Season Of Discernment

Season Of Discernment

by Victor M. Obi


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Season Of Discernment by Victor M. Obi

Season of Discernment is a collection of poems that exemplifies rediscovery of an individual's path on a mission of poetic evolution and redemption of his inheritance in paradise.

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ISBN-13: 9781463425159
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/27/2011
Pages: 104
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.25(d)

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By Victor M. Obi


Copyright © 2011 Victor M. Obi
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4634-2515-9

Chapter One


Who having the eternal promise
Behind every comment is a premise
Loosening crux of the evil knots of loss
For everyman to play the role of a boss

Who having the vision of eternity
As their two hands wrestle with dexterity
Corporate willingness for prayers
Never undermining the soothsayers

Who having the catlike agility
Behind their exuberance and virility
Loosening the influence strings of their creeds
Blazing the trail as the new breeds


There was a time
Brown envelopes matter
Now it is another rhyme
Nurturing men's mind
With the truth
There was a time
Power brokers thought
Sword was mightier
When men sought
For the missing pen
In the camp of the elites
Alas, there is a change
As the facts, begin to thrive
Amidst the factoids
That belittles the polity
The era of giving out
Brown envelopes
In exchange for subjectivity
As against objectivity
I perceive is over.


A pot-pourri of old melodious tunes
As travel down the thorny memory lane

Feelings as if dancers are on the jet plane
Causing chaotic effects on the dance stage
Until the disc jockey made it very plain

The dance stage is not meant for the underage
Yet to reach their pinnacle artistic wise
For this reason, they must eschew all their rage

In order to gain the most coveted prize
It is about skills, not magnitude of size.

This form of poetry is known as TERZA RIMA.It is written in 11 syllables counts. on each line with the rhyme scheme: ab /bcb/cdc/dd.


Whatever the reasons given
For the imbroglio of the past
It is without doubts a wasted effort
Another outlet for an endless chase
At this golden anniversary of ours
No more room for presuppositions
Lest we prolong the mileage to bliss
Eschew endless tales of innuendos
Likely to weaken the resolutions
Required to end the hostilities
Feel the rage of the fallen heroes
From the world beyond it reverberates
Setting the stage for disengagement
From the battle fields replete with corpses
We have had enough of combats in the shadow
Too many orphans, widows, widowers
Gracing the stands like spectators
At the gory spectacles wail.


Rejoicing for this season of good tidings
A moment for you and me to remember

We are no longer thinking of September
As prospects for great success is on the rise
More glass clicking by the end of December

Hopes of survival will now make us arise
To face all the challenges for the future
Without any tendency to meet us with a surprise

While we delight ourselves more in nature
Anticipating a better life structure.

This form of poetry is known as TERZA RIMA.It is written in11 syllable counts on each line with a rhyming scheme: ab/bcb/cdc/dd.


Just right before our very eyes
Several cases of misplaced ties
Restraining progress
In our own congress
Bringing stress
Big disguise

* * *

Now we have to be very wise
In the way, we approach this guise
Lest we make a mess
Before the world press
Let us profess
As we rise

* * *

New friends we cannot despise
Interaction forum revise
To attain success
Resentment suppress
Love express
Do not despise


Sing another song
It is a new day
We can make amends
Still keeping the pace
Prepare for future

* * *

Stick to the rules
It is not complex
Just persevere
As you dig deep

* * *

Stay on course
Walk through the
Brave's path

* * *


* * *



Green hurricane lamp is lit
Ready to usher in the New Year
Men and Women unfold parcels
Uncertainty takes its toll on the expectant
Parishioners at the Lagos Cathedral Church
Church bell tickles ding dang ... dings dang
The crowd echoed happy New Year
As the old year, depart in tatters
I hear the maledictions
Others make silent valediction
Bade the old year farewell
While they welcome the new
With fanfare and flamboyance
In meekness and great sobriety
Is strength to make amendment
Foolishness and loquaciousness
Breeds ground for resentment
As moment of reflection comes
When the New Year graces our shore
Like a cargo ship from the Mediterranean
It is high time we made up our minds on
Harnessing resources at our disposal
For now and the very near future.


Comes truth
Side by side
Following path
Prepared as of old
Revolving around love
Crossing the divides of creed
Knowing the wishes of populace
Yearning for change in the polity
Hoping horizon will be unlimited
Today we reflect on the legacy
Woeful tales encapsulating minds
The edifice of subjugation
Couched on imperialism
Did restrain the steam
When autonomy
Tried to propel
People's wish


Fifty grueling years
Still struggling to gain grounds
No longer at ease with them
Is doing more harm than good
Sense of belonging
Gone with the wind of the times
Among the nations

Choka is a Japanese form of poetry that is written in 5/7/5/7/5/7/5/7/5 syllables.


