Say You Won't Let Go: A Return to Me/Masters and Mercenaries Novella

Say You Won't Let Go: A Return to Me/Masters and Mercenaries Novella

by Corinne Michaels, Lexi Blake
4.7 41

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Say You Won't Let Go: A Return to Me/Masters and Mercenaries Novella by Corinne Michaels

Emily Young had two goals in her life: 1. Make it big in country music. 2. Get the hell out of Bell Buckle. She was doing it. She was on her way, until Cooper Townsend landed backstage at her show in Dallas. This gorgeous, rugged, man of few words was one cowboy she couldn't afford to let distract her. But with his slow smile and rough hands, she just couldn't keep away. With outside forces conspiring against them, Cooper hires the McKay-Taggart team to protect her. Emily refuses to let Cooper get hurt because of her. All she wants is to hold onto him, but she knows the right thing to do is to let go . . .

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Publisher: Evil Eye Concepts, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/10/2018
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Say You Won't Let Go: A Return to Me/Masters and Mercenaries Novella 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 41 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 9 days ago
This is part of the current Lexi Blake Crossover Collection and written by a relatively new author to me Corinne Michaels. This is Emily Young and Cooper Townsend’s story and is essentially a friends to lovers story, a genre I enjoy. When Cooper and Emily re connect they are in for a roller coaster of a ride with intrigue and emotions a plenty. Emily is finally living her dream but danger rears it’s head and Cooper hires Wade from the McKay Taggart agency to keep her safe. After all he has finally realised what he and Emily could have. However will Emily give up her music career for Cooper? Would Cooper give up the ranch he loves? Something has to give and you need to one click to see what happens. Although I enjoyed the story I was expecting a lot more about Wade, after all it is a crossover with the Master & Mercenaries series and yet really Wade was in the background of the book, only employed to protect Emily and not heavily involved in the story line.
Alwaysahappyeverafter 19 hours ago
So short this was almost an short story but it packed some punch as you followed the ups and downs of Cooper's and Emily’s courtship   An entertaining read.
Wallace0221 2 days ago
I adored this book! It's a short read (a novella), but it is packed full of love and action and suspense. Cooper is getting his second chance at love and it just all falls right into place like it always should have been. And that epilogue...the BEST EVER!
Anonymous 6 days ago
This was the most wonderful way to tie up the Return to Me series. Cooper is icing on the cake! So delighted that she shared Cooper and Emily's story with us!
kahea46 7 days ago
***3 Stars*** When I found out I won a copy of Say You Won’t Let Go, I was really excited because I’ve been wanting to read a Corinne Michaels book, but just never had the time to read one. So, I dove in and while things started off really good, there came that point where it went sideways for me when it came to the romance side of things. Thankfully I was all in when it came to the suspense angle and really enjoyed how that played out. I liked Emily and Cooper, I did. Cooper is a good man. He cares about his family and is protective of those he considers his. Emily hasn’t had an easy life, but she’s a fighter and is now making her dreams come true. My issue came when they became a “couple”. Things happen quickly in a novella, and this one is no different, but there was just something missing for me. I just didn’t feel going on between them other than lust, but I could deal and roll with it. What got me was Emily herself. She made statements in the beginning and then did a full on 180 on them, IMHO, and that just didn’t work for me and that’s when things went sideways when it came to the romance. As for the suspense. I thought it was done well and when all the pieces were put together made sense. And then there was Wade (McKay-Taggart bodyguard). I really wish we’d gotten more of him in every way possible, but the bit we did get I really liked and I want more. I really wanted to like this one more than I did, but it is what it is, though I will say that despite the romance not really working for me, I did enjoy the writing as a whole and will be looking into trying out other books by the author.
