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BN ID: 2940046616224
Publisher: Truth Devour
Publication date: 03/05/2015
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Truth Devour is the pen name of an Australian born author who has published works available through various online stores. The pen name Truth Devour was created from the authors life philosophy of devour thy own truth. It stood as a reminder that in a world filled with deception, misleads and lies one should consider ensuring never buying into a false portrayal of themselves. Lie if you must but never to yourself. Devour thy own truth ~ embrace it ~ live it ~ love it. Truth Devour has been telling stories, writing them, dreaming about them before she could crawl. She has immersed herself in all elements of life that stimulate the imagination and inspires her creative expression. Writing, reading, music, poetry, photography and painting are just a few of the spaces she tends to dabble within. Its her passion & a joy.

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Sated 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
WolfFaerie17 More than 1 year ago
Book exchanged for an honest review~ This stunning conclusion really changed how I think about books and life in general. My usual style of reviewing won't do for this book because there would be too many spoilers involved. I applaud the author for this unique approach. It's made me reconsider how I approach my own writing and reading skills. I highly recommend this series. I look forward to more from this author in the future.
Ebienic More than 1 year ago
In the third book by Truth Devour, Sated, heroine Talia Jacobs finds herself face to face with her childhood friend and seeming soul mate, Bodhi. He is the one she has unconsciously sought her whole life, and he is finally within arm’s reach. He seems to recognize their bond too, until he doesn’t. Will Talia fight for their love, or regress into herself, as is her nature? Will they be able to finally, really connect, or is Talia doomed to live a life as only half of a whole? Sated picks up immediately where Unrequited left off at the masquerade. It is pretty clear that Talia’s life is about to take a drastic turn from her previous path, and I was disappointed to see her lose her internal monologue to some degree. One of the strengths of the writing was the ability to “see” Talia work through her emotions to find herself, and while there is still quite a bit of this in Sated it is diminished, somewhat, with a lot more description of what’s going on outside rather than inside. The external monologue felt rushed and a little flat, compared to the rich and emotional internal monologue. The addition of Bodhi, while necessary and welcome, seemed to present more of a writing challenge, as his character was not quite truly fleshed out, either with a vibrant internal monologue like Talia has, or through Talia’s discovery, which I think was the intent. However, just like the previous two books it was a good, sexy, new agey read, and I think it’s a logical path, if a little bumpy with the writing and tying up loose ends.
Ralitsa_Ch More than 1 year ago
They’re finally together! After a lifetime of searching for each other they are once again in each other’s arms. Bodhi has an ocean of love to offer but Talia is still rather confused and unsure of what to do. After years of pushing people away she isn’t really sure of how to let him in her world and approach his own. The whole picture of romancing is very sweet but I can’t deny that Talia annoyed me a bit too much with her holdbacks. I mean I was practically screaming: “Common! You found your Mr. Perfect – what else are you waiting for?!”. I got so overly excited that I had to read really slowly each and every word. I have read the previous two books and I practically went through Talia’s whole life together with her so I kinda felt like I was participating in the story myself and everything affected me as well. That is how deep the story gets and how great the author is!  I felt somehow sad about the revealing of Talia’s feelings for Brad, but that’s maybe the best possible outcome. And I felt really sorry for Suzanna – it should be terrible living with these doubts and fears for so many years. But thanks to Talia’s incredibility again, it all ended well for everyone.  This book as well as the previous ones has its fresh and frequent humor. My favorite part is with the bets that Ash and Bodhi made about Talia’s predictions.  Aaand then everything went so totally wrong. All of a sudden Bodhi turned into a complete jerk, Talia turned into a ghost and Brad’s fury was beyond any imagination (though I have to admit that his smashing of phones was a bit funny.). I guessed right away that Lexi had bewitched Bodhi, because of the drums and the woman’s laughter. And after he got back together with Talia I though there couldn’t be much more that this book could offer. But I was wrong again – it turns out Truth Devour can always give you more of a good story!  I can positively say that this is one of the best stories of the genre I’ve read and I will make sure to read more of the same author!
