by Ellen W. Martin


by Ellen W. Martin


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Revenge may be sweet, but is it worth betrayal, murder, and Shattered Loyalties?

Dylan Randle the III is no angel. Journalist Penelope "Pepper" Mills tried once before to reveal his dark side to the public, but he still slithered through the cracks unscathed. Because of him and his political influence, Pepper was banished from Washington D.C. - her promising career, as a correspondent, left in shambles. Instead of interviewing global heads of state, she now lives in New Orleans condemned to writing obituaries for the local newspaper.

Four years later the blackballed journalist convinces her editor to give her a second chance to redeem herself as a serious reporter. Just as she is getting her life and career back on track, Dylan Randle, now a presidential candidate, makes a campaign stop in New Orleans.

At the close of Dylan's campaign rally and as the crowd begins to disperse from the Super Dome, Pepper witnesses him physically intimidate his wife in an abusive way. Unable to control the inner demons she's kept in check for so long, Pepper realizes she is unwilling to restrain her compulsion to destroy Dylan's political ambitions. She now becomes more determined than ever to unmask him for the degenerate he actually is.

As Pepper and a few of Dylan's closest and most trusted allies dig deeper into his twisted past, this journalist's dogged persistence will catapult her onto a self-destructive and life-threatening path that none of them counted on.

First she is thrown into jail, and then she encounters mysterious strangers on a late night ferry - one means her harm; the other becomes the driving force that cracks open the door to the real truth. Pepper will follow a lead to a sunken cemetery in New Orleans, and will eventually travel to a deserted Rest Stop along I-10 in search of answers from an escaped mental patient. Is this someone who might possibly connect all the dots or somebody who plans to stop her meddling permanently?

As Dylan Randle the III's skeletons crawl to the surface, will Pepper finally uncover this presidential candidate's darkest secrets buried in his shameful past? Will the tenacious journalist succeed in destroying Dylan's presidential hopes, or will Pepper trigger a tsunami of ill-fated circumstances that leave a trail of Shattered Loyalties and murder?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781647198305
Publisher:, Inc.
Publication date: 10/15/2021
Pages: 290
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

Ellen is the proud wife of a retired Air Force officer, mother of one son and grandparent of three. She has penned four books - SONS OF CUBA - Prelude to Revolution, SONS OF CUBA - Homecoming, and suspense thrillers, INTO THE DEVIL'S DEN - Snared by Their Own Lies and now SHATTERED LOYALTIES.
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