Shattered Worlds: Several Journeys of Heroes and Men

Shattered Worlds: Several Journeys of Heroes and Men

by K. R. Bernard


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Shattered Worlds: Several Journeys of Heroes and Men by K. R. Bernard

This book consists of ten short stories with my own original plots, characters and twists in each short story. "The Exile's Orb" is about an indifferent and bullied boy named, KB. Who soon gets abducted by an evil barbaric alien race from his middle school to be interrogated about a powerful Orb that the boy once had, but KB doesn't know what or where the Orb is. The leader of the alien race Master Odin keeps KB as one of his prisoners, but he escapes from the prison to meet up with a girl named Kristy who introduces him to a man that can help him find the Orb. Does KB find the Exile's Orb in time or does Master Odin conquer the universe? If you like a horror I have one uniquely scary story for you entitled "Curse High." Is a tale about a high school African American boy named Greg who is first being haunted by a demonic spirit that is taking its vengeances out on Greg's friends, family and his high school crush Nina. But first he needs to find out who the demonic spirit is and why this ultra-violent spirit is taking its revenge out on him. Greg soon finds out he must save Nina from the demon. Does Greg save her or does he fail miserably?

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ISBN-13: 9781481774857
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/09/2013
Pages: 170
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.39(d)

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Shattered Worlds

Several Journeys of Heroes and Men

By K. R. Bernard


Copyright © 2013 K. R. Bernard
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-7485-7


"The Last Experiment"

It was the last month of the year 2010 and the world's best scientists were secretly getting funded by a government agency to experiment on high-profile criminals, rookie agents, officers, and soldiers to turn them into super-heroes, when actually they were being turned into mind-controlled super soldiers to take over the world by their evil masters. Dwayne was the last person of the day to go through with the experiment, and of his Black Ops squadron.

Dwayne was explaining to the scientists how he got involved with the Black Ops and why he felt as though he needed to become better, while one of the scientists was strapping him down in a huge metal chair. Suddenly, a giant, glass tube came down on top of him to seal him and the toxic gases in. As Dwayne was sitting there, he watched the scientists press buttons on a machine to start the experiment. While the experiment were going on the back doors of the lab swung open and he saw a huge ugly monstrous soldier that was supposed to be the result of the experiment. Dwayne was shocked at what was going on in the lab Struggle to break free from the latches he stopped for a moment, closed his eyes, and said. "I can do this." Then he lifted up his arms and broke free with super strength as one of the broken steel latches swung in the air and right through the glass tube.

The scientists tried fighting him but Dwayne was too strong. Running through the lab's front door to escape, Dwayne realized that he was trapped in a maze with no real way out. "Every turn that I make is a dead end, but I also have some abilities that I never had before." Dwayne said to himself. As Dwayne was running he finally saw a way out, a giant window protected by two heavily armed security guards. He waited until the guards moved away from the window, but then he heard a loud noise; and turned to see that the window was being sealed with a large steel plate. "This is my only chance to escape." Dwayne said to himself. He then turned the corner.

The guards yells "Stop right there!" He ran toward the window and through the guards while they were shooting at him. By the time he passed the guards, the window was almost closed, but somehow, he went right through the window, falling to his death. About a second before he hit the ground, he opened his eyes and he saw that he was hovering above the ground. Then, in the distance Dwayne heard some engines rumbling, military trucks filled with security guards; and those monstrous soldiers. Dwayne tried to escape, but he realized that he was still trapped in the maze-like building in a secure bio-dome where they kept different species of trees, plants, and endangered animals. He saw a door that might lead to the way out of the building and he started running to the door. As he was running toward he heard more engines rumbling, followed by the loud crash of a tank with a gun turret on top.

Crashing through the door he was trying to get to, Dwayne was surrounded by more and more military trucks. He looked up to the sky and heard a loud voice speaking to him "Dwayne just give up. You can't escape me."