mystkyn More than 1 year ago
Sated is the third book in the series. Readers who have not read book 1 "Wantin" and book 2 "Unrequited" will not be able to make sense of this book. It is not the kind of series that you can just pick up easily in the middle.  I've been in Florida this week at the beach. This is a very good book but it's not a good choice as a beach read. I kept getting so involved in the story that I ended up with a sunburn and didn't spend much time in the water. That intensity and Truth Devour's ability to hook a reader in is impressive. The main character, Talia, has finally found her soulmate. They are very cute as a couple and Bodhi says some clichéd things but well, it's a romance novel, so a little of that is allowed. Even in this final book though, things aren't simple for Talia and the happy couple doesn't stay completely happy. Challenges are what makes life interesting and Talia has to face more than her share in this installment of her story. My impression is that this is the last book and that the three - Wantin, Unrequited, and Sated - were set up intentionally as a trilogy. There are some loose ends and I would kinda like to see another book but it does feel fairly finished to me. I know some people don't like to start an unfinished series so this trilogy may appeal to them. I would recommend the trilogy to a friend.
PixieKB1 More than 1 year ago
This book started off right where Unrequited left off. Talia was happy to see Bodhi, but she was unsure of how to explore her feelings as it was all new terrain for her. I think that when she found Mabel, it helped her to learn to let down her guard she had on her feelings for so long. I was happy for Talia when she took Bodhi home to meet her family. I expected Brad to be upset because Talia had found love. Brad and Suzanna went through a rough patch at this point because Brad was so upset about Talia finding someone to love. Talia steps up and helps to fix his marriage to Suzanna. After Talia and Bodhi got back from Australia, they also went through a rough patch. I never expected Talia to pack up and leave after she had processed her love for Bodhi, but she was hurt. I also never expected Lexie to be brought into this either. The things that Talia had to go through to free Bodhi was done out of pure love. She deserves to be happy after all of these years. I was so happy that I cred when Bodhi contacted her after she had freed him from his so called "prison" that he was in. The negotiations between Talia and Bodhi was funny. Leave it to Talia to get what she wants. She didn't want anything outrageous. I was so happy for both of them when they both tied the knot and when they got to start their family. I would love to see where this story would continue now that we saw towards the end of the book of what might happen.
mtnhickss More than 1 year ago
I was gifted Sated, by Truth Devour, by inkspand in exchange for an honest review. Thankfully Sated picks up where Unrequited left off and Talia is meeting and getting to know Bodhi. Bodhi has never forgotten Talia and the love he felt when he was 6 years old in Haiti. Talia had forgotten him in the aftermath of losing her parents, the move to Australia and the life she has made for herself after leaving Haiti. I love that Bodhi didn't rush Talia to remember and repeat her one-night-stand lifestyle she has had in her past. He makes himself and Talia wait until he knows she loves him before he makes his moves, although Talia has made attempts several times already. As I expected Brad has issues with Talia's growing love for Bodhi and becomes jealous. Talia continues to grow as a person who is instrumental in bettering the lives of others, such as Mabel who had the love of her life, Walter, for several decades of companionship. Mabel had a courtship similar to Talia in the fact that Walter knew he loved her and she would love him for always, much in the way Bodhi has loved Talia as long as he has and knows she will love him as well. I am sad this is the final installment in the trilogy. I will definitely recommend this book to friends and know I will be rereading the trilogy again and again. I'm sure there are story-lines and twists that I have missed! I am giving the book five stars. I have no other choice!