So Long Earth

So Long Earth

by Michael Bienenstock

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So Long Earth takes place after Donald Trump is elected president. The main characters are all fictional. However, there are a lot of interesting facts ad science incorporated into the book. Famous scientists and people such as Hawking, Edgar Williams, Barrack Obama and Donald Trump are mentioned, but are not the focus of the book. Several of the most recent disasters are accorporated. Predictions about the future are made. For example, in the year 2027 Florida will be split into two states when two category five hurricanes strike Florida simultaneously from the east and west. How to prolong life is also incorporated. Topics such as stem cells, cloning and Cryopreservation are discussed.

There is also and emotional component to the book. the characters discuss issues they face as they prepare to leave Earth and live within a contained space for the next 100 years. They have many questions such as "Is there a God in outer space?"

2017. Dr. Thomas Burns, an environmental engineer, is listening to the President discuss global warming. He and his colleagues are sick nd tired of American politics and quickly realize that Earth will no longer be able to sustain life in the near future. Environmental disasters are occurring at a faster rate and with greater intensity. As a result he plans to build four spaceships each one with one thousand people to find a new home in another galaxy by the year 2040. The Russians, Germans and Australians also agree to build spaceships. Along with his wife Sarah, son Sam, his second in command Bob Jackson, and an amazing Doctor Sato, they must wrestle with inevitable questions. How will they sustain life for such a long journey? Can they trust the Russians? How will they launch such giant spaceships? So Long Earth is guaranteed to shock as well as excite readers.!!!! So Long Earth is one of the sci-fi space novels I have rad. Exciting story line.

The author did a wonderful job researching various environmental disasters. It is well thought out. There is a lot of real scientific information in the book and many of the discoveries of famous scientists such as Stephen Hawkins. This is not the usual bloody science fiction book with aliens

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ISBN-13: 9781735820811
Publisher: Michael Bienenstock
Publication date: 09/30/2020
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 392
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

' Michael Bienensdock's science fiction debut gazes at pioneering efforts to save the future and potential of humanity, contemplating the promise and the blunders of an ambitious quest to colonize beyond out own galaxy, where we face existential dangers. Tbis is his debut novel and not written by his clone who will be on the spaceship in the future. He is a retired teacher with over 35 years experience. He has an earned BS degree in Chemistry from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), an MA in Deaf Education from Gallaudet University and a Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of Maryland at College Park. He lives with his family in Winter Park, Florida. for more info

Table of Contents

So Long Earth takes place from 2017-2040. Many actual natural disasters world-wide.are mentioned in the book

There are many real people in the book such as Donald Trump, Barrack Obama, Al Gore, Stephen Hawking, Edgar Williams, etc.

The book presents a plausible scenario for what will occur as natural disasters increase in frequency. The science behind these disasters is also explained, They include, hurricanes, Tornadoes, San Andrea Fault, Ring of Fire volcanoes, and flooding.

The main characters are fictional and revolves around a family as they prepare to leave Earth as natural disasters increase in intensity

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