He went down to his knees and yelled. "Never!" The bio-dome structure exploded into dust and Dwayne saw his opening. He started flying out of the bio-dome, out of the building, out of the secure area, and into the hot and humid blue sky like a jet. As he was flying, Dwayne was getting close to the Mexico Mountains. He decided to go to the mountains to hide out and figure out what other new abilities that he had. While he was hiding in the caves, he realized that he wasn't alone. An army of killer possums started to attack him Dwayne fought and ran for his life, ripping the heads off and ripping the crazed possums in two while flying out of the caves.

While he was flying, Dwayne heard a voice tell him. "You won't get away. Ha-ha!" Suddenly he fell to the ground hard. As he woke up and got back in the air, he fled. Ahead of him in the distance he saw a road-block of men, women, and even children being slaughtered in a monstrous shredding machine like they were pieces of meat. One lady was screaming for her life, as she was the next to be killed. Dwayne looked on, shouting. "Stop this madness please! I don't want any more innocent people to die because of me."

The soldiers stopped just as they were about to put the lady in the machine, saving her life. "Thank you very much" said the lady, running back to the car she got pulled out of. The soldiers grabbed Dwayne, and hit his head with a metal pipe; just for fun. They put him in the truck and drove back to the lab to do some nasty tests, to see why Dwayne didn't change into a monster and how he could he fight the mind control. Dwayne woke up to see that he was locked in a very dark cell, sitting there with regret "Why didn't I fight them off to save those people?" he thought.

As Dwayne got up to see if he could get out of his cell, a very loud noise that made the cell shake like an earth-quake. Then a much louder voice spoke. "This is your master. Dr. Spellbound I told you that you can't escape me. I have implanted your brain with a tracking chip. That's how I could find you." Dr. Spellbound kept talking to Dwayne about becoming his slave and how Dwayne was forever his creation.

Dwayne dropped to his knees. "Get out of my head, now." he said to himself, putting his hand inside his head to take out the tracking chip. As Dwayne saw the tracking chip with so little blood on it, he blacked out in amazement that he was able to do that without making him bleed out instantly.

A few hours later, Dwayne finally woke up with one security guard looking straight at him As Dwayne got up from the floor, the guard slid a plateful of nasty—looking food to him, but Dwayne was starving and didn't care what the food looked like as long as it filled him up. The guard sat down and took off his helmet revealing that he was actually a young beautiful woman, with long black hair that went straight down the back of her security suit light brown complexion, green eyes and soft, pink lips. "I'm Victoria; I'll be the one breaking you out of this hell hole today."

"Why are you helping me and why should I trust you. Aren't you one of them?" asked Dwayne.

"Can you please just trust me? I'm doing it for me. Please let's go before the real guards' come."

Dwayne stared at the cell's bars and by doing so to turned them into dust Victoria and Dwayne walked out the of cell's block to run down a long hallway, ending at a cross section. "Just follow me. I know the way out of here." said Victoria.

Just then twenty guards appeared out of nowhere to chase Dwayne and Victoria through the corridors. As they ran away from the guards, Victoria almost fell to the metal floor, but Dwayne grabbed her hand and started to run even faster staying well ahead of the guards. "Stop right here Dwayne. This is our escape door." said Victoria.

"You can go in first." he said but she pushed Dwayne through the small circular door and slid down a long slide, following right behind him. Dwayne could see a large black armored jeep with. "The resistance has arrived!" on the side of the truck as he crash landed on the hot desert ground. The driver yelled. "Hurry up and get into the truck. It's getting very hot out here and I'm not talking about the sun."

Dwayne and Victoria made their way into the truck, but not without seeing a large band of armored trucks and tanks blocking the way out. As the driver was closing the armored jeep door, Dwayne said "Leave the jeep door open."

"Hell no, I'm not keeping the jeep door open." responded the driver.

"Please, just trust him Papa" said Victoria.

"Okay, he's got one chance, but I'm still going to drive the hell out of here." responded Papa.