Creativity in view
Like putting pen on paper
Paintings on the canvass
In one way or the other
Artist finds his way
Into the world of ideas
Giving observers a reflection
A picturesque definition
Minds envisaging
Events evolving
Expressions unfurling
Without an iota
Of restriction
All spelt


Fluidity of expression
Comes with a natural tendency
Feeling jaded with the chaos
Of societal inequities
Pours his heart

* * *

Sanity of reflection
Evolves through a steady track
Elated with the wonderments
Within and without
His immediate

* * *

Exuding with confidence
Soundness of thoughts and ideas
Brings into the court of public opinion
In formulating good policies
Retraction of the bad

Presents to the world
Another option to reaching
The Pinnacle of desired goals
Eliminating the tantrums and brawls
From their uncensored

* * *

Taking relish in the truth
Joy of swallowing the bitter pills
Emanating from ululation of societal ills
Barometer of world polity
A picture of the


Longing for dear motherland
Like a fish out of water in Diaspora
Daily I thirst for the Ikogosi warm springs
Dream of the silvery clouds of Tarkwa Bay
I crave for the crystal water of the Adofi River
Pool of resources within the Niger Delta
Flourishing palm trees of the rain forest
Lovely cash crops ready for harvest
Beyond the ripples of the past
Resources beneath me recast
In confidence I prefer
By choice to differ
Rather than imbibe
Sentiments from the scribe


Niger River flows
Along the sub region links
Merging with the Benue River
At the heart of Lokoja waters
Feeding Kainji Dam
Making liberal
Inputs to fishery
As farming thrives
In the arid zones
Suffice for neighboring
Towns and villages
To make hay
Before the Sunrises
All the way
Into the Atlantic
Navigation at its peak
Beneath the River beds
Are mineral resources
The longest River
In the sub-region


The Potter is at work
Remolding the broken pot
Bringing together old pieces
Engravings of acceptance
Aftermath of rejection
Ushering in hope
Is this transformation
Leaving little or no option
For itchy ears to sink in the truth
Wonderments wrought by the potters
Hands on the black broken pot
Once despised and rejected
By the consumers
Now a cynosure
Of eyes


Crying for reparation
They clasp their hands
In remorse for their losses
Hoping someday hope will rise
Beyond the dark clouds
For the uneven yoke
To be untied

* * *

Craving for a change
Redemption of the moribund
Structures designed for parity
Freedom from domination
Alas it not what we see
It is what they feel
Our hearts
In our

* * *

Within our frail minds
Pulse of the missing links
Like a bride betrothed to the king
They yearn daily for a change
As the society falls apart
Divide and conquer
Takes the Lion share
Cobwebs of ignorance
Imprisons the elites in positions
As they preside in ignorance
Over a failed system
A generation that points
A finger of accusation
At their kinship structure
With despicable intentions
Because of their ignorance
Brings back to memory
The lamentations
Of our founding fathers
Who in their graves
Chuckle at the fierce
Nature of these


Leading the way for others
By examples conveyed with orders
Measuring the length of social scope
Bringing in a new ray of hope

* * *

Opinions do always differ
Yet binding commitments refer
Men of substance to his shores
Without any kind of overtures

* * *

Just by sheer simplicity
Bothering on veracity
Preparing market for a boom
Leaving behind the bloom
Sidetracking desired sanity
On Wall Street's buyer unity

* * *

He holds his own anywhere
Bringing his finesse everywhere
He goes with great endeavor
Clarity of heaven's immense favor
Glaring to all those who partake
For a meaningful, undertake.

* * *

This gentle, enlightened egghead
Is already building bridges overhead
As the wave of opinion poll changes
Beaded bubbles emerge in exchange
Kudos from these ripples to his kind
With an open, free and fair mind.


Scheming for fame
Deferring the protocols
Excluding all the logistics
Precluding the mind games
On all those living below par
Desperately in need of a lifeline
Long forgotten hopes of reprieve
Resurfaces to correct the statistics
Many fall outs since the second view
As the heart of matter unfurls
Addictions to the end time vices
Creating sorrows in minds
Breaking hearts apart
Skipping all the norms
For sound reasoning
In place of the corruptible
Forgetting the heavens
Determination of success
Within this life's axis
Beyond daily praxis


Lovely and tender
Hands that sculpt and nurture
Greater tomorrows.

* * *

Selfless and devoted
Wellness of youths their goal
Reward in heaven.

* * *

Reformers that care
Having the mind to infuse
All that is lacking

* * *

Daily they instill
Values of the better life
In the willing minds

* * *

Heaven will expand
Memories and treasuries
Throughout the seasons.


Some here are passive
Others there are assertive
In tongues of the learned.

* * *

Symbolizing change
Amidst the diversities
Within and without.

