Secrets and Lies

Secrets and Lies

by Christine Amsden

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Secrets and Lies won Silver in the Fiction Fantasy/contemporary category of the 2014 Global eBook Awards.

"...Cassie, stubborn and proud, is bravely trying to live on her own after her family disowns her. ...The growing complexity of Cassie's world makes this an entertaining installment, focusing as much on the will-they, won't-they romantic chemistry between Cassie and Evan as on the primary mystery...." ~ Publishers Weekly

Cassie wants out of her magical life, but magic isn't prepared to let her go – and neither is Evan Blackwood. She owes him her life, making it difficult for her to deny him anything he really wants. And he wants her. She tries avoiding him, but when two teenagers disappear from a local summer camp, they must work together if they hope to find the girls alive.

The search reignites an old feud between the Scots and the Blackwoods. Cassie's sympathies are not with her parents, who kicked her out and refuse to accept her desire for a non-magical life. As her family falls apart around her, Evan becomes her rock, but long-buried secrets threaten to destroy everything.

Cassie may be the only one who can save the missing girls, her family – and herself. Book 2 in the Cassie Scot series.

"Christine Amsden unleashes her brilliant storytelling magic as the adventures of Cassie Scot escalate to the extreme. Rife with betrayal and a debt too deep for money to clear, Secrets and Lies plunges the reader into an utterly believable world where villains and heroes spring lifelike from the pages. Brace for a whirlwind ride of sorcery, romance and knife-edge peril. A truly original urban fantasy. Not to be missed!"
~ Kim Falconer, bestselling author of The Spell of Rosette, Quantum Enchantment Series

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BN ID: 2940148499534
Publisher: Twilight Times Books
Publication date: 10/15/2013
Series: Cassie Scot , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 402 KB

About the Author

Award-winning author Christine Amsden has written stories since she was eight, always with a touch of the strange or unusual. She became a "serious" writer in 2003, after attending a boot camp with Orson Scott Card. She finished Touch of Fate shortly afterward, then penned The Immortality Virus, which won two awards. Expect many more titles by this up-and-coming author.

