Serena's Submission

Serena's Submission

by Jasmine Hill
Serena's Submission

Serena's Submission

by Jasmine Hill



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He wants her submission, she wants a story—the collision of their desires is explosive.

Serena Davies is on a mission—to write an exposé on the BDSM scene and in particular about the infamous BDSM club, Club Erebus. Little does Serena anticipate that her undercover mission will not only lead her deep into the BDSM scene but into the path of Dominant Aaron Blue, who will awaken in her previously unexplored dark and erotic desires.

When Aaron sees Serena enter Club Erebus he recognises that she is a natural submissive and vows that he will have her. He proposes to show Serena the BDSM scene and be her protector while she explores her darker urges on the stipulation that he will become her Dom.

Serena agrees to Aaron's proposal and finds herself immersed in a world where pleasure and pain are one, a world that ignites in her a desire and need to be dominated and arouses in her an unexplored sexuality.

Serena fears that Aaron will discover her true agenda for visiting Club Erebus and if that happens, she worries that no punishment would be severe enough to satisfy him.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781781848487
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group
Publication date: 12/06/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 45
File size: 202 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Jasmine's alter ego lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and their Border Collie. She enjoys cooking, travelling with her husband, outdoor activities and skiing. She loves reading all genres but in particular she enjoys romance novels and thrillers and her Kindle is never far from her side.

Jasmine loves writing and is always looking for new ideas for stories that will provoke inner passions, stimulate the senses and ignite the imagination.

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Serena Davies studied her reflection in the mirror with apprehension. After much research on the BDSM lifestyle she had chosen her outfit with care and she hoped fervently that she looked the part.

She had to trust that her appearance didn't look too Dominatrix-like as she didn't want to find herself thrust into a BDSM scene — if that happened she would have no idea what to do and she had determined that it would be much safer to give the impression of a submissive. Given her total inexperience in the BDSM world she figured that acting like a submissive would come relatively easily.

Once again she had to give herself mental encouragement by remembering the exposé she would write regarding the BDSM lifestyle. Yes, dressing up and acting like a submissive would be well worth the effort to gain the experience and inside knowledge necessary to write her story.

Her destination that evening was Club Erebus — Erebus, meaning darkness, a very appropriate name considering it was a Sydney BDSM club infamous for its dark kink and even darker clientele. Of course no BDSM club in the world would willingly admit a journalist through its doors and Club Erebus only allowed entry by an introduction through another member so she had called in a favor from a friend who was in the scene. She had kept the real reason for her visit to herself and given her friend the same cover story that she intended to use whilst in the club — that she was a closet submissive hoping to test the BDSM waters.

* * *

Aaron Blue was sprawled on one of the Club Erebus bed- like sofas as he half-heartedly watched an animal play scene where a Dom had his sub acting like a pony. Aaron's long legs were thrown out in front of him and crossed at the ankles, and he nursed his second Scotch and dry, having already decided not to play that evening. As he gazed at the naked woman on all fours he was surprised and more than a little unnerved to realize that the scene before him was not remotely arousing him — an occurrence that was happening too frequently of late. As a Dominant, watching the humiliation of a submissive should be sexually stimulating but instead he was feeling nothing but boredom.

He needed a distraction. It had been two months since his last submissive, a partnership that had not ended well when his submissive had declared that she wanted a more serious relationship. While he had played some scenes with some of the club's submissives, his heart hadn't been in it and instead he had gone through the motions without feeling his usual exhilaration at the D/s play.

Low, excited murmuring from the booth next to his drew his attention and he followed the gaze of the inhabitants until his eyes found the source of the disturbance.

Standing on the club threshold was a vision of submissive loveliness — an angel. Aaron knew all Club Erebus members and this woman was unfamiliar. He could tell instantly that she was a natural submissive, as he could tell that she was new to the scene by the way her eyes furtively flicked around the club without ever landing on a target, as if the numerous scenes playing out and the various states of undress were unnerving to her.

She was pretty and petite. Her long blonde hair was tied into a high, thick ponytail that ended just below her shoulders and immediately he wanted to see what she would look like with her hair down and flowing over her back. She had outlined her blue eyes with black eyeliner and gray shadow which gave her a sultry look. The black velvet dress she wore fitted her compact figure perfectly and hugged her body in all the right places.

Instantly his interest was piqued. She was gorgeous and as sexy as hell but seemed not to realize it, which in itself was a huge turn-on. She hovered on the threshold, seeming to weigh up her options, clearly unsure of what to do next. Aaron decided then and there that he had to have her, and he hoped like hell that she didn't belong to anyone.

Aaron stood and made his way over to her, desperate to get to her before one of the other Doms decided that they too wanted her.


Serena was unprepared for the sights that greeted her when she entered Club Erebus. Her internet research into the BDSM scene should have given her a glimmer of insight, but reading about it and witnessing it were two entirely different things, and a jolt of shock spiked through her at the public nakedness and humiliation that was being played out in various forms. She tried to regain her composure before her obvious nervousness singled her out. As she took a deep, hesitant breath and prepared to enter the lion's den, her gaze alighted on a tall, handsome man who was striding purposefully in her direction.

