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Scratching the Surface

Scratching the Surface

by Allyson Steedman
Scratching the Surface

Scratching the Surface

by Allyson Steedman


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There is no magic needed to create the perfect life. We have no way of knowing what our future holds for us, but we have the power within ourselves to help shape it and curate it through our thoughts, emotions and desires.

For her whole life, Allyson lived with chronic eczema. At times severe, she was told the condition was incurable and doctors prescribed topical steroid creams to help manage the outbreaks. She learned to live with it. Now, well into her thirties, married and with a daughter of her own, life was busy and full of energy and seemed to be moving in the right direction. Until she stopped using the creams. Plunged into Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW), she faced years of debilitating effects that left her with increased loss of physical function, traumatic physical and mental pain and a greatly diminished quality of life. But through all the pain, a resonating within her of an undeniable truth emerged; that physical healing was only one part of the equation. That to truly heal, we must look deeply within ourselves to find the connection between our mind, body and spirit. Through Allyson's journey, we can find a link to our own spirit and answer its call to live more authentically and with a full heart. 

Scratching the Surface challenges all of us to look beyond our physical limitations and current situations to find a deeper connection to ourselves and who we can truly be. It encourages us to shift our thoughts, shed our fears and equip our minds for a different outlook and to believe in our own intrinsic value.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781738665211
Publisher: Calathea Press
Publication date: 10/01/2022
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 303
File size: 3 MB

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Back To the Beginning

Chapter 2: Vive La France

Chapter 3: A Storm Is Brewing

Chapter 4: The Next Chapter

Chapter 5: Can't Seem To Escape It

Chapter 6: Life Gets Confusing

Chapter 7: Down The Rabbit Hole

Chapter 8: And So It Begins

Chapter 9: Finding Support

Chapter 10: It's Hard To Believe

Chapter 11: A Different Approach

Chapter 12: I'm Feeling A Change

Chapter 13: Alternative Therapies

Chapter 14: It Continues To Fluctuate

Chapter 15: Starting To Question

Chapter 16: Taking A Deeper Look

Chapter 17: The Kid Has Something To Reveal

Chapter 18: It's A Tough Road But The Tread Gets Easier

Chapter 19: Other Things May Change Too

Chapter 20: Sometimes You Just Have To Believe

Chapter 21: When You Dive Into Faith, You Can't Help

But Be Grateful

Chapter 22: Can My Thoughts Really Create My Reality

Chapter 23: The Universe Has My Back

Chapter 24: Is It A Whole New Me?

Chapter 25: The Worry Has Got To Go

Chapter 26: It's Okay To Be Human

Chapter 27: Patience Is A Virtue That Heals

Chapter 28: Find It Within

Chapter 29: Could Forgiveness Be The Key?

Chapter 30: So Much To Learn

Chapter 31: It's A Place of Joy

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