Felicia71 7 days ago
I feel like I have been waiting forever for Cooper's book and now that its here I am so happy to have waited. It has everything, romance, mystery and second chances. Corinne Michaels gives us everything in a novella format. Cooper Townsend has been unlucky in love to say the least - thinking he loves a girl who never really belonged to him and the girl he wants is out living her dream of being a country music star. Then fate steps in when he and the girl happen to be in the same city at the same time, Cooper realizes he needs to do everything he can to finally make her his. Emily Young has wanted two things in her life, to get out of Bell Buckle and become a country music star. Now on the road she is well on her way of accomplishing both - and then Cooper Townsend walks back into her life. Emily has always liked Cooper (a lot) but he was involved with her best friend. Now he is single and the feelings just keep growing as they spend more time together. Through in a stalker and a bodyguard things turn deadly quickly - the one thing Emily knows is that she finally has what she has always wanted, can she finally have Cooper as well? The story told in both POV's is a full romance and I love that. We have met both Cooper and Emily in the previous Return to Me books in this series so that helped cut down on the intro's. We also get to see others from Bell Buckle as well as meet Wade Rycroft from McKay-Taggart who Cooper hired to help protect Emily. As an avid Corinne Michaels reader I felt right at home - and has someone new to the Masters and Mercenaries series I got a great intro. I definitely will be going back and reading that series by Lexie Blake.
AnnettePopaReads 8 days ago
Gahhhh!! I was so excited when I found out Cooper was getting a novella . It was everything I wanted and more !!! Cooper and Emily are a friends to lovers story which is one of my favorite types of books . It gave me so much feels for it being a novella !!! It's a standalone but there's other stories related that are some of my favorite books . A must read
Anonymous 8 days ago
The Cooper we met earlier in this series gets his chance now, with Emily, a woman from his past that he always had eyes for. Their long distance living complicates things, but Cooper decides he’s not letting that come between them. When Emily is threatened by a stalker, Cooper must get his pal Wade to help out with security. This story is sweet, emotional, and hot! Perfect combination.
Anonymous 8 days ago
Loved everything about Cooper and Emily! I love the whole series and was so excited when Cooper’s book was coming out. As always Ms. Michaels delivered a swoon worthy southern gem that left me wanting more. My only wish was for a full length rather than a novella.
Joy Sadowski 8 days ago
Well that was certainly worth the wait! I’ve been craving Cooper’s story since we met him. Again this is a really fast paced story because well, novella. But it’s a great story with a crossover and I must admit I’m looking forward to meeting a broody security guard soon! I loved everything about this story. Cooper and his alpha protective streak were sexy AF. I loved getting to see his happy ending. Thanks Corinne Michaels for giving us Cooper!
Amanda_YoungXx 8 days ago
I felt like I was waiting a lifetime for this novella and it was worth the wait! Cooper Townsend deserved a HEA and Corinne made sure he got it... and she did it SO perfectly! I immediately devoured this novella with a massive smile stuck on my face! Cooper and Emily gave me allllll the feels! Then something/someone tries to keep them apart and Cooper proves why he was always a favorite of mine! He went in protective mode of his girl and hired Wade to be her bodyguard... This novella needs to have very little details given to the reader before they dive in so I won’t spoil anything else for you... just know this novella had me from beginning to end... it’s full of palpable romance that will make you swoon and suspense that will keep you glued to the story. Corinne, SO beautifully wrote our return to the boys of Bell Buckle that YOU won’t want to miss this EPIC crossover novella! PS the epilogue... tears streaming down my face! Thank you, Corinne! I love a happily ever after
Ashers4747 8 days ago
I have been rocking in a corning anticipating the release of Cooper's book for months! It was worth the wait! You do not have to read the rest of the Return to Me series but I HIGHLY recommend them. (They are some of my favorite books of all time) This story is a friends to lovers romance, where the chemistry of Cooper and Emily is instant from the first paragraph their characters are brought together. The plot and twist keep you turning the pages well into the night...cause you just need to know what happens! Loved seeing some of my favorite characters from Bell Buckle again, and can't wait to read the rest of the crossover books. It's a novella so it's a quicker read than a full length novel, but it's jammed with so much story you don't think of it as a novella. Highly recommend!
