Smokin' Hot Firemen: Erotic Romance Stories for Women

Smokin' Hot Firemen: Erotic Romance Stories for Women

by Delilah Devlin

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ISBN-13: 9781573449519
Publisher: Cleis Press
Publication date: 06/17/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 232
File size: 360 KB

About the Author

Delilah Devlin has published over 60 erotic stories in multiple genres and lengths. Her published print titles include Into the Darkness, Seduced by Darkness, Darkness Captured, Down in Texas and Texas Men. She is published by Avon, Kensington, Atria/Strebor, Ellora’s Cave, Samhain Publishing, Berkley, and Cleis Press and lives in Arkadelphia, AR. Beth Williamson is a revered romance writer who lives in Raleigh, NC.

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Excerpt from Sabrina York’s “Saving Charlotte”

Mark Conner fought his way through the smoke and flames to the third floor of the apartment building. A skitter of concern writhed in his gut. This fire was moving fast. Despite the nearly fifty pounds of equipment, he picked up the pace and motioned to Izzy to do the same.
According to the wailing mother on the street, there was a child still trapped up here.
Two doors flanked the top floor landing. Without discussion—they hardly needed it anymore—Izzy turned right and Mark turned left. In tandem, they kicked in doors.
Mark angled his flashlight and scanned the smoky living room. Nothing. Smoke roiled around him; sweat prickled his brow. There wasn’t much time.
Then he heard a faint cry. He shouldered his way down the hall and into the bedroom…and froze.
A second was far too long to stare. Lives could be lost in a second. But the sight that greeted him nearly brought him to his knees. A sudden, inappropriate lust snarled through him. He forced it to the back of his mind. For later.
He’d expected a small child, coiled in a corner.
Not an exquisite angel bound to a bed.
And she was exquisite. Her skin was milky white and shimmered in the caress of his flashlight beam. She writhed and cried out and fought at the bonds holding her down. Her lush hair was a dark cloud against the pillow. And her face…it took his breath away.
Tears scored her cheeks. Panic widened her eyes. “Help me,” she said in a failing voice.
A loud pop brought him back to the moment. Yes, she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen—and he’d seen plenty of naked women tied to a bed—but if he didn’t get her out of here, she was going to die.
He rushed to her side and examined her bonds. He knew instinctively there was no time to untie her. Instead he reached for the cutting tool clipped to his belt and quickly slashed the rope at her wrists and ankles. He wrapped her in a blanket and tossed her over his shoulder.
He met Izzy on the landing; his buddy held a small bundle in his arms. They nodded to each other and pounded, hell for leather, down the stairs. The building was weakening. Mark recognized the sounds, the feel of it. They had seconds to escape, if that.
They made it out—burst through the door in a hail of fire and smoke—but only just. As they emerged out onto the street, the building collapsed behind them. A loud cry went up among the firefighters, and they all snapped into action, training their hoses on the structure. The building was a lost cause, but they could save the neighboring homes.
Mark ignored the cacophony. He carried his precious burden across the barricaded street to the paramedics. Luke was busy fitting an old woman with an oxygen mask, and Samuel was wrapping a burn.
Gently, Mark lowered the woman from his shoulder. He arranged her on a brick planter, careful to keep her nakedness covered.
He pulled off his helmet, mask, and hood, and unstrapped his SCBA gear to wipe the sweat from his brow. “A-are you alright?” Something clogged his throat. Probably his unholy reaction to her ethereal beauty.
Hell and damnation. She’d nearly died. How could he think about fucking her? His cock was thinking about it. It was hard and heavy and tight.
She nodded. A lone tear tracked its way down her sooty cheek.
He forced himself to look away from her delicate, sculpted features, the hollowed cheeks, the wide doe-like eyes. Trembling lips. Instead, he directed his attention to her wrists and began undoing the knots. He bit back a curse. Whoever had tied her up was an idiot. For one thing, the rope was bound far too tight. Even if she hadn’t been fighting for her life to get free, it would have cut into her skin. As it was, her wrists were raw, slick with blood.
“You should have this tended.” He didn’t mean to sound so gruff. It galled him to see a woman abused like this. He released her wrists and went to work on her ankles. It took a while, because the knots were an undisciplined mess.
Mark knew he was delaying the inevitable, avoiding the question he had to ask. He hated to embarrass her after all she’d been through, but duty was duty. Reluctantly, he met her gaze—it seared him. He cleared his throat. “Do I…would you like me to notify the police?”
Her eyes widened. Lips formed a silent no.
“You weren’t tied up against your will?”
Heat prickled his nerve endings when she lowered her lashes and shook her head.
Not against her will. Holy hell.
Mark glanced over his shoulder. The building was now a smoking relic. “Was he in the apartment?” He kind of hoped she’d say yes.
She didn’t. “No. He t-tied me up and left.”
Mark froze. His nostrils flared as outrage cut through him. What kind of Dom tied up a woman and left? “He left you?”
“Yes.” Her voice was soft, sweet. Smoky. She studied her tender wrists for a moment then met his eyes. “He went to the bar for a drink with some friends. Said I was to ‘think about it’ while he was gone.”
What an ass.
Of course, no one would expect their house to catch fire while they were out gallivanting with friends, but leaving your trusting sub tied to the posters, exposed and vulnerable and completely alone was unconscionable.
“How long have you been with him?” He didn’t know why he asked. He was only torturing himself. She belonged to someone else.
“A year.” She swallowed. Mark watched her throat work. He knew a raging urge to taste it. Lick it. Suck on that soft, creamy flesh… “We’d never tried this before.”
Oh hell.
A dismal curtain fell on his soul. He’d assumed, from her lowered gaze, her posture, her submissive mien, that she was deep in the life, that she lived it, breathed it, craved it like he did. If this disastrous outing was her first taste of bondage, she would never try it again.
It was a pity, a damn shame he hadn’t found her first.
He pitched his voice low, so no one else would hear. “For the record, a loving Dom never leaves his woman unprotected.” He couldn’t resist cupping her cheek, thumbing away the fresh tears that welled at his words. Couldn’t resist a whispered, “He doesn’t deserve you.”
She said nothing at that, but he could tell she’d heard him. Her expression took on a glow, a peace and—dare he hope it—a tinge of relief.
Luke finished up with his patient and collected his bag to come over.
Mark knew it was time to release her. He didn’t want to. He wanted to hold her forever. But she wasn’t his.
Still, he couldn’t resist leaning closer, capturing her gaze and murmuring, “If you ever want to try this with someone who knows what he’s doing, someone who will honor your desire, come to Station 12. Ask for Mark Connor.”