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved how the three book covers represent each part of the story properly, the first one is Talia growing from a little child, the second is a key point in her life, the day she meets the one, and the third one represents how she finally lets herself hold someone's hand - she lets herself be in love - something she's never done before. I also find them quite pretty with all the colours. Right from the start the whole love dance between Talia and Bodhi was sooooo cheesy and I loved it so much, just how I like it, may be some people would cringe but it was perfect for me, I was so happy reading it and getting more and more with every chapter. Until when Bodhi and Talia returned from Australia... it absolutely broke my heart what happened and how he changed in the blink of an eye. And then all the things Bodhi said to Brad just made me want to punch him in the face extremely hard. I think this only shows how good the author is - I don't often get THAT passionate with my feelings reading books. Of course Truth Devour kept true to her writing in the first two books and there was an abundance of feelings, everything was evolving quick enough to never let you get bored (I only was a little bit worried the China part might get too long - I wanted to know what happens so bad! - but it was just right). There were a lot of funny moments - which for me are super awesome to find in a book: The part where Bodhi and Ash were betting on what's Talia going to do made me laugh so much. And OMG the farting part - I was pissing myself laughing reading that. One thing I absolutely loved was calling the baby Jelly Bean - it was soo cute :) This last booked I needed to read slower, embrace everything about it, it was just so enjoyable for me. I felt as if I told someone what kind of a book I would want to read - with all the love spilling from every page and the perfect happy ending - I feel so lucky to have had the chance to read this book. It was really awesome, I got through so many emotions reading it and to be honest I am sure there could be more books - or that is just me not being "Sated" - I need more! ;) Honestly I keep wondering if I'll ever read a book that was so amazing for me to read, I think I might be going off to read it again soon :)
Glo400 More than 1 year ago
This is the third book in the series and it starts off well. It is a good round up of the Talia story and will satisfy a lot of people  However, there were a few moments in the book that made me extremely uncomfortable. I began liking this book more than the first two because Tali shows much more emotion in this book. She feels like a real human being and you can really connect with her. I felt this was missing from the other books as she was too perfect. There are some twists that threw me a little, in a good way as well.  My problem with the book however is that Talia loses the very things that you end up loving her for. The entire way through her story and her life she is completely independent, she knows what she wants, and she doesn't settle for anything less. This is a great message. A strong independent female character. But when she actually does fall in love, she lets him boss her around. And not just on inconsequential things either. The ideas of marriage and kids are strongly dictated by him, so much so that she barely gets to voice her opinion at all. The dialogue suggests that he is humouring what she is saying but he is getting what he wants whether she likes it or not. I thought he was supposed to lover her? He keeps saying 'this is important to me', but what about whats important to her? Especially where children are concerned, a woman's body is not owned by her husband. This made me question the entire series and I really wondered what the whole point was.  The last few chapters of the books seemed to just be going through the motions and didn't really add much to the story at large. I was disappointed with this one.
lizasarusrex More than 1 year ago
Book #3 This is the third book in the trilogy by Truth Devour. It's important that you read the first two books, Wantin and Unrequited, as they add to Talia's character and show how she became the person she is in book 3.  The first book shows the obstacles she has to overcome, while the second book reveals how she finds herself and goes down the path of self discovery. All three books are full of romance and high emotions, which will throw the reader on a roller coaster of feelings. The third and final book, is wrapping up all the loose ends and bringing everything together. Her search for love is finally over, and I have to admit, the love she finds is pretty cheesy.  She's a smart and independent women who is deserving of a loving man, who she reunites with. Even when issues arise, they still find themselves together, and despite all the negativity you know they will find happiness with each other. The issues that do complicate their relationship make them appear to be realistic and ordinary. Books that have perfect romances seem implausible and unrealistic, which is the complete opposite of this tale.  It's beautifully written with a romance that is unforgettable. It was amazing to watch Talia grow into the person she is at the end of the trilogy. I'm sad for the series to end, but I enjoyed the road Truth Devour took me on, along side such a strong and giving person like Talia. I'm glad I was given the opportunity to read the series, and recommend it to all the romance junkies out there. Definitely a 5/5 for all three books. 
