Seeds of Deception (Orchard Mystery Series #10)

Seeds of Deception (Orchard Mystery Series #10)

by Sheila Connolly

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The New York Times bestselling author of A Gala Event returns with newlyweds Meg and Seth Chapin who should be worried about writing thank you notes, not taking a juicy bite out of crime...
With the bushels of time they spent organizing their wedding, Meg and Seth didn’t have a chance to plan a honeymoon. But now that winter has arrived, there’s not much to do at the orchard. So with their shared love of history and all things apple, they pick Thomas Jefferson’s orchards at Monticello as the perfect getaway.
While they enjoy the beautiful sights, there’s a rotten addition to the agenda when Meg’s parents discover their handyman dead in the backyard. With a bitter police chief eyeing Meg’s father as a suspect, Meg and Seth have to cut their honeymoon short to find the root of the problem.
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ISBN-13: 9780425275825
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/04/2016
Series: Orchard Mystery Series , #10
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 115,531
Product dimensions: 4.19(w) x 6.81(h) x 0.79(d)

About the Author

Sheila Connolly is the New York Times bestselling, Anthony and Agatha award–nominated author of the Orchard Mysteries, the Museum Mysteries, and the County Cork Mysteries. She has taught art history, structured and marketed municipal bonds for major cities, worked as a staff member on two statewide political campaigns, and served as a fundraiser for several nonprofit organizations. She also managed her own consulting company, providing genealogical research services. In addition to genealogy, Sheila loves restoring old houses, visiting cemeteries, and traveling. Now a full-time writer, she thinks writing mysteries is a lot more fun than any of her previous occupations. She is married and has one daughter and three cats.

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Customer Reviews

Seeds of Deception (Orchard Mystery Series #10) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts It’s honeymoon time for Meg and Seth and they set off on a road trip. The trip gets a huge detour when they get a call from Meg’s mom saying when they returned home to New Jersey there was a dead body in their backyard. Seems the police chief and her dad have a bit of a conflict so Meg and Seth head to Jersey to aid in the investigation, who am I kidding, Meg butts her way into the investigation to follow the seeds of deception as only she can. We really don’t know too much about Meg and her parents or her life before coming to Granford. Her parents married right after her dad received his law degree. He eventually went to work for the New York firm, Blackwell, Hyzy and Cates (Love this cozy author tie in.) He commuted on the train every day. Her mother kept house and volunteered. When Meg left for college he opened his own firm and moved to the home where they now reside. Much too large for just 2 people but it sounds like a fabulous home. I really enjoyed getting to know her folks and I think they saw a whole different side to their daughter. This has been a strong series from book 1 , One Bad Apple, because the author has not only created fantastic characters that have continued to grow throughout the series, but she always plots a fabulous mystery around those characters. This time she takes the story out of Granford and the mystery really focuses on Meg, Seth and Meg’s parents, Elizabeth and Phillip. We learn a lot about all four characters. Seth hangs back a little in this story as he lets Meg lead the way and deal with her parents. That is not to say he is not involved. Staying quiet and listening helps him to ask the right questions at the right times to move closer to finding out whodunit and why. I have enjoyed every book in this series. Winter in the orchard has a lot of downtime so this was the perfect time for Seth and Meg’s wedding and honeymoon and taking them on a trip. They get some news when they get home that means some changes are ahead and leaves me excited to see what Sheila Connolly has planned next. I recommend you pick this one up and take a nice juicy bite. But why stop there, if this is a new series for you then you are going to want to read the whole bushel.
chefdt More than 1 year ago