Excerpt from Delilah Devlin’s “Johnny Blaze”
I held my iPhone in front of me as far as my arm could reach and took a picture. Then I quickly sent it to my Facebook page. Yes! I don’t know how Syl managed to talk me into it, but I’m at HardCox!!! Happy Birthday, me!
I posted the photo, then slipped my phone back into my purse, which I’d placed beneath the small round table where Sylvia, Heather, and I sat next to the raised stage.
“You took a picture of yourself?” Sylvia giggled and held out her hand. “Give me that phone!”
“No way, you’ll just post pictures of the dancers’ asses.”
“And their hoses!”
My eyes bugged. “My mama would be horrified!”
I was already beyond mortified at being here—a male strip club, of all places. Syl didn’t have to add kerosene to the fire burning in my cheeks. But she’d had me at one name, “Johnny Blaze.”
So I had a thing for firefighters. Or at least one in particular who didn’t even know I existed. The picture on the sandwich board outside the club—of a fireman wearing suspenders attached to the hose covering his privates—had been the deciding factor after I’d dug my heels into the concrete sidewalk. His body reminded me of my secret crush. Syl knew all about my private addiction. She’d pointed to the board, then while my jaw slackened, whipped me through the entrance.
Now, she laughed and lifted her Mai Tai, eyes shining with devilment. “See anyone you’d like to take home?”
I eyed the dancer currently on the stage now—Davey Crockett—who wore a coonskin hat and a striped, bushy tail covering his parts while he did the helicopter much to the delight of the audience whooping and hollering all around us.
“Nope,” I said tightlipped. My own gaze followed that twirling tail, hypnotized. It have been forever since I’d seen a cock. To see one with a bushy tail was just bizarre. I raised my voice to be heard over the loud rock music, “How long do we have to stay?”
Syl shook her head and raised a finger in the air to hail a beer-bitch with a tray of Jell-O shots. A blue cup landed on the table in front of me. Rather than fight Syl, I raised the drink and threw it back, gagging a little before gulping it down.
Alcohol never sat right with me. It made me hot. Something I didn’t need because my cheeks were already a fiery beet-red. Alcohol, added to the tanned, waxed, buff bodies gyrating so close that splatters of sweat already spotted my blouse, left me feeling completely out of my element. The only reason I was still sitting here was because I had to see “Johnny Blaze”, not that any stripper would match up to the man of my fantasies.
Davey Crockett raised his arms over his head and did a flip, landing near the edge of the stage, his beaver tail slapping his belly then his thighs.
I couldn’t help where my gaze landed because I wondered how much was furry sock and how much was his pleasure stick. Lord, the man was probably gay, anyway. I slid the napkin from under my drink and flapped it at my face.
The music stopped. A handsome man dressed in dark slacks and a black leather vest walked to the center of the stage. “Evenin’, ladies,” he said into the microphone he held, his thick Texas drawl sweet as syrup.
The crowd shouted back, “Evenin’, Jason.”
The women knew the announcer by name? Good lord, they needed to get a life.
Then his “We have a birthday girl in the audience...” snagged my attention. The audience erupted in laughter and catcalls.
My eyes rounded. I shot a look at Syl. “Nooo....”
Syl smiled slyly back. “You’re only twenty-five once, cupcake.”
Two nearly nude men swished through the curtain at the back of the stage, one a bald dude wearing a biker’s bandana and leather chaps. The other a black man with a chest a bodybuilder would cry over.
Jason cupped a hand over her eyes and scanned the audience. “Where can she be?”
Syl and Heather bounced in their seats, arms flying, hands pointing toward me.
I hunched low, wondering if I could crawl beneath the table, because the two burly men were coming straight for me.
“Syl, I’m going to kill you,” I hissed.
Her smile was so broad I didn’t know how her face didn’t split in half. “You are going to thank me, baby girl. Just you wait.”
When both men flanked me, I stubbornly kept my gaze lowered, pretending I didn’t see them. But the black guy gripped my elbow and gently brought me to my feet. Then they both formed a chair with their arms and pushed the “seat” beneath me, nudging me hard enough my knees collapsed. As they swept me up, I gripped their arms, sure they’d drop me as they climbed the stairs to the stage.
I’m not a little girl. At five-foot-eight and nearing a hundred eighty pounds, I gave them a work out. Not that they seemed to strain. A wooden chair had been brought to the center of the stage. They stood me in front of it then the biker pressed me into it with a hand on my shoulder.
Knowing I was going to have to go with it or look like a complete coward, I flopped into the chair and folded my arms across my chest.
Jason produced two large white squares and raised them over his head. The crowd began to chant. “Hoo-hoo-hoo!”