Jhnellorx More than 1 year ago
SATED is the last book of the romantic, coming of age story that started with Wantin and followed by Unrequited. In this series we follow Talia Jacobs as she journeys from childhood into womanhood, including all the challenges and heartaches she experienced and up to now as she finally finds herself ready to accept the love that she has been looking for - to a man that she has a history with since they were children and to whom she is “drawn to like a moth to a flame”. Aside from her primary love story centred around Bodhi, we hear of another example of triumphant love - through the story of sweet old Mabel (and her now deceased husband of 42 years, Walter), whom Talia met at a random coffee shop. Her love story seem to have a positive effect on Talia and the feelings of love for Bodhi that she’s been experiencing. I found this book in line with the other two with regards to sensuality, being full of emotion, astounding when it came to the portrayal of each of the character’s thoughts and feelings, easy to relate to as it covered not only familiar human interactions but also places that are familiar to world travellers or even avid book readers. The little touch of supernatural towards the end seemed fitting and somewhat expected. The ending itself was a satisfying conclusion and I believe that it gave the readers exactly what they are looking for in terms with the closure of Talia’s journey.
Layladorine More than 1 year ago
This book just starts rolling and really becomes a different sort of emotional journey, as Talia begins exploring feelings and trying to learn how to manage to display them. Adding in Mabel was a lovely touch, hers is the kind of love story that has become lost in this day and age in many places, and hearing about how she learned to face her own feelings for Walter, gave this reader hope that Talia would be able to do the same with Billy. Talia’s strength once again shines through in her take charge attitude with Ryder as well as how she lay to rest the old issue with Mila so that they could proceed with the telling of Mabel’s story. I also suspect that the choice to tell that story wasn’t just as a means of helping Mabel but that Talia saw it as a chance to help others like herself who had trouble expressing their feelings, that Mabel could be an inspiration to them. What a rocky road for Talia and Billy (Bodhi), but then, many relationships start out rocky and I like that the author didn’t just have them fall into each other’s arms based on some old charm location spell. How perfect the job that Mabel was given answering those letters from men wanting Talia to go out with them and proclaiming their love for her, with her sweetness and her sayings from Walter she is able to let them down far easier than any form letter could, and again, the author shows that Talia cares deeply about people’s feelings. The letter that Talia had written herself and Billy had finally opened was just perfect, what a fun thing coincidences could be and the ones in this book are always tasteful and subtle, not overpowering, that is a wonderful talent the author has. I love how natural the family behaved when Billy finally got to meet them, their personalities shone through just as clear as when Talia first came home to them and Brad, as expected, had some unease about Talia finally having found love, even if he doesn’t express it verbally at first. It was sort of understood in the early books that if this moment ever came it would be very painful for him. I was glad to see that Talia went to such lengths to help him fix the mess he’d made with suzzanna too, I agree that she had been very understanding and deserved more. Wow, so did not see the whole thing with Lexie after they got back from Australia, though there was some hinting about the possibility of that when Billy had made mention of her ‘knowing things’ and it made me so angry at Talia for just giving up and leaving that was the first time in all three stories that I had felt furious with her for her decisions. I was glad to see her return to Martial arts as solace though. What Talia had to go through to free Billy, just had me hoping it was the final obstacle for them, she deserves happiness, they deserve happiness and their story has certainly made both of them work hard for peace and love. I cried at Mabel’s letter, at everything she had hoped for Talia and at the words she shared, then I cried more, later, when Talia and Billy were negotiating, then shopping, then finally getting that happiness they both deserved, this has just been an amazing story filled with so many dreams and hopes and finally love! The travel blog, wow, that just added a new layer to everything else we already knew about them, as well as put some of the actions from the previous books into perspective, such a brilliant touch this addition was. Everything leading up to the end had me on pins and needles, what a fabulous way to end, that chance to see the past, and to see a glimpse of the future in those waiting for her. Beautiful work all the way around.