read this book based on the blurb posted and was very pleasantly surprised that this showed the trueness of that life.  The unacceptable hazing/ sexual issues, the parental and peer pressure, and the alcohol (especially over-indulgence leading to alcohol poisoning) are all accurate depictions of that part of many people's college experience.  It also reflected some of the friendships that can develop as well.  I loved Zach and Alexis was very real as a pledge that didn't really want to be therem , but kinda had no choice.  I was pleased with what happened between Zach and Dakota and the football practices/ games.  I look forward to Crushed and reading more of this series.   ARC provided in exchange for honest review.
BookMama_1 More than 1 year ago
Alexis is a freshman entering the Greek rush. She's a legacy for Delta Delta Psi. But she doesn't want it. Being a legacy means she'll get in no matter what. She just has to play the part. These girls are nothing like her. At her house interview, she spots Zach. The only reason she looks forward to joining the sorority. Zach needs this job. It provides a roof over his head. The girls are his sisters. Until he sees her. She's a typical sorority girl on the outside, but her eyes tell him scream something else. He wants to know more about her but he's not willing to risk his job or his home. The girls are his sisters. Alexis and Zach spend more and more time together and can't help what they feel for each other. But it's against the rules and her mother would freak. She can't help it. What's the worst that could happen? I loved this book. The characters were great and the book had a nice flow to it. Alexis was my favorite character. She is your typical I-have-to-listen-to-my-parents-because-they-have-money kind of girl. She appeases her parents while they're watching but when they turn their backs, she's herself. And I liked that person better. Zac had a dark secret like all bad boys do. But he didn't really remmeber it and that made me more curious to find out what happened and why he tortured himself so much for it. With the way the book ended, I guess I would have expected an expansion of the drama about what happened in the days after the hospital and how Alexis dealt with her parents and the sorority meeting. That would have added what a conclusion to their struggle to be together. If this was added in, as say the last chapter, the Epilogue could have been part of that last chapter and a perfect conclusion to the book. Then a different Epilogue could have been the apartment or maybe even a year later. That's my only beef with the book, but it worked out great just the way it is. I just craved a bit more "after the fact". ***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***