Not until he handed them to the biker and both men went on their knees did I understand. “Uh...why do I need knee pads?”
The biker flashed a brilliant smile. “To save your pretty knobs, sweetheart.”
My eyebrows crept up. I wanted to ask why, but I suspected his answer would send me dashing off the stage.
Biker boy slipped off my pump and smoothed a pad up my calf, fitting it to my knee. His buddy did the same, thankfully not at the same time or I’d have wound up flashing my crotch.
I was having serious misgivings about my outfit now—a shortish black skirt, that had seemed flirty but demure when I’d dressed at home, and black short-sleeved button-down blouse. With the large silver hoops and thick silver cuff, I’d looked cute but casual, or so Syl had said when she’d scoured my closet for just the right outfit. Since our destination had been a secret up until we pulled into parking lot, I hadn’t given her choice of wardrobe another thought.
Now I wished I’d worn jeans, something to cover the length of white leg the men were still fondling. Biker dude stood, lifted me to my feet with a firm hand at my elbow, then marched me to the edge of the stage.
With Syl and Heather grinning like idiots, I knew he wasn’t just sending me back to my chair. Behind me, the curtain whooshed again. The crowd drove to their feet, whistles and shouts rising so loud I wanted to cover my ears. I didn’t dare look back.
“John-nee! John-nee! John-nee!”
My heart stuttered then burst into a wild tattoo. Heat burned my cheeks, but also began to pool between my legs. Funny how a little thing like a man with a hose can turn a girl’s insides all weepy.
Biker dude gripped my shoulders and forced me to turn.
Johnny Blaze stood, framed by the curtain, his fireman’s hat tipped low in front, the stage lights gleaming on the shiny top and shadowing his features. His tanned chest and ripped abs were bare except for red suspenders—thankfully attached to yellow turnout pants. His large feet were encased by black boots. He raised a finger and curled it—twice.
I shook my head, glancing behind me to find the stairs, but gentle pressure on my shoulders forced me to my knees.
“Gotta crawl, Bridget,” biker dude drawled. “All the way on your knees.”
He knew my name? Kneeling, I cut him a quick glance. “I’m in a skirt.”
His smile gleamed white against his darkly tanned face. “I know. Sweet how that worked out.”
And because I knew I’d been set up, and that I couldn’t back away from the challenge now, I bent, pulled my skirt down in the back to cover my ass, and started to crawl on hands and knees toward the fireman who stood stock still, his hands fisted on his hips.
Lord, he looked so much like my inappropriate crush that what had been a trickle became a warm gush against my panties. I imagined it was him, that he had me in my bedroom, crawling toward him and his lovely baggy pants. The things I’d do...
Only the closer I drew, the deeper my suspicions grew.
His chest rose and fell too quickly—not something I’d expect from a guy who hadn’t yet danced his way around the stage. His expression was hidden, but the angle of his jaw, so rigid, so still, reminded me of the new fireman in my home town I’d been lusting after for weeks.
The reception desk at the library faced the front door, which had wide glass panels looking onto the main street and the fire station on the other side. I’d spent weeks leaning on an elbow and sighing over the new guy, the one Syl said was single, and not a player. She’d been trying to hook me up for weeks, inviting me to drop by with cookies for the men—something I’d done in the past, but which I’d refrained from doing since his arrival because I didn’t want to seem too eager or desperate.
Besides, what would someone who looked like that want with me?
I kept crawling, but suddenly, two thick thighs gripped my waist. Biker dude straddled my waist, but kept his weight from me. With one hand gripping my shoulder, he gave my ass a slap. “Don’t stop now,” he said loudly, slapping me lightly as I crawled faster, his body hopping to keep pace with me. The problem was, his thighs dragged at my skirt, and soon I felt cool air brushing against my bottom. I tried to reach back, but he was in the way. “My skirt!”
“Don’t worry about it, sugar! Gotta have those birthday spanks.”
My face got hotter; I started to sweat. I crawled, tugging his thighs along with me until I was three feet from Johnny Blaze, who had yet to move.
Biker dude stepped away. I pulled my skirt back over my ass, one cheek burning. A chair appeared beside me. Johnny moved, sat with his legs spread, and patted his muscled thigh.
The gesture was deliberate. I shook my head and glanced up again, seeing his face for the first time. My jaw dropped.
With a flourish, he tossed his hat away, grabbed my upper arm, and hauled me over his lap, face down.
Pushing up, I tried to lean away, but he stuck his elbow in my back, and I collapsed, the undersides of my breasts riding the side of one huge thigh. “What are doing