Papa started to drive at full speed in reverse, Dwayne lifted up his hands and suddenly some of the tanks and armored trucks were being flung on top of each other like tiny toys. Then he opened his mouth and made a large, vibrating shield around the jeep to protect all of them from the large explosion they were about to drive through. After a few seconds of driving through the smothering smoke and flames, they got out of there safely. Papa drove through the empty desert.

"Victoria, thanks for helping me escape." said Dwayne.

"You have the abilities to get rid of Dr. Spellbound's evil plans for world domination. You just needed someone to bring out your true potential." said Victoria.

"I have to ask you something how are you involved in all this?" asked Dwayne.

"My father, Everhart, used to work for Dr. Spellbound. He was a scientist researching Dr. Spellbound's injections of liquid form of the super-soldier toxins, but when my father found out that the toxins were going to be used for evil, he stopped his research and hid some of his documents somewhere around the world. Dr. Spellbound used his greatest weakness against Everhart." answered Victoria.

"What was Dr. Everhart's greatest weakness?" asked Dwayne.

"Me! My father sacrificed his life to save me and to keep the world safe for a little while."

Papa pulled up to the entrance of a ghost town, turned off the jeep and exited. He, Dwayne, and Victoria walked down a long, dusty road to get to a large barn, where a horse was still inside. Victoria pulled on one of the tools to open up a gigantic underground door beneath them. When the door finally finished opening Victoria and Dwayne started to walk down into the hole. "Are you coming Papa?" asked Dwayne.

"Yeah I'll be right there. I wanted to smoke my cigar."

As Dwayne followed Victoria, he watched Papa reach into his pocket to take out what looked like a cigar; Dwayne guessed that the cigar was a transmitter that was tracking the location of the resistance hideout. Victoria pulled on Dwayne's arm for him to follow her deeper underground. As they finally reached the bottom of the deep hole and started walking down a long, rocky hallway. Dwayne warned "I think we need to get out of here, because your friend Papa just sold us out to Dr. Spellbound."

Victoria laughed. "That is the plan of the resistance, to lure Dr. Spellbound here with, Papa being his fake mole for Dr. Spellbound then boom, we kill him."

Dwayne and Victoria continued through the long hallway and finally came to a monstrous cave filled with tons of explosives an escape door and a long table with an advanced computer on it. Victoria walked up to the computer to armed all the explosives and the cave started to shake like it was going to fall. Dwayne saw Papa walking very slowly into the cave having been beaten up by Dr. Spellbound's super-soldiers. "We need to get out of here fast. They are going to tried to bury us down here!" said Papa.

As Dwayne helped Papa walk faster to the escape exit, Victoria ran to the computer to put in the passwords to detonate all the bombs in the cave. The cave started to shake even harder, as large rocks fell from the top of the cave. "Watch out, Victoria." warned Papa.

As she tried to run to the escape door, Victoria fell. A huge rock was about to crush her, when Dwayne raised up his right hand and stopped the rock from falling on her. Dwayne moved his hand to throw the rock against the cave wall. Victoria stood and ran to the escape door Victoria, Dwayne, and Papa ran through another long, rocky hallway to get to a gigantic tank to drive up and out of the cave. Everyone got into the tank, Papa once again getting into the driver's seat. He drove off through the hallways to get back to the entrance of their hideout.

Within seconds, the detonators reached zero, and all the bombs exploded. Dwayne, Papa, and Victoria made it out of the ghost town safely, while most of Dr. Spellbound's guards, soldiers, and the ghost town were burned to pieces. As Papa drove back into the dusty, hot desert. Dwayne said. "There's no resistance huh."

"No shit." answered Victoria "It was a trap to kill off as much of Spellbound's security as possible, and maybe even kill Dr. Spellbound in the process as well."

