A Small but Spartan Band: The Florida Brigade in Lee's Army of Northern Virginia

A Small but Spartan Band: The Florida Brigade in Lee's Army of Northern Virginia


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A unit that saw significant action in many of the engagements of the Civil War’s eastern theater.
Until this work, no comprehensive study of the Florida units that served in Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia (ANV) had been attempted, and problems attend the few studies of particular Florida units that have appeared. Based on more than two decades of research, Waters and Edmonds have produced a study that covers all units from Florida in the ANV, and does so in an objective and reliable fashion.
Drawn from what was then a turbulent and thinly settled frontier region, the Florida troops serving in the Confederacy were never numerous, but they had the good or bad luck of finding themselves at crucial points in several significant battles such as Gettysburg where their conduct continues to be a source of contention. Additionally, the study of these units and their service permits an examination of important topics affecting the Civil War soldier: lack of supplies, the status of folks at home, dissension over civilian control of soldiers and units from the various Confederate states, and widespread and understandable problems of morale. Despite the appalling conditions of combat, these soldiers were capable of the highest courage in combat. This work is an important contribution to the record of Lee’s troops, ever a subject of intense interest.

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ISBN-13: 9780817357740
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
Publication date: 11/05/2013
Edition description: 1
Pages: 272
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About the Author

Zack C. Waters is Adjunct Professor of history at Georgia Highlands College. He has published articles on Florida’s CSA history in Florida Historical Quarterly, Civil War Regiments, Apalachee Review, and El Escribano.
James C. Edmonds is self-employed in Port Royal, South Carolina.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations ix

Foreword Robert K Krick xi

Introduction 1

1 "Our Gallant Little Florida Brigade": Organization of the Second Florida Infantry Regiment 4

2 "Lavish of Blood": The Battles of Seven Pines and Seven Days 12

3 "Five Times Our Colors Fell": Second Bull Run and Antietam 29

4 "A Courage as Intrepid as That of Any Other": Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville 41

5 "The Green and Pleasant Valley of Pennsylvania": The Route to Gettysburg 57

6 "Any Man Is Lucky That Comes Out Yet Alive": The Battle of Gettysburg 65

7 "Unwept and Unhonored": The Retreat from Pennsylvania 80

8 "Vain Dreams of Glory": The Newspaper War to the End of 1863 87

9 "Bloodiest and Weirdest of Encounters": The Battle of the Wilderness 97

10 "One Vast Golgotha": Spotsylvania, North Anna, and the Arrival of Finegan 112

11 "Each One a Hero": Sacrifice at Cold Harbor 126

12 "We Are Going to See the Elephant Show His Works": The Siege of Petersburg 139

13 "There Are Some True Men Left": To Appomattox 169

14 Thereafter 184

Acknowledgments 195

Notes 201

Bibliography 233

Index 247

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