Table of Contents

Smoking Stilettos
She learned her lesson the hard way when she pitched a stiletto at the wrong hero

Saving Charlotte
Hot, Dominant hero finds the woman of his dreams, naked and tied to the a burning building

Hook Me Up
A kitten gets her half-naked owner stuck in a tree until a hunky fireman comes to their rescue

Big Trucks
An engine-jockey and a hero firefighter find out just what's to like about big trucks

Lost and Found
A woman moves to Italy to let go of her past and finds an intriguing future

Temperature Rising
The fuse has been lit, and the fire chief has every intention of stoking the fire

Unexpected Detour
Things heat up for an off-duty firefighter when he stops to save a damsel in distress during his morning run

Rescue Me
When a hot firefighter breaks down the wrong door, a smart woman drops her towel

Chasing Fire
A daring smoke jumper braves a forest inferno while fighting for the woman who makes him burn

After escaping a near fatal car accident, a woman faces the scorching attention of her rescuer

Something’s Burning
Sometimes burning down a fireman’s fence requires more than “wood” to repair the damage

Fire Hazard
In a high-rise apartment, a cranky cat and a sudden fire alarm lead to a hot encounter for one tenant

The Fireman’s Rescue
Sparks fly when the new dispatcher rescues the chief from a house fire

Falling Ashes
A soot-streaked firefighter makes love to his woman beneath the falling ashes

Fire Extinguisher
After the roughest fire runs, this wife knows how to move the flames from her husband's mind to his body.
Her Hero
After escaping tragedy, a hot dreamy night comes true for an firefighter's wife and her hero

Johnny Blaze
A firefighter moonlighting as a male exotic dancer gives a librarian a birthday spanking she’ll never forget