"Like that is really going to happen." said Papa "The man is unstoppable. We were lucky enough that his command tank got hit very badly with the explosions. He might be out for a while." A few hours later the bright red and orange desert wasteland grew dark. Victoria had fallen into a deep sleep and Dwayne went to the passenger's seat of the tank, sitting right by Papa to talk to him for a while. "How do you fit in all this?" asked Dwayne.

"Remember that road-block that you came to, where you saved that woman's life? I was one of those people who saw his kids get slaughtered by those things back there, but they set me free once Dr. Spellbound got what he wanted. I pledged to my sons that I will average their deaths/" answered Papa.

"How did you two meet up?"

"I found her stranded outside of old Mexico City/" said Papa. "lying across the ground, dying of thirst. At first I didn't bother to look at her, since I already lost my two sons, but Victoria lifted up her head, staring at me to come help her; I grabbed her and carried her to the nearest bar to get some water. That's when she told me her story. After an hour of talking, we decided to get our revenge on Dr. Spellbound. Victoria and I came up with a brilliant plan for Victoria to sneak inside of Dr. Spellbound's facility to help you escape and lure out Dr. Spellbound in enough time to kill him. The second part of our plan was to get back inside his facility, for Victoria to search for Dr. Everhart's last entry in his video journal. She thinks that her father left her a clue to finding his last research documents on the toxins that are hidden somewhere in the world."

As Dwayne started to doze off, Papa continued driving through the desert to get back to Dr. Spellbound's main research facility to sneak into Dr. Everhart's laboratory. As morning came, Dwayne was awakened by the bright red sun. "Hey, kid, I forgot to ask you a very important question. Why did you want to be involved in that crazy experiment?" asked Papa.

"I don't understand what you mean" responded Dwayne.

"I'm asking you what made you do it."

"I did it because when I first was accepted to the National Guard, I believed that I could save everyone from any disaster that could happen. When I went on my first mission to save a family from a huge flood that had them trapped inside of their home, as I got to the sunken house, it was halfway underwater. I broke inside the house and saved almost everyone, but I didn't save this little girl named Tammy, because she was trapped under the kitchen table. I tried my best to get her out of there, but with the weight of the table and the amount of water rushing into the house, we both would have died. I swam fast out of the house, grabbed onto the helicopter ladder, and as I climbed in the helicopter, the whole family stared at me with disappointment, despair, and even hatred that I couldn't get their daughter out from under that table. After the mission, I quiet the National Guard and went back home to Texas, feeling bad about what had happened. I was obsessed with the fact that I needed to get stronger."

"You can't save everybody all the time."

"True, but this was my very first mission."

"Where does the experiment comes into the picture?"

"As I was checking my e-mail one day, I came across an e-mail that was sent to me by Dr. Spellbound, advertising about how he can make me the strongest person with this so-called safe experiment. With all the lies about how there's no negatives effects. At first I told myself that I don't need some experiment to make me a better person, but the advertisement haunted me for a day, and I decided to go for it."

As Victoria woke up, Papa was driving right to the front door of Dr. Spellbound's facility. Two snipers were standing at their posts, shooting at the tank, thinking that their bullets were going to pierce through the armor. Papa stopped the tank and opened the door; Dwayne sat in the tank for a minute. When he finally got out, the snipers' heads started to swell up and then exploded. Dwayne ran through the gigantic metal door, making it easy for Victoria and Papa to get into the facility. As a small army of security guards and soldiers surrounded Dwayne, Victoria and Papa aimed their guns, ready to shoot. In seconds all the guards and soldiers started to fight, shoot, and turned on each other. Dwayne was controlling their minds simultaneously.

Excerpted from Shattered Worlds by K. R. Bernard. Copyright © 2013 K. R. Bernard. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


"The Last Experiment"....................     1     

"The Zombie Chronicle"....................     13     

"Exile's Orb"....................     24     

"Possessed Days"....................     36     

"Six"....................     45     

"The Negatives and the Positives"....................     54     

"The Psyche Void"....................     63     

"Curse High"....................     82     

Switch....................     118     

Hell's Getaway....................     134     

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