Serena had never seen a more attractive man and the sight of him had her rooted to the spot. Her pulse thundered in her ears as she followed his progress toward her, drinking in the sight of his hard, powerful chest and his muscles rippling under the white cotton of his shirt. His powerful legs were encased in black leather pants that clung to him like a second skin, his hair curled just above his collar and his olive complexion was darkened by the stubble on his strong, chiseled jaw. As he drew level with her his brown eyes bored into hers with a piercing intensity that had her breath hitching and her pulse racing. Everything about him screamed intimidating masculinity and she knew without a doubt that he was a Dominant. The realization sent a sharp thrill of excitement zipping through her.

Serena looked up at him and grew increasingly anxious under his intense gaze as she waited for him to speak. When he did, his voice so perfectly matched his physique — deep and powerful — that the effect took her breath away.

"I'm Aaron Blue. Come with me."

It was spoken as a command and he brooked no arguments as he took Serena's arm and led her across the floor to a private booth.

Once they were seated Aaron turned his piercing brown eyes on her once more until she shivered under his scrutiny.

"You are obviously new here. Does anyone own you?" Those words, so casually spoken as if she were a pet, left her momentarily speechless.

Serena finally found her voice. "I'm Serena Davies, yes, I am new here and no, I do not have an owner — as you so inelegantly put it."

"You took a big risk coming here alone, baby — do you have any idea how dangerous some of the kinky Doms who haunt this club can be to the uninitiated? You must know someone in order to have gained entry."

"A friend is in the scene. He arranged it for me."

His eyebrows quirked in surprise and he leaned toward her. "Now why would you want to come here in the first place? A submissive with no protector is a dangerous position to be in."

Serena's breath hitched at his close contact and the feel of his hot breath against her ear.

"How do you know that I'm not a Dominant? What makes you so sure that I'm submissive?"

His lips twitched in amusement. "I can tell just by looking at you that you're a submissive, baby," he whispered as he ran a finger down the side of her face.

At his touch and his words Serena felt desire coil hot and strong in her belly. Male pheromones oozed from his very pores, making her near to panting for him. She had never before reacted so readily to a man and the strength of the feeling surprised her.

Serena gathered her composure and launched into her cover story.

"I'm checking out the scene. My friend doesn't make a secret that he comes here and I was intrigued. I asked him to assist me with entry into the club so I could experience the lifestyle for myself, to see if it is something" — she waved a hand in the air as she tried to explain — "that I would like to participate in," she finished.

"I'm surprised your friend didn't insist on accompanying you. As I've already said, it was risky for you to come here alone."

He continued to caress her face, which was having a hypnotic effect on her, as was the piercing intensity of his dark eyes — eyes that seemed to be drilling into her soul.

"He wanted to. He doesn't know that I am here alone tonight."

Aaron raised his eyebrows. "He is going to be angry that you disobeyed him. I take it that he is a Dominant?"

"He is just a friend with no right to be angry," Serena snapped. "I guess he is a Dominant. I didn't ask him for that much information about his personal involvement."

Serena watched Aaron warily as he continued to assess her.

"Here is what we'll do, angel. I will stay with you this evening and we will do nothing but watch. You can check out the scene and see if it's something that you would like to explore further. For tonight I'll be your protector, I'll keep you safe as you explore those dark desires that are so intriguing to you."

His voice was seductive and so deep and powerful that Serena grew wet with arousal and the thought of him as her protector sent a thrill of excitement singing through her veins. She had to admit that she needed him. She hadn't properly considered the potential risks of this endeavor, her excitement at the adventure had overcome her common sense and she could kick herself for her stupidity. Before she could respond, he continued with his proposal.

"There are two rules," he said, as he moved his hand from her face to caress her right arm. His soft touch sent a shiver through her, hardening her nipples until she feared they would jut visibly out of her dress.

"Rule one — which your friend should have warned you about — what happens in the club stays in the club. No names mentioned outside, and if you see someone on the outside whom you recognize from here, you pretend you don't know them. Rule two — if you like what you see tonight and you want to come back, I will train you and I will be your Dom."

Serena gasped. This was moving too fast. She had only just met this man and he was proposing to be her Dom — this was crazy. She was only here to look and research, not to participate. She stared at her lap and bit her lip in indecision. The look on her face must have betrayed her sudden anxiety. Aaron reached out and took her chin between his thumb and forefinger and tilted her head up so she was looking into his eyes.

"Don't be scared, baby. I know you're new to this and I wouldn't do anything without preparing you first. We won't do anything that you don't want to do, angel, but I want to teach you, I want to be the man whom you submit to. I want you as mine," he murmured in his low seductive voice.

Serena's mouth went dry. Suddenly she wanted nothing more than to offer herself to him, to submit to him totally and to have him possess her. She closed her eyes briefly in an effort to regain some control over her raging hormones and her common sense finally kicked in.