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Smokin' Hot Firemen: Erotic Romance Stories for Women 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
ECDawson More than 1 year ago
This book is an adrenaline rush. In Smokin’ Hot Firemen, the sex ranges from rough to tender but the men are certified heroes, red suspenders and all. With seventeen stories written by different authors, the fireman fantasy is explored from all angles, making it a must-read for anyone with a thing for lifesavers. I enjoyed some stories more than others: Rowan Elizabeth’s ‘Fire Extinguisher’ flushed out its leading man into a haunted sub in need of relief only his partner can provide, and two coworkers fight their mounting sexual tension in ‘The Fireman’s Rescue,’ giving a lady a turn saving her love. If the damsel in distress is more your style, the classic plotline is very present here (several kittens get lost in trees or under sofas). The book is full of variety but every story had the same high-stakes heat to keep me warm over my winter break. I would recommend Smokin’ Hot Firemen to anyone who likes their men masculine and sooty, and to readers who prefer their erotica loving and idyllic. This collection is quintessential erotic romance. As someone drawn toward the coarse and realistic, I got a bit tired of angelic women and the men who fall in love with them at first sight. But reading Smokin’ Hot Firemen was a great way to unwind on vacation and I dog-eared a few favorites to return to in the future. As other reviewers have said, there is definitely something offered for everyone. Overall this is a wonderful anthology to add to one’s collection.
MsRomanticReads More than 1 year ago
Like the characters in this book, I'm in instalust. These scorching hot tales are bound to please. First, let me start by saying that I devoured this entire book in one sitting as soon as it arrived in the mail. While I was feverishly flipping pages, I kept repeating in my head: “Please don’t let this be the last story. Please, don’t let this be the last story.” There are seventeen stories in this anthology, and not a single one was disappointing. Not one. Keep in mind that this is a scorching hot collection of very short stories, therefore a lot of the couples experience instalust and HFN (happy for now) endings. If firefighters have starred in your fantasies, then you’ll want to grab this book. Each story was uniquely different and well told. I’ve already read some of them more than once. I may even have to buy an extra copy that I won’t handle because my current copy will surely need scotch tape soon. I won a copy in the Smokin' Hot Firemen Blog Tour.
TheStephanieLoves More than 1 year ago
Smoking Stilettos by Rachel Firasek: Red and Matt's marriage withstands the tests of a risky career with hot passion in the firetrucks to spare. I found this one a bit disorienting in the beginning and cheesy at the end, but it probably has the hottest single sex scene in the entire collection (Rating: 8/10)  Saving Charlotte by Sabrina York: A naughty shock of a fire rescue brings firefighting Dom, Mark, and ethereally beautiful Charlotte together. This story explores an unlikely relationship determined to demonstrate how dominating is really to be done. It does follow a bit of a porno story line, but is absolutely explosive (Rating: 9/10)  Hook Me Up by Adele Dubois: When a bad kitty gets Lexi stuck in a tree, fireman Knox just happens to be driving by to save her from further humiliation... and she's compelled to return the favor. Definitely well-penned but has more romance than sex. Fun read, nothing brilliant (Rating: 6/10)  Big Trucks by Lynn Townsend: Another firetruck hookup involving two firefighters. Only story in the collection with a female fighter (woohoo!), but unfortunately both Amy and Steve felt disconnected as characters. The love scene isn't hot and the story boring to follow; my eyes glazed over this one (Rating: 2/10)  Lost and Found by Nanette Guadiano: Anna flees to Forete, Italy to escape her mundane (non-)existence, only to run into a tall, blonde, and handsome British firefighter. William has the uncanny power to know exactly what's on her mind... including what she wants to do with his body. Evocative of the Italian countryside, but not thrilling sexually. This story is sensual in a foreign setting, but that's the most I got out of it (Rating: 7/10)  Temperature Rising by Cathryn Fox: Delilah has a hot tryst with a young firefighter, Jonah, who's clearly trouble; he knows his way around a woman's body way too well. This one's for you roleplay fans. The fantasy is excellent, but the sex disappointing (Rating: 4/10)  Unexpected Detour by Ily Goyanes: José rescues Isabella from danger and gives