Shifted For Love

Shifted For Love


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Shifted For Love by C.A. Tibbitts, Wicked Book Covers

What will happen when two shifters fight - over a love that has been ordained, and one that is forbidden?
Jace moved in with Fiona and her father when she was fourteen. Tall, lean, and hotter every day, he caught Fiona's eye on day one, and she has had a crush ever since. The problem is, Jace has never looked at her as anything but a friend.
On Fiona's sixteenth birthday, her dad announces she is going to mate a shifter she has never met when she turns twenty-one. Zane, though cute and muscled, is arrogant, older, and not at all her type.
One night, Jace finally sees Fi for the woman she has become. In a moment of weakness, he succumbs to her request for "just one kiss." A mate's addictive taste is something neither Jace nore Fiona deny.
Caught by a secret past, Jace believes he will never deserve a woman like Fi. However, Fi harbors a deep dark secret of her own, a secret that may change all of their lives.
Pepper Valley: A town where shifters, vampires and other creatures are a part of society.
They are caught
...and Shifted For Love.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781548101336
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/13/2017
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

An Oklahoma native, C.A. Tibbitts resides with her husband.

Writing has always been her passion, and she hopes to continue writing for many years to come in the paranormal romance genre, as well as other romance genres.

She loves to hear from her readers, and deeply appreciates honest reviews.

Twitter @catibbitts

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Shifted For Love (Pepper Valley Shifters #1) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BookMafiaBlog More than 1 year ago
Genre: Paranormal Romance Age: 17+ Recommendation: Yes, to anyone wanting a short and entertaining shifter romance with no cliffhanger Type: Series Summary: Quick, entertaining and ends on a positive note. +appealing characters +straight to the point Full review: Shifted For Love is a paranormal romance of sorts and it was adorable. It was short, sweet and didn’t dilly dally. The book follows two main characters Fiona and Jace. The two grew up together and although they are not related, they lived together. The story begins when Jace wakes up at Fiona’s house after escaping from his suck of a stepfather and was stranded in the woods unable to change into human form after being chased by hunters. This is a shifter book but I am assuming you know that from the title. On Fiona’s sixteenth birthday she is the unlucky winner of a betrothal when she turns twenty one. Her father is the Alpha of their pack and needed to create an alliance. But of course Fiona is growing up around the time she is due to seal the deal and Jace is definitely noticing. The story follows their relationship and the rivalry Jace has with her intended. This book has a very youthful edge to it but some pretty steamy bone-age so I would definitely say 17+. It was a fun, quick read. The series is titled Pepper Valley Shifters and this was the first installment. I believe there are other books in this series so it is worth checking out. No cliffhanger so that’s always nice. There is drama, quick action and romance. Disclaimer: I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review. Shout out to Booktrope and C.A Tibbitts for the opportunity to feed my habit and share some love. Thank you!
AmberParanormallover More than 1 year ago
I received an Arc copy of this book through netgalley in exchange for an honest review. C.A. Tibbitts touches your heart with this heart pounding love story between two shifters. This short story is both thrilling, and entertaining. There was no putting this book down. I have never read anything like this before. Everything fell together so well. The characters were very well built, and easy to like. The book had me from page one, to the very end. I was so satisfied with this story that I found myself screaming "YES! FREAKING AMAZING BOOK!" at the end of the book. Hopefully the neighbors don't complain. I just could not help but love this book down to the very last detail. I will go out of my way just to read more of this series, because this series is highly addictive.
KristyHeinicke More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of 'Shifted for Love' from the author, in exchange for an honest review. I absolutely LOVED this novella, it gave me a wonderful introduction to not only the author, a newbie for me... but also to a new series to keep my eyes peeled for. I was quickly drawn into the story, which did jump around a little bit, but was easily understood... & then BAM it was finished, I was left feeling empty, wanting to read more about Fiona & Jace, I felt that their story was only the Ice-cap. I can't wait to read what comes next in the "Pepper Valley Shifters" series.
n7kk7br00ks More than 1 year ago
A great new shifter series from an author I hadn't read anything from before - that's going to change!!! Jace is an outsider when he first comes to Pepper Valley. A teenager who has been physically/emotionally abused by his shifter hating stepdad. He stumbles across and is rescued by Finn, the Alpha of Pepper Valley. Finn has 2 children of his own, Forrest and Fiona, who falls in love with with Jace. Jace takes to his new life and he turns out to be a smart cookie and dreams of adventure. He is recruited by Forrest into a special shifter branch of the DEA. When he returns home he realises that Fiona has matured into a beautiful woman. When the Alpha of a local pack declares that Fiona and his son are to be married, Fiona and Jace have other plans!! No spolilers but what follows is an intense love story with obstacles in the way of true mates! They are both obstinate and stubborn! Fiona is feisty and she is not about to let the men in her life walk all over her. Snappy writing and characters to fall in love with, even though at times you'd like nothing better than to clonk their heads off the nearest wall! I would have loved to have had this as a longer book but will satisfy myself with the entire series instead!!!
aries_sword More than 1 year ago
Shifted For Love-Pepper Valley Shifters Book 1-An incredible captivating romantic story. This story features Fiona a sexy, sassy, curvy, red-headed were-panther; Jace, a sexy, buffed, powerful were-bear. Shifter magic alters the lives of Jace and Fiona forever..... The cast of characters are impressive and engaging, banter fabulous, vivid scene descriptions remarkable, life threatening incidents, heart-wrenching moments, secrets revealed, surprises too, pent-up desires and rage, earth-shattering heart-throbbing romance, and a sensational ending leaving you wanting more. Fantastic well written read by a gifted author. The characters are believable and the plot mixed with reality and fantasy terrific. I enjoy this story till the end. If you enjoy shifter romance this is an excellent book for your collection. In a world filled with romance and shifters the possibilities are endless but also fascinating. {I received an arc for an honest review}. Without reservations I highly recommend this book.
oktravelchick_421 More than 1 year ago
I think this is an awesome debut by a paranormal romance author. A complete HEA in 15k words that introduces you to other characters in the shifter clan, with promises to expand on other characters in future series books.