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite Sated is the third book in the Talia Jacobs Saga written by Truth Devour. Talia has finally been reunited with her beloved Bodhi, the six-year-old playmate from her past as a child in Haiti. They are hungry for each other, but each of them has reservations and doubts about the relationship. When they are finally reconciled and together, Talia and Bodhi make the trip to Australia, so her aunt and uncle and the rest of the family can meet him and celebrate Talia’s happiness. On their return home, Talia relishes having her own space again in her apartment as she waits for a call or text from Bodhi, and, as the days pass by, she starts to panic. Their meeting in his office confirms her worst fears as a harsh and angry stranger tells her to go. Truth Devour’s newest installment in her contemporary fiction saga, Sated, exceeded my expectations as a follow-up to what is already a dynamic series. Talia comes into her own person in Sated, and it is marvelous to behold. Those readers who've followed her from her early days in Wontin, will have already wondered, as I did, if and when Bodhi would reappear in her life, and we were not disappointed. Bodhi is passionate, if a touch controlling, and watching as these two independent souls work at building a life together was a joy. Devour also introduces some marvelous new characters in Sated. I especially enjoyed the scenes with Talia’s elderly friend, Mable, a truly unforgettable character, and Talia’s experiences when she trains in the monastery in China. Sated is an enjoyable and fast-paced contemporary fiction offering that is highly recommended.
500daysofbooks More than 1 year ago
My Book Reviews: 500daysofbooks “I feel you…" I’m sad that I’ve finally finished the last book of this romantic trilogy, but I am very happy with how it ended. Although, I’m left quite speechless all of the new events that occur in this book, I wouldn’t change a thing! As we’ve read from the previous two books, Talia is on a spiritually journey of self discovery and now you get to witness her last steps. Her final journey gives her the key she needs to fight off the demons in order for her to be truly happy. Since the start of this book, I was already swooning over Bodhi. His vulnerability towards Talia and the cheesy, yet loving things he tells her only make me fall more in love with his character. I am very happy that Talia finally reconnects with him after so long. She is a very smart, independent, caring woman who has dealt with too much pain in her past that you can’t help but want that ‘happily ever after’ for her. And, Bodhi just might be her ever after. She finally feels at home when she is with him, something she has always been craving. She has created an unintentional emotional barrier throughout her lifetime, she is too scared to open up fully and allow herself to be vulnerable towards him. After thirty-four years, I feel she has finally met her match. However, there’s no perfect relationship. When there's too many good things happening to Talia, you begin to wonder when it all just might come crashing down again. Bodhi seems to be all in for her, but is Talia for him? Their relationship certainly gets tested in this book - trouble in paradise. Yet, you can’t help but keep rooting for them. Another relationship that gets tested is Brad and Talia’s. When he begins to see how much Bodhi is starting to mean to Talia, he begins to feel jealous. This certainly frustrated me as I was reading. He finally was able to fall in love with someone and have his happiness, all the while Talia had to accept it. Yet now when it seems Talia might find her happiness after all, he becomes distant. Can Brad finally accept that Talia was never really his in the first place? (You’ll have to read to find out) This book certainly gave me more emotions than the previous two. I smiled more as I read, I cried in between and laughed at the chemistry between Talia and Bodhi. It’s quite evident there’s much more passion between this two characters now that they have finally reconnected and are fighting for their love. This new romantic trilogy is written so beautifully, you can clearly feel and see the character’s emotions. You can’t help but get emotionally invested when you begin to discover Talia, her journey before Bodhi, and now her journey with Bodhi. I’m glad with how it ended. I can clearly label Talia’s journey as an emotional roller coaster, but it’s one I’d gladly ride over and over again. These books are now being added to my favorites list, and I HIGHLY recommended them to all of those who believe that no matter the past, every one has someone out there for them. You just have to be ready in order to be found. :)