Secrets of Broken Pottery: Seeing the Great Potter - Being Seen by Him

Secrets of Broken Pottery: Seeing the Great Potter - Being Seen by Him

by Heidi McKendrick
Secrets of Broken Pottery: Seeing the Great Potter - Being Seen by Him

Secrets of Broken Pottery: Seeing the Great Potter - Being Seen by Him

by Heidi McKendrick


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Get ready to challenge the way you see God. And the way you think He sees you...

Do you feel broken, lost... is your life shattered into a thousand pieces, and you have no idea how to put it all back together? Are you yearning for fresh clay, and a new start? You're not alone. God is the Great Potter, and through his loving hands, you will discover the secrets of broken pottery, and

the strength he has hidden within all of us.

In Secrets of Broken Pottery, author Heidi McKendrick strips away the illusions we've created around Biblical heroes and presents them in a realistic light, through tales of pitifully broken potteries. This book reaffirms that the Great Potter remains faithful even if we don't. Heidi has conducted hundreds of workshops and seminars on grace-filled topics of brokenness for NGO organizations, churches, seminaries, and universities. Now, she brings that same passion to readers all around the world.

None of your broken pieces are wasted! Read Secrets of Broken Pottery, and discover the blessings in your brokenness today!

The first part of the book introduces broken potteries, reflecting on the reasons for their hurt. Sometimes we break our pottery ourselves, but often, it is by others either accidentally or intentionally. It can also be a force majeure, something that can happen to anyone. The second part tells stories of broken potteries in the Bible. These stories reflect our life struggles and blessings and they celebrate the Great Potter. Every pot is precious, broken or not, the Great Potter never wastes His clay! The third part of explores the twenty secrets of broken potteries for all of us broken containers to reflect on - inviting a spiritual discovery, growth, and healing. Immersing in these secrets will assist you in ridding yourself of any false images you may have about God.

The final part discusses the process of restoration - or as much as is possible on this side of eternity. We all wear scars- but so does the Great Potter. His Light radiates through the cracks of your brokenness.

The main concept of this book conveys the framework of Christian Pastoral Care. It is targeted for Christian potteries broken because of life's labours and painful blows -many because of their traumatizing experiences in legalistic and spiritually abusive church communities. The message emphasizes the Great Potter's revulsion of the tarnishing of His name through the abuse perpetrated by so many religious organizations. Allow the Great Potter to reveal what He sees when He sees you. Maybe - you've had a wrong impression of Him all along?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781777636616
Publisher: Katamerismoú Publishing
Publication date: 07/06/2021
Pages: 516
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 1.13(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1: REFLECTIONS OF BROKEN POTTERY 1:When You Accidentally Break Your Clay Potter; 2:When Someone Accidentally Breaks Your Clay Pottery; 3:When Someone Intentionally Breaks Your Clay Pottery; 4:When You Intentionally Break Your Clay Pottery; 5:When an Unpredictable Force Majeure Breaks Your Clay Pottery;6: In the Trash Yard of Broken Potteries; 7:In the Great Potter's House Part 2: STORIES OF BROKEN POTTERY 8:Job: The Broken Pottery Who Sees the Great Potter with His Own Eyes; 9:Abraham's Dysfunctional Dynasty; 10:Hagar: Invisible and Voiceless but Seen and Heard by the Great Potter; 11:Leah: Ugly and Unloved; 12:Dinah: Raped and Silenced; 13:Joseph: Broken and Restored; 14: Tamar: The Black Widow; 15:David: The Lusting King; 16:Princess Tamar: The Royal Outcast; 17:Elijah: The Prophet Broken under a Mountain; 18: Jeremiah: The Weeping Prophet; 19:Mary: The Most Blessed Among Women; 20:Nameless Women on the Great Potter's Table; 21:The Bleeding Woman: Healed with New Identity; 22:The Woman Caught in Adultery and Almost Smashed by Stones; 23:The Weeping Woman through the Eyes of the Great Potter; 24:The Samaritan Woman: Predestined to Meet the Great Potter; 25:Peter: Pitifully Smashed and Reinstated; 26:Judas Iscariot: Smashed Pottery and Scapegoated; 27:Paul the Pharisee: Broken but Polished Part 3: SECRETS OF BROKEN POTTERY 28:SECRET #1:A Treasure inside Your Clay Pottery; 29:SECRET #2:You're Loved with the Great Potter's Unfailing and Unconditional Love; 30:SECRET #3:You're the Recipient of the Great Potter's Never-Ending Grace and Mercy; 31:SECRET #4:The Great Potter's Grace-Even if You Cannot Feel It; 32: SECRET #5:The Great Potter Accepts You As-Is; 33: SECRET #6:The Great Potter's Child-Being an Heir Is Permanent; 34:SECRET #7:The Great Potter Is Faithful Even When You Are Not; 35: SECRET #8:The Treasure, Christ in You, Will Not Disappear When Your Pottery Breaks; 36: SECRET #9:You Are a New Creation, Reconciled and Righteous Even When Broken; 37:SECRET #10:The Great Potter Is Your Continuous Savior; 38:SECRET #11: You Are the Great Potter's Most Precious and Beautiful Clay Pottery; 39:SECRET #12:You Will Learn about the Great Potter When You Surrender; 40:SECRET #13:No Matter What, the Great Potter Is Always in Control; 41:SECRET #14:The Great Potter's Supernatural Peace Guards You; 42:SECRET #15:Your Empty Pottery Will Be Filled; 43:SECRET #16:You Are Never Damaged Goods for the Great Potter's Service; 44:SECRET #17 Your Broken Pieces Aren't Wasted; 45:SECRET #18:Your Brokenness May Become Your Ministry; 46:SECRET #19:One Day Your Tears Will Be Wiped Away, and Your Pottery Will Be Whole; 47:SECRET #20:There is Blessing in Your Brokenness Part 4: HEALING BROKEN POTTERY 48:Good News to the Bums; 49:Healing the Brokenhearted; 50:Liberating the Captives; 51:Recovering Macaroni Vision; 52: Liberating the Oppressed; Ch 53:Comforting Those Who Mourn; 54:Healing Through Forgiveness; 55:Tearing Down the False Gods-Distorted Images of the Great Potter; 56:The Mystery Full of Grace-Immanuel-God with us; 57:Broken Vessel in the Great Potter's Service-Building a Healthy Christian Church; 58: Final Words: The Cracked Pottery and Flowers

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