her a little taste of his Puerto Rican spice. This one's for you Latina lovers! Short and sweet, Unexpected Detour is excitingly arousing with an exotic hookup location (Rating: 8/10)  Rescue Me by Maggie Wells: Addi runs into high school heartthrob Trey during a false alarm that just might have been an act of fate. When past desires are revealed, passion stirs... The backstory here is great and the style absorbing and witty, but the sex scenes are anticlimactic (Rating: 7/10)  Chasing Fire by Elle James: Maggie is unwilling to compromise a relationship with über hunk smoke jumper Chance; she doesn't want more than just a physical arrangement because in his dangerous trade, getting attached could mean getting hurt. Very corny plot-wise, but super hot! (Rating: 9/10)  Stoke by Tahira Iqbal: Nurse Aida, a survivor of a bad accident, meets her rescuer Nick, and sparks fly. This one is cute and romantic with witty one-liners. Not that explicit but one of the few stories that are actually believable (Rating: 8/10)  Something's Burning by Cynthia D'Alba: Bree has a dire problem: she can't grill. She's successful and independent and is a doctor for cryin' out loud, but she just can't grill. When a cooking effort goes terribly wrong, she burns down her next-door neighbor, Ronan's fence down. And Ronan's the lieutenant at the local fire department... oh, the irony. There's only one way in mind he has for her to make it up to him, and it's definitely not a neighborly endeavor. Entertaining fellatio story whose pages sizzle (Rating: 8/10)  Fire Hazard by M. Marie: Strapping firefighter Jackson rescues a damsel in distress and her cat in an apartment fire, later discovering he's undeniably attracted to her... the damsel, not the cat. Love the structure of this one; the interrupted hookup teases readers, leaving them wanting more. SUPER hot! (Rating: 9/10)  The Fireman's Rescue by Kalissa Wayne: An interracial (Native American / Caucasian) story about Drew, our fire chief and untraditional hero, and plain-Jane Heather, who doesn't give him the attention he wants, but seems to have a wild streak of her own. Personally I found this one really unbelievable and the plot is just ridiculous. Not at all hot, The Fireman's Rescue reads like a twelve-year-old's erotic fanfic (Rating: 5/10)  Falling Ashes by Shoshanna Evers: Emotional story about Susan and her adamantly non-boyfriend Trent, whom she just may have feelings for. Unnecessarily angsty with standard, mediocre sex. Corny "I love you," crap going on, which I didn't care much for (Rating: 5/10)  Fire Extinguisher by Rowan Elizabeth: Okay, this one rocked my socks. The narration is haunting but completely seductive. The sex scene isn't explosive, but the idea behind a lover's personal haven is amazing. I'm still reeling at Elizabeth's gorgeous style and structure—how come there is no information on this author ANYWHERE? I want more! (Rating: 9/10)  Her Hero by Catherine Paulssen: Holly's wistful dream of a fantasy makes this one both emotionally tender and fire-blazing hot; I loved the balance. The story line is actually terrific. You'll have to read it to find out more, yourself (Rating: 9/10)  Johnny Blaze by Delilah Devlin: Bridget's 25th birthday part at a male strip club turns into a night of surprises when the man of her dreams, codename Johnny Blaze, takes control. Three keywords to describe this story: Spanking. Exhibitionist. Full-figured. Sound interesting? As always, Delilah Devlin's tone doesn't disappoint. While I didn't enjoy the story that much, I adore her style (Rating: 6/10)  Pros: FIREMEN. Need I say more? // Well-edited and structured anthology // Lots of great authors // A few stories that really wowed me Cons: A lot of the stories had similar foundations, which bored me quickly // Some ridiculous HEAs or attempts to add romance to spice (note to erotica authors: sometimes, it's perfectly OKAY to have just the spice) Love: "I am firmly on the awake side of sleep. He'll text. He always does. At six-twenty-three in the morning, he texts me a simple message. It was ugly. He'll need me today in a way he doesn't always need me." — from Rowan Elizabeth's "Fire Extinguisher" Verdict: It's a good thing I have a thing for firefighters, or else the stories in Smokin' Hot Firemen would have gotten old real quickly. The majority of them follow the same premise—chiseled firefighter rescues gorgeous damsel in distress—just with different plot twists and characters. Some of them were indeed five-alarm hot, while others fizzled out; I felt way too many of them had far-fetched scenarios or conclusions (e.g. unrealistic happily ever afters) akin to what you find in the world of bad porn. In other words, almost comical, and absolutely foolish. However, overall I loved this Cleis Press collection because firemen are literally my hottest fantasy. Rating: 7 out of 10 hearts (4 stars): Not perfect, but overall enjoyable. Source: Complimentary copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review (thank you, Eva!).