* * *

Through scholarly tones
Some unfurl their reflections
On life and nature

* * *

Willingness to shield
The king from embarrassment
With comforting words

* * *

Romantics tell tales
Saga of their new getaways
Passionate feelings.

* * *

Articulate minds speak
Indexing all life events
Unfurling them.

* * *

Lovely and thoughtful
Through daily reflections on
Life and humanity.

* * *

Greetings to all poets
May your pens never run out?
Just keep on musing.


Fullness of joy I remember
In this month of December
Melodies spring from within me
Just like the fountain of water.

* * *

My joy knows no boundary
The giver of life reigns supreme
Without an iota of worry
It is an open door of blessings.

* * *

I recall His loads of reward
Feelings of bliss like morning dew
Heaven's love is without limit
Contrary to prognosis of doom

* * *

Abundance of joy abiding
The blessedness of his goodness
Gives me the cause to be cheerful
As I celebrate with melodies.


Going way back in time
Digging into the archives
Reflecting on the words
Sage words of wisdom
Bringing our past to bear
On waves of the moment
Nothing but the substance
Bears in character molding
So here, we are once again
Back on the track of virtue


Let us come with thanksgiving in our heart
While the sun is shining, we surrender
Our stony hearts now to be made tender
Giving praise to God make burdens depart
Carefully words of hope they do impart
Knowing the ending from the beginning
Remembering the essence of expending
Energy on things that evoke better thoughts
In those minds craving for what heaven sought
Who still supplicate on their knees bending.


Here we are at last
On the mountain top
Beaming with smiles
As the dark cloud departs
The blue sky sets the stage
Right before our very eyes
In Stockholm and in Chicago
For the noble men of color
To showcase their letters
Emotion taking its toll
Thoughts of savannah
Grasslands where honeybees
Are calling the shots for nomads'
Where myth of ages astound
Fill my heart with nostalgia
From North Sahara to Cape Verde
We raise thumbs up to all those
Who made mother Africa Proud
By their accomplishments
All hail the new dawn.


Sample the ample
Provisions we have in place
Remember it takes two to tangle
Two removes loneliness and emptiness
Thoughtfully with one and now none
Two symbolizes partnership
Power of collective


Taking a daily walk
Stopping by the park
Part of my day to day
Routine carefully observed
For physical fitness sake
Now I must make rounds
In the gusty winter winds
Until calories are burned
There is a price to pay here
Mine is too high a price to pay
In order to look ten years younger
There is no gainsaying in fiction
The crux of the matter
Is creating a little storm
My teacup is steaming
Time to drink once again
My medicinal green tea
Elation takes the stage
Ultimate satisfaction
Berthing at the Marina
Of my world tonight.


When time takes its toll
Nature's arm will roll
Season's clock will tickle
Just like the harvest sickle
Herein lies the ordeal
All that glitters is surreal
The main reason why
Men fall short and are shy
Unwilling to acknowledge
Precept behind this knowledge
Therefore, they feign stress
When under duress
Hoping to be well caressed
Before this issue is addressed.


Call it by name
As the day unfurls
Nothing can bend the frame
Embedding the shawls
Of their projected fame
At the brink of brawls
Weathering storms of shame
In essence, of time as it crawls
In with a good aim.

* * *

Call it by name
As the circumstances
Reveals the same
Number of instances
Unearthing the blame
Short and long distances
Beyond this little frame
Lays the implication of choice
By some men's voice.

* * *

Call it by name
As if the ridicule matter
When a game of wits
Beats the latter
Adorned with red kits
On a ladder that is lame
Unable to contain the itches of fetter
They cleave to the advantage of fame
Against the oaths made by letter


Now that she is up
It is time to fill her teacup
Before she sets out
Now that she is awake
No whisperings for heaven's sake
Rather you must reflect
Now that she is here
Joy will emerge from somewhere
Expect a new dawn.


Give me the banner
That defines my manner
Give me the timeline
That will make me recline
Give me your entire life story
That endears my soul to history
Give me the needed clues
That will take away the blues
Give me titbits on the matter
That is opposed to acts that scatter
Give me the benefits of the outcast
Revealed in tonight's newscast
Give me all my belongings
That I may fulfill my longings
Give me your humble opinion
That focuses on state of the union.


The sun brightens my smile
Sparkles of brightness heralds
Dawn of a new day in motherland
As my golden trumpet resonates
Tunes of yesteryears with nostalgia
Sending cold chills of amusement
While I gyrate with fulfillment
Observers cannot differentiate
The old era from the new
Alas, I must run twilight
Lest I get stocked in the hustle and bustle
Early morning bumper to bumper
Between the mainland and the Island
Another day has dawned.


Excerpted from SEASON OF DISCERNMENT by Victor M. Obi Copyright © 2011 by Victor M. Obi. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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