"We don't know each other, Aaron, how can you propose to train me and be my Dom when we know nothing about each other?"

"You want me to take you out on a date first?" he asked with a chuckle.

"Well, is that so silly?"

His eyes narrowed in contemplation. "No, it's not silly," he responded. "The most important aspect in a D/s relationship is trust and I have to remember that you are new to this — just a baby."

"I'll have you know that I am twenty-four and as far from a baby as is possible."

Aaron smiled. "I meant a baby in the best sense — new, fresh and inexperienced. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let me show you things this evening and we'll go from there. After tonight you decide if you want to come back."

"What about sex?" Serena asked suddenly. "Will we have to ...?" She waved her hand in the air vaguely.

It was an embarrassing question and her cheeks flushed with discomfiture, but she had to ask. She needed to know what Aaron's expectations in that regard were. She held her breath, both dreading and anticipating his answer and found with a shock that she hoped he would say yes.

He grinned, then looked at her intently. "BDSM is not just about sex. In fact, for many sex doesn't even come into it, and for some it is merely a by-product of the scene."

"Oh." Serena heard the disappointment in her voice and wanted to kick herself for her blatancy.

"But I personally," he continued, "have always been one for whom BDSM and sex goes hand in hand. For me, domination and control is something that I need, both personally and sexually. I can vouch that I am free from STDs, but if we do anything we will use protection, as do all the members here unless they are serious partners. I reiterate though, baby, that you don't have to do anything that you don't want to do — I am into domination not assault," he finished with a crooked smile.

Serena frowned in contemplation. What Aaron was proposing was a reasonable compromise, she decided, and after all she was here to experience as much as possible and she mustn't lose sight of her goal. Besides, the thought of having Aaron dominate her in any way and every way was thrilling and had her insides clenching with excitement.

She smiled slowly and nodded, feeling nervous but eager about the things that would be revealed to her in the evening ahead.


"Come," Aaron demanded, holding his hand out to Serena.

He had decided he would take her into one of the dungeons. He wanted her to witness bondage and domination acts involving pain. He might as well hit her with some of the more intense aspects first up. If she was going to run, he wanted her to do it sooner rather than later and if he was totally honest with himself he hoped like hell that she wouldn't.

His Friday night was suddenly looking up. Only an hour ago he had been feeling bored and indifferent and now a gust of fresh air had hit him full force.

He had to work hard to contain his excitement at the prospect of training Serena — a beautiful submissive, a BDSM baby to shape and mold into what he most desired was a fantasy come true. He was keen to gauge her reactions to what she saw. She was so pure, so fresh that it would almost be like witnessing things through her virgin eyes.

His cock was rock hard at the thought of showing her the baser, darker aspects and he tightened his hold on her hand as he pulled her along behind him. He entered a door which led into a hallway and spoke briefly to the Dungeon Monitor before turning to Serena.

"Okay, angel, now I want to show you some BDSM play. The rooms off this hallway are called dungeons. Most of them have windows, with or without blinds to satisfy the exhibitionistic aspect of the scene, and all have speakers," he said, pointing to a black box on the wall. "There is also a main area that we call the Arena, but I won't be taking you there this evening. Are you ready?"

Aaron schooled his facial features into an impassive mask, careful not to give anything away. He wanted her reactions to be hers alone, free from any outside influence or presumed expectations. He watched as she took a deep, shuddering breath before looking up at him. Her blue eyes were wide with apprehension, dominating her lovely face so that the urge to reach out to her was overwhelming. He clenched his fists by his sides until his nails cut into his palms in his effort to remain aloof — the decision to continue needed to be hers alone.

* * *

Serena tried desperately to quell the frantic butterflies in her stomach as she fixed a mask of false bravado to her features. "I'm ready." The words sounded forced to her ears and all but trembled on her lips.

Aaron fixed her with an intense stare before he once again took her hand and tugged her toward the first window.

Serena gasped at the scene that greeted her. A woman was naked but for a black collar around her neck and bound spread- eagled to a cross so her back was exposed. A heavyset man clad in black leather pants stood to one side brandishing a short- handled leather whip that had numerous fronds attached ending in knots. He ran the whip across the woman's back and buttocks before he drew it back and sent it cracking across her flesh. The sound was loud in the otherwise silent room and Serena jumped in shock. Again and again the man struck the woman's back until a zigzag pattern of welts criss-crossed her back and buttocks. At each strike the woman cried out and jerked against the binds that held her.

Serena made to step back but Aaron was behind her, his arms on either side of her body, caging her against the glass. The feel of his strong chest pressed against her back had a calming effect on her and she started to relax against him. The stubble of his jaw brushed against her cheek as he leaned in to speak in her ear.


Excerpted from "Serena's Submission"
by .
Copyright © 2013 Jasmine Hill.
Excerpted by permission of Totally Entwined Group Limited.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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