Selfish: Permission to Pause, Live, Love and Laugh Your Way to Joy

Selfish: Permission to Pause, Live, Love and Laugh Your Way to Joy

by Naketa Ren Thigpen
Selfish: Permission to Pause, Live, Love and Laugh Your Way to Joy

Selfish: Permission to Pause, Live, Love and Laugh Your Way to Joy

by Naketa Ren Thigpen


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It’s time to redefine… Selfish women get the life they want…

Are you exhausted from work/life burnout? Do you lack balance, or does love always seem to pass you by no matter how hard you try to connect? Maybe it’s time to get Selfish…

Naketa Ren Thigpen, the #1 Balance and Relationship Advisor in the World, presents a book for ambitious women everywhere… In Selfish, Naketa shares her own deeply personal experiences as an ambitious woman who battled dysfunction, trauma, abandonment, and toxic relationships… All while growing a family, career, global business, and re-igniting the sparks in her marriage.

Naketa guides you along her journey, and shares how you can move from breakdown to breakthrough. After reading this book, you will:

• Change the conversation. Redefine the terms used to make so many women play small, give birth to your biggest dream, and create your joy!

• End ‘over-giving’. Quit spreading yourself too thin, and focus on the relationships that really matter.

• Stop believing in false narratives that hold you back, diminish intimacy, and keep you stuck in survival mode.

• Break the pattern… Re-script disruptive cycles of unhealthy, toxic and energy draining ‘situationships’ that bind your brilliance.

Selfish isn't a license to be insensitive, egoistic nor inhumane. It’s a movement that gives you permission to pause, live, love and laugh through your pain, and find your way to joy. A necessary remedy to over-giving and cyclical unhealthy relationships. Learning to get a little selfish is the missing ingredient to holistic self-care and improving mental wellness. You'll gain access to hope, healing, and victory, and shatter the cycles of shame and guilt that are keeping you from the life you deserve…




Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781732983878
Publisher: ThigPro
Publication date: 04/14/2020
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 132
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Naketa R. Thigpen, LCSW, regarded as the #1 Balance&Relationship Advisor in the World, is the President&CEO of ThigPro Balance and Relationship Management Institute, a global personal development company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA that's revivifying the industry. A Transformative Empowerment Speaker in demand to lead main stage keynotes, create custom business accelerators, coaching circles, and live retreats, Naketa, and her team set out every day to inspire, equip and empower the willing ambitious women (and a few brave men) who are ready to change the narrative to amplify intimacy and have more freedom, flexibility, and confidence to thrive in work/life (and love). Ultimately, helping you to create your balance (and) create your joy. Ignited to Activate others, Naketa's authored several books and workbooks with her latest scribe being her personal transformation book Selfish: Permission to Pause, Live, Love&Laugh Your Way to Joy. Featured on the Lifestyle Channel, International Radio shows and broadcast, recipient of the NAACP award as one of 101 Top Influencers in Philadelphia and NAPW Women of Excellence, Naketa has set her daily intention to empower and motivate the willing and shares lessons, tools and techniques through her weekly Balance Boldly Podcast, Let's Talk Intimacy Livestream and upcoming internet show, The Intimacy Advantage in Business. While prioritizing her first ministry to her family, as a wife, mother, and newly appointed charge as g-bunny (grandmother), Naketa has earned several post-graduate certifications, and is active in the community as a mental health&well-being advocate, passionate champion for healthy relationships, and marketplace-minister. Connect with Naketa @AskNaketa on Twitter and Instagram. For more information, please visit or email at Subscribe to the Balance Boldly Podcast for Ambitious Women In Business (and a few brave men) on your favorite podcast app

Table of Contents


Introduction: The Early Scripts Show Up in Every Action We Take & Avoid

Section I Permission to Pause

To those of us who insist on staying busy, note, there is a high toll to be paid when our energy fuse burns out. The price is non-negotiable, and its cost will be grave unless we accept an unsolicited but timely permission to pause.

Chapter 1. When Brilliance is Unbalanced 

Chapter 2. Loyal to a Fault

Chapter 3. Rewarded Regrets

Section II Permission to Live

Being bound to the private expectations of our former passions limits our perceived potential. While, surrendering to the expectations of others suffocates us, turning our strength into a shame filled burden. It is in the letting go of these expectations, ours, and theirs that we revive our hidden desire for freedom and permission to live.

Chapter 4. Letting Go 

Chapter 5. Change Agents- Good, Bad and Crucial 

Chapter 6. Posturing to Pass for Average 

Section III Permission to Love

There are endless possibilities when we are willing to leap and fall and leap over and over again. If we’re willing, to be honest, we’ll admit that the wrestling that occurs between our heart, mind, spirit, and soul is sadistically pleasurable. When we embrace the process along our journeys’, we uncover intimacy and run towards the gift that is permission to love, again and again.

Chapter 7. The Journey to Break Open 

Chapter 8. Pouring from an Empty Cup 

Section IV Permission to Laugh

Discovering the boundless limitations of where our unbound brilliance can take us is electrifying. Yet, it’s difficult to conceive of building what we may not believe we are worthy of enjoying. Every day, we move so fast and smile so little. We move through the world with such ferocious seriousness and rarely slow down to create memories. Permission to laugh is what all of us could use a little daily dose of. It will minimize the ache of uncontrollable elements in our reality. 

Chapter 9. The Breakthrough 

Chapter 10. Addicted to Surviving 

Section V Create Your Joy

If we allow ourselves to move beyond surviving and push beyond balance, we will enter an immeasurable unconquerable space. This renewed space of possibilities is where we go deeper, further into the more we’ve been searching for. This space is where we amplify intimacy and thrive in all of our work, life, and love. It is crucial that in this hour of our lives, we do not seek to find our joy, instead, we create it.

Chapter 11. Moving Beyond Balance 

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