SusanReads1 9 days ago
I am so happy that I got to revisit Bell Buckle! I love this series and I was excited to preorder this novella. This book reads like so much more than a novella. The author packed it with heart and soul. Intrigue, mystery and heat tie it all together! It is her usual perfection. Emily left Bell Buckle to live her dream as a singer. The problem is that her dream man is back at home living his dream on his ranch. How can that work for them? Can they meet in the middle or are them doomed? Cooper Townsend had her at “darlin” and he had me long before that. Holy book boyfriend swoon! Say You Won’t Let me go is a crossover book in the Lexi Blake Masters series. Why do I say this? When danger threatens Emily, Cooper brings in Wade to protect her. Well, Wade is a hot alpha bodyguard that I want to read more about! Yum! I am so sad to see the hot guys and their wonderful women end. Since the end had to happen, Author Corinne Michaels, ties it all up in a beautiful bow. One click today, untie the bow and enjoy!I
KimmyNYC 9 days ago
Emily has landed the opening gig on a tour that will propel her into country music stardom. When Cooper shows up at one of Emily’s concerts, the two reconnect. He is a piece of home that she didn’t realize she missed. The romantic relationship between Cooper and Emily has been a long time coming. For years Cooper thought he loved Grace, but if you’ve read Corinne’s previous book (insert name) you know how that worked out. More than once in this book it’s mentioned how Emily was always there, but Cooper never really saw her. He was too concerned with who he thought he wanted, not who he really cared for. Cooper just planned on seeing Emily’s concert and maybe spending some time with her but before he knows it, he’s playing protector. Her safety becomes his #1 priority and that is all that matters. Gah! I loved him so much. He was so sweet and kind of Alpha-y, which just made me all swoony. This story is short and sweet with a little sexy thrown in. It was a good way to wrap up the series. We even get a little bit of the Bell Buckle crew in this book. Just when we need them. Ya knock some sense into one of the characters!
Anonymous 10 days ago
Sasha_E 10 days ago
It was so good to catch up with some characters from Bell Buckle. I’ve been dying to hear Cooper’s story and I absolutely loved how it played out. Like most novellas the chain of events happen really fast in this story. It’s easy to connect with both Cooper and Emily because you meet them in prior books. It’s sexy, it’s suspenseful and if you love protective alpha characters then Cooper will totally do it for you. Emily was great as well, I always love a sassy heroine and she was just that. I really loved everything about this story. It was fast paced, entertaining and that ending gave me all the feels.
Wsonmeg 10 days ago
Another fantastic story from Corinne Michaels. I loved Cooper from the beginning of the Return To Me series and was so excited when he got his own story! This story is full of following your heart no matter where it takes you and to believe and trust that love triumphs over evil.
CarolN 10 days ago
This is a novella in the Return to Me series and a Masters & Mercenaries Crossover. It's a friends to lovers / drama. Just love Cooper and Emily. Cooper just couldn't stay away from Emily and found her while she was on tour as an up and coming country singer. Once he got a taste he couldn't let go - couldn't get her out of his mind. Their relationship saw it's ups and downs but they do see each other through their issues and jointly conquer their own story. This is a short and sweet feel good story.
Anonymous 10 days ago
Have you ever read a book or a series and you have that one character that is just a really good person, does everything right, and is still the underdog? And you want nothing more than for that person to get a book of their own? Say You Won't Let Go is that book for me. Although it is a standalone, there are other books in the Return to Me series. This time, Corinne wrote with Lexi Blake's 1001 Dark Nights, and wrote a bit of a romantic suspense, which is different for her and she totally rocked it! And they can totally be read as standalones and you won't miss anything. But I'm a purist, so I waited and waited for Cooper. And it was soooo worth it. Emily Young is also a background character you meet amongst the other characters in Bell Buckle. They sort of dance around each other for a while, until Cooper finally finds her on tour and goes for it. And what a ride it is! Cooper, being the sweet, sexy, and protective man we know and love, he finds a challenge in Emily and her life. While she's finally found her happiness and talent, Cooper knows he can't ask her to give it all up for him. At the same time, he also can't just leave her and move on. The thing I loved most about Cooper was how selfless he was; knowing what Emily went through to get to her dream and keep it. Even when dangerous forces come into play, Cooper still lets her do her thing. He hires Wade, a security guard from McKay-Taggart, to look over Emily when he can be there. Twists, turns, and more suspense lead up to a super intense scene, and then...the epilogue. As a romance reader, I live for epilogues. they give us that extra "happily ever after" on top of the one we just got. But this one? We get to see all the Henningtons. And that is pretty special.
Anonymous 10 days ago
A wonderful trip back to Bell Buckle!!
CrystalsBookWorld 10 days ago
Say You Won't Let Go was just Ah-Mazing! I truly enjoyed meeting Cooper and Emily. It was a bitter sweet story for me. When I read that Cooper was still into a past love, I was not sure there would ever be a future with Emily. But this girl was determined! As an upcoming country star, Emily is ready to show Copper what he has been missing out all of these years. But a new threat comes in and now Cooper will make sure she is protected. These two have a second chance at love. I was a little skeptical that with the baggage Cooper brings, these two would not make it before they started. With Corrine Michaels, she makes all possible. There was a little bit of drama, with a whole lot of sexiness!