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Secrets and Lies 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
PureJonel More than 1 year ago
This story is naturally and fluidly written in a manner that draws you in.  It follows in the same tone and style as the first novel in the series, adding a sense of continuity to the saga.  That said, I’d highly suggest reading the first novel first.  Her explicitly visual descriptions bring everything to light in a very vivid way.  Amsden does a great job of introducing new and unique concepts as part of the story’s action rather than as a separate narrative.  She keeps you guessing and on your toes throughout with her imaginatively suspenseful storyline.  By mixing relationship drama with a murder investigation and a few other twists en route Amsden creates a masterpiece that you won’t be able to put down. Amidst the magic and wonderment of this tale is the story of a young girl trying to succeed on her own terms, to be who she wants to be.  Amsden has taken a brilliantly unique and captivating route to bring this story forward.  It’s a heart-warming tale, even if it does have some heartbreaking moments and a heart shattering ending.  That said, hope still shines through.  By melding various prophecies together you can hold on to this hope – not only for a happy ending but for the sequel itself.   Overall, this was an entertaining tale that is fun for all ages.  It’s a brilliant story (and series) that will stand the test of time.  I, for one, can’t wait for more from this brilliant author.   Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.
kirstyviz More than 1 year ago
In Secrets and Lies the reader encounters Cassie Scot, Normal Detective, now disowned from her family, jobless and attempting to fight Evan Blackwood's  command over her. Christine Amsden's writing is still fast-paced as Cassie and Evan work together to find two teenage girls, and distant relatives, who have disappeared from summer camp. The mystery is not easily solved and keeps the reader guessing until the perpetrator(s) are revealed, along with their reasons for committing the crime. However to accompany the pair's detective work Christine Amsden develops an often angsty plot-line which addresses Cassie's relationship with her family. This allows Nicholas, Cassie's brother, to play a larger role and I enjoyed the way his character evolves, from the arrogant and sometimes cruel boy we met in the first book, to a loyal, unselfish young man.  Cassie and Evan's liaison is also explored in detail in Secrets and Lies, as Cassie continually strives to find a way out of the life debt she owes him. They are an interesting pair, both avoiding their true feelings for each other and instead presuming their attraction is mainly due to duty and protection. Although Secrets and Lies is a clean romance the kisses between them are full of desire and lust! Secrets and Lies is a story bursting with mystery, magic and unexpected revelations and I would definitely recommend it. Just make sure that you have the sequel to hand straight after!  I received this as a complimentary review copy, but this has had no influence on my opinion.
Autumn2 More than 1 year ago
I received this book to give an honest review. Love this author's writing style and the way she can weave a story and keep you captured within it that you really do not want to put it down. We are taking up where book one in this series left off. Only this time Cassie has a case that deals with her family, well distant family. Evan and Cassie decide to take this case on since it does stink of magic. Cassie still owes Evan a debt for saving her life and she is still trying to find a way out of it. With so much going on, Cassie's family who has disowned her well just her parents everything is going downhill. Cassie has to learn to either forgive her parents or time to say goodbye. This title really goes with the book, because there are Secrets and Lies being withheld from Cassie and I wonder what will happen when she finds out in book three (that is suppose to be out in May of this year). Cassie's friends come more into this story than they did before and lets just say WOW! There were so many wow moments that I didn't see coming, and I am glad the author wrote those into the story. There is so much going on within this story that I feel if I write anymore I am going to be giving away a bunch of spoilers. If you are into magic, mystery and great story to sit back and just curl up and read with. Then get your copy. I honestly don't think you would be disappointed.  The characters are great, you can really get a feel of who they are and what they are about. 
MariaD1 More than 1 year ago
Fun Paranormal/New Adult Romance Series - Great 2nd Installment I received a complimentary copy of this book as a part of a book tour in exchange for a fair and honest review. I rated it 4.5 out of 5 Stars. Set in a fictional small town in Southern, Missouri, Secrets and Lies, the second book in the Cassie Scot series by Christine Amsden, picks up shortly after the events taking place in Cassie Scot: Paranormal Detective. Cassie, still lacking in magical abilities, and now without “protection” due to being disowned by her parents, is trying to put her life back together. Meanwhile her town, which was once a paranormal safe haven, is struggling as the two most powerful magical families in the area carry on their private feud and continue acting like the Capulets and Montagues in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Which of course means Cassie is Juliet, and Evan Blackwood, the young scion of his family and formerly Cassie’s friend, is her Romeo. Determined to make it on her own, as a human, Cassie has turned down Evan Blackwood’s offer for marriage but still owes him for saving her life. Even though Evan now realizes his mistake, offering to cancel the life debt if Cassie would just marry him, he’s still wants her in his life and makes it clear to everyone in town that whether she wants it or not, Cassie’s under his protection. Meanwhile Cassie has to find a job, since she’s determined not to accept her family’s