QuixoticOrchid More than 1 year ago
Once upon a time, I worked at a medical answering service. The bank next door was struck by lightning. Fire department highly recommended we evacuate, but the boss said only when our building catches fire, too. I answered phones and during a lull, I wandered outside just to remind those firemen, "I'm here. Will be here all night by myself. Can't evacuate because I take medical emergency calls, but watch how fast my big butt can move when you tell me the flames are spreading in my direction." At that moment, the second engine arrived and those boys came off the side like the dam had broken and my world was being flooded by big, burly, beautiful men. I went from fear to arousal in less than a second. It took my breath! I wanted ALL of them to rescue me, take me, and make me theirs. My panties alone could have put that fire out. Reading this book felt like that moment. Bring it boys!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
These stories are truly hotter than hot and I especially love the one where a kitten is being rescued. Heroes who save lives, save the day and will melt your heart. Fantastic and fun!
Judy-Ree More than 1 year ago
This is an anthology of short stories all dealing with Smexy Firemen and edited by Delilah Devlin.  There were 17 stories by 17 different authors in this particular book.   With that many authors, it means that most of these stories are only a few pages long, ranging anywhere from 7 to 17 pages long.  As with any anthology, there are going to be hits and misses for every person.  Some of the stories were complete unto themselves, some were more like vignettes taken from a larger novel, and there were a few that were more straight erotic scene than story.  Some of them were completely awesome and some of them were more eh. Overall, it was a very good look at why firemen seem to get us all <i>Steamed</i> up!   Personally, I like anthologies.  They are a great way to get a quick introduction to a new author, as well as not feel too guilty when you are busy or interrupted while reading and keep having to put the book down because you are between stories anyway.  This was a great cross section of both authors and types of stories.  I think just about everyone could find something in this anthology that they like.  I am going with 3 stars on Goodreads and a couple of new authors to add to my Must Check Out pile.
jojoNE More than 1 year ago
Delilah Devlin has brought together a talented group of seventeen authors to create an erotic anthology honoring heroic and sexy firefighters. Each story sets itself apart from the others by their different levels of heat and by how big a part fire actually plays in the story. For some authors, like Nanette Guadiano in Lost and Found, being a firefighter is merely a backdrop casually mentioned. For other authors, like Sabrina York in Saving Charlotte, the descriptions of actual fires are extremely vivid and completely immerse you in the heat and heart-pounding action of fighting to save a life. The firefighters in each story are undeniably heroic yet sexy and assertive, whereas most of the heroines are more of the damsel in distress variety. Two stories break that mold though to allow the heroines to take the lead in their relationship. Fire Extinguisher by Rowan Elizabeth and Big Trucks by Lynn Townsend show strong-willed women not afraid to be the boss and take control. All the stories are sexy and steamy and get right to the action as these authors know what we REALLY want. Some authors present sexual interludes that are off-the-chart HOT with some elements of BDSM included to make readers parched. Other authors present a slow burn that allows initial sexual tension to morph into scenes that are satisfyingly steamy. There's moments of seriousness alluding to the dangers of firefighting as well as bits of humor throughout the anthology. In other words there's something for everyone! I enjoyed discovering new authors and being reacquainted with well-known authors that again proved their reliability to entertain. Readers wanting to spend a bit of time with a hero and have their dreams brought to life will find Smokin' Hot Firemen smokingly sexy and satisfying.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love a hot read as much as the next gal but if you are going to give me a bunch of short reads (17)...I would take less of them to get a little more story with it and only 179 Nook pages