MMRNY 10 days ago
Say You Won't Let Go is a total 4-1/2 star read!! Corinne Michaels packed a full-sized novel with all of its emotional feels and intrigue into this novella in the Masters and Mercenaries Crossover Collection, and the added bonus is that Say You Won't Let Go also is a novella in Corinne Michaels' Return to Me series featuring The Hennington Brothers. I highly recommend reading about those sexy cowboys known as the Hennington Brothers. And yes, this one can be read as a standalone, but you really should read the other books in the Return to Me series, because it is a great series. Let me just say that I have been waiting for this book for a while now, and Corinne Michaels did not disappoint. Say You Won't Let Go is a friends to lovers story that will have you rooting for the hero and heroine, because these two belong together. Cooper Townsend and Emily Young are absolutely perfect for each other. Emily is an up and coming country music star who is on tour with one of the biggest stars in country music. Emily also happens to be from Bell Buckle, TN (like I said read the Return to Me series, so that you can meet all of the other wonderful characters that live in Bell Buckle) and has been lifelong friends with Cooper and the rest of his family and friends back in Bell Buckle. Cooper is the owner of Townsend Farms in Bell Buckle, TN. Cooper has always been the potential love interest, but never the love interest despite being one of Bell Buckle's super sexy and most eligible bachelors. Cooper has had his eye on Emily and Emily has had her eye on Cooper for a long time, although neither one of them was willing to admit it to themselves and definitely not to each other. However, after a show one night, Cooper and Emily reconnect, and boy, oh boy, does the story take off from there. Once Cooper and Emily reconnect Say You Won't Let Go takes its reader on one bumpy, fast-paced, sexy, and mysterious roller coaster ride. Although Emily is living her dream, her world is about to be turned upside down, and Emily and Cooper's newfound romance is about to be put to the test. Say You Won't Let Go not only reconnects readers of the Return to Me series with old favorites, but it also introduces us to new characters, such as Wade from the McKay-Taggart Security Team, who also happens to be a friend of Cooper's. Let me just say that I absolutely loved Wade. I am sad that this is the last book in the Return to Me series, but Say You Won't Let Go is a great addition to the series.
gillek2 10 days ago
Emily is a country music singer from Bell Buckle and is starting to gain a following from opening the tour for country music star Luke Berry. Cooper is a rancher and part of Emily’s circle of friends however he has always had feelings for her best friend Grace even if Grace’s feelings for him were never more than friends. While in town he decides to see her perform and they soon realize that their feelings for each other run deeper than friends. When Emily draws the attention of a stalker he hires his old friend, Wade, who is currently working for McKay-Taggart, to protect her but will this as well as their different visions for their future bring them closer or tear them apart? I like both these characters as they were determined to protect the other and for a novella it doesn’t scrimp on suspense, twists and chemistry.
dmarie2980 10 days ago
Say You Won’t Let Go is yet another reason to adore Corinne Michaels. Y’all! Emily & Cooper are the sweetest! So sweet in fact, they make my twang come out! Cooper had me crushin’ on him, hard! After years of flirtin’ with one of his sister’s best friends, Emily, Cooper finally decides it’s time to explore the feelings he’s pretty sure are mutual. So, he shows up to her country music concert to tell her in person how amazin' he thinks she is :) Throw in a little stalker drama, a hottie bodyguard, with some hot as heck love makin’ and you done got yourself a five star story! Loved it!
AmyBustard 10 days ago
Pure Perfection! So hard to believe this was only a novella! Corinne gives us all the feels in this story! With this interconnected standalone we finally get Cooper Townsend's story. So worth the wait! The men from small town Bell Buckle definitely give their all when fighting for the woman they love! Cooper finally went after his heart heading to Texas and reconnecting with his old crush who left Bell Buckle to pursue her dream. Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks compared to her friends Grace and Presley, Emily Young is now living her dream as a Country music star. Missing her friends back home nothing prepared Emmy for Cooper's visit along with the chemistry and new relationship they form. It was their turn to finally find true happiness however life and fear take a lead on these two! The suspense and angst of this story... Again.. Pure Perfection...