attempts to support her, and she and Evan soon find themselves involved in trying to locate two girls missing from summer camp, that just happen to be distantly related to both of their families. Ms. Amsden does a terrific job continuing to develop both Cassie and Evan’s characters as this series continues. While Cassie has genuine feelings, and a real attraction to Evan, she no longer trusts herself or her emotions because of the “debt” she owes Evan. It also doesn’t help matters when it appears he has a “strange, magical” pull on her emotions. Meanwhile, Evan, burdened with almost too much magical ability, is trying to win the girl he desires but has to take things more slowly than he would like. He has to be really careful of crossing the line between the “normal” behavior of a human man and the “magical” behavior of a powerful warlock. I really like how the relationship between Cassie and Evan goes back and forth as they try to solve the mystery of the missing girls and it’s clear to me that without the “magical debt”, and their family’s interference, Cassie and Evan would make a terrific couple on their own. The secondary characters get a touch more attention in this story, and we learn more about the “feud” going on between their families. It’s a feud that has been going on for all of Cassie and Evan’s life and which has had some “unforeseen” consequences. It’s also dragged their town into the middle, with both magical and non-magical “victims”. In a way, both Cassie and Evan’s fathers are the silent “villains” of the book because of their refusal to let the feud die down and continuing to push and pull their children. Adding an additional touch of magical interference, some of the other practitioners in town add pressure with “prophesies” and “foretellings” of doom if Cassie and Evan ever really do come together. Will Cassie and Evan locate the missing girls? Will Cassie and Evan’s relationship survive having to work together when Cassie isn’t sure she can trust Evan? And will Cassie want to help her family pull it together now that she’s on the outside? You’ll have to read Secrets and Lies to find out. I loved this addition to the series and can’t wait to see what Ms. Amsden does with these characters next. If you like paranormal romance, this is a series you’ll want to add to your library – just make sure to read the books in order as each book builds on the previous story.
SheilaDeeth More than 1 year ago
If you didn’t read Cassie Scot, ParaNormal Detective, you missed a fun paranormal mystery romance set in a fascinating town where para is the norm. But Secrets and Lies, second in the Cassie Scot series, starts with enough hints and memories to bring characters and situations into immediate and enticing focus. Evan’s still following Cassie around. Cassie’s still struggling with being the only normal in a family of powers. And Evan’s family and Cassie’s are still at odds with each other. It doesn’t help that Cassie’s family have disowned her, or that Evan has that curious power over her... or that she’s falling in love and badly needs a job. Family ties, self-fulfilling prophecies, stubborn independence, and secrets and lies all play their part in this fascinating mystery. Cassie’s first person narration is full of verve and character, and her “normal” methods of detection are eminently believable—maybe “not as impressive ... as crystal gazing, but... crystal gazing isn’t working.” So now she’s searching for missing girls, and trying to figure out why Evan ever uttered that fateful command to “Marry me.” Through it all, the author keeps her character lively and convincing, never letting those internal musings grow too heavy or outweigh the story, adding just the right amount of detail and backstory, and, of course, including the perfect pinch of intrigue. If some of us just use magic for cooking, then Christine Amsden has cooked up a fine new recipe in this series, and I’m eager for more. Imagine a female Harry Dresden, in small-town America rather than big-city Chicago, with some serious romantic problems and magical weaknesses, and you’ll know why I'm hooked. Disclosure: I received a free ecopy and promised my honest review.
ELF-thereadingaddict More than 1 year ago
Second book in the Cassie Scot series Secrets and Lies by Christine Amsden is the second book in the ‘Cassie Scot’ series and continues immediately after the momentous events in the first book. Cassie is still reeling from the actions of her parents and the obligations she owes Evan Blackwood even as she struggles to find a way to support herself. An investigation into the disappearance of two girls who have ties to the Scot and Blackwood families forces Cassie to work with Evan despite her misgivings about not belonging to either the magical or the normal world around her. The hostility between the two families have only escalated due to Cassie’s circumstances and her relationship with Evan is even more tortuous than ever. Unfortunately, Cassie discovers that the secrets surrounding the missing girls are not the only ones she needs to uncover and she may never recover from the shock of her discoveries. This young adult paranormal tale is best read after the first in the series so that one has the full background on certain extreme changes in the heroine’s life. There is a wonderful combination of mystery and magic in this tale mixed with a variety of tangled life choices that complicate the actions of many of the individuals in Cassie’s life. There are explanations for certain behaviors but I am not totally convinced that they provide sufficient justifications for apparently irrational decisions. There is again a surprising development at the very end of the story which will definitely whet one’s appetite for the next book in the series. I particularly enjoyed the new twist on the “kiss and frog” relationship which reflects this author’s sly humor that is demonstrated in many of Cassie’s solutions for her problems and I look forward to learning more about the remarkable people who populate the unusual town of Eagle Rock. A copy of this title was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.