Some Like It Sizzling

Some Like It Sizzling

by Robbie Terman

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Former model Jenna Rawley has spent her entire life craving the security and stability she never had growing up. Her wedding day was supposed to be the day all of her dreams came true. Instead, the groom disappears and Jenna runs from the church...and right into the arms of her high school sweetheart.

Firefighter Luke Kearney never forgotten Jenna, or that she left him behind with a broken heart all those years ago. Yet in that single, dramatic moment, their chemistry comes roaring back to life, hotter and more fierce than ever. Only now there are complications—including secrets from the past that have been buried, but not forgotten. But a man who plays with fire is bound to get burned...

Each book in the Perfect Recipe series is STANDALONE:
* Some Like It Spicy
* Some Like It Sinful
* Some Like It Sizzling

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781633751774
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 01/12/2015
Series: Perfect Recipe , #3
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 265
Sales rank: 138,710
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Robbie Terman began her journey as a writer in third grade, when she completed her first (24-page) "novel." Many years later, she is published in contemporary romance. Her heroines are feisty, her heroes Hot (yup, that's with a capital H!). And, when you read her books, if you tear up a little and laugh a lot, that's just the reaction she was hoping for.

When she's not writing, Robbie can usually be found at Nordstrom, shopping for shoes and handbags. She invites you to visit her at

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Some Like it Sizzling

A Perfect Recipe Novel

By Robbie Terman, Stacy Abrams

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2015 Robbie Terman
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-177-4


The wedding was perfect. Or, it would have been. If the groom had shown up.

Jenna had planned everything down to the last detail. The 150-year-old church she'd picked was a historic landmark, filled with handcrafted wood, medieval stained glass, and gothic tapestries. The church had been featured in more than one bridal magazine, putting a premium on rental and having a waiting list so long she should have been old and bottle blonde before making it to the top. The only reason she'd been able to book was through a connection of Hal's.

White lilies filled the sanctuary, accented with purple ribbon. Three hundred and fifty guests were waiting in the pews, waiting for the bridesmaids, who wore strapless, lavender cocktail dresses, to lead the way to the altar, clutching bouquets of calla lilies, and for the flower girl to sprinkle pink rose petals on the white silk covering the aisle.

Three hundred and fifty guests were waiting for the bride to arrive on her father's arm, breathtakingly beautiful in a Vera Wang gown.

Jenna was waiting for the groom.

The door to the bridal suite opened, but Jenna kept her position at the window, staring out at the torrential downpour. She'd picked Labor Day weekend for the wedding, since it was usually mild weather in Chicago. She couldn't remember the last one with this kind of rain. Somehow, it was fitting.

"Jen," her best friend, Ashton Grey-Cates, whispered.

People always whispered when bad things happened, as if normal volume would make the pain that much worse. She put her hand against the foggy window, dampness sinking into her skin. "He's not here." Yet lingered in the air, unspoken.

Ashton put a hand on Jenna's shoulder and gave a comforting squeeze. Well, it would have been comforting if Jenna could feel anything. Numbness had set in forty-five minutes ago.

"I sent Ty to the apartment to make sure he's not there," Ashton said about her husband. "Chloe and Griffin are calling around to local hospitals, just in case."

"I didn't talk to him this morning," Jenna said, not wanting to even acknowledge the idea of her other best friend, Chloe Nelson, and Chloe's fiancé, Griffin Lange, making calls to see if Hal was lying in some hospital bed. "I thought I should uphold at least some wedding traditions, and not see him or speak to him before the wedding. I shouldn't have stayed at your place last night."

Hal had been fine at the rehearsal dinner, hadn't he? Jenna searched her brain for any oddity in his behavior, anything he'd said or done that would have clued her in to his disappearance today. But, to her embarrassment, she could barely remember conversing with Hal. She'd been too busy entertaining their guests.

Jenna finally tore her gaze from the rain and turned to Ashton, who was leaning against a chair, rubbing her lower back. "What are you doing? Sit down!" Although she was only seven months pregnant, Ashton looked like she could pop at any moment.

Ashton hesitated as she looked at the chair with longing. "I know you don't want the dress to wrinkle."

Jenna rolled her eyes, even as she admitted to herself that Ashton's words were true. She hadn't wanted the dresses wrinkled, either walking down the aisle or in the pictures. But what did it matter now?

"Please, sit," she said, pressing a hand on Ashton's shoulder to make sure her point was clear. "It doesn't matter anymore."

Ashton sat with a sigh of relief, but Jenna couldn't bring herself to do the same. What if Hal had just been delayed because of the rain? What if he walked in at any moment? He'd want her to look perfect, to make everyone forget he'd been late.

But even as she made excuses for him in her head, she knew he wasn't coming.

Appearances were as significant as breathing to Hal, and his colleagues and every important client in his accounting firm were sitting in the church. Hal would never leave them to wait an hour. This wedding had been more for the guests than the bride and groom, which was why Jenna had agreed to go so far over budget. If it would help Hal succeed in his career, she was on board. Because his success meant more security for her.

Not that she was a deadbeat who needed a man to take care of her. Four years ago, Jenna had returned from living abroad when Ashton had offered her a partnership in her new restaurant. Ashton would be executive chef, their third partner, Chloe, would be pastry chef, and Jenna would be the general manager. She hadn't known anything about the restaurant business, but she'd thrown herself into learning, and she was damn good at her job. Plus, she made a decent income. That, combined with Hal's compensation and drive for success, meant she never had to worry about where she would live or how she'd put food on the table.

After another fifteen minutes had passed and Hal still hadn't shown, Ashton hobbled to her feet. "I'm going to see if I can get a hold of Ty and check in with Chloe and Griffin. The cell service is terrible in the building, so they're making calls in the vestibule."

Jenna could only nod as Ashton waddled out of the room. Tears clogged her throat, but she didn't want any to escape. Crying didn't solve problems, so it was pointless. It also didn't make you feel better, only made you look weak and vulnerable. So she held on to those tears with everything she had, which gave her something to concentrate on rather than the three strongest probabilities of the day.

Hal had gotten cold feet.

Hal had been in an accident and was lying unconscious, unable to contact her.

Hal was dead.


Jenna jumped at the sound of her father's voice. Ben Rawley stood in the doorway, worry etched on his face. She forced a smile as she watched him tug on his tuxedo jacket. He was far more comfortable on a construction site than in a ballroom, and Jenna couldn't ever remember seeing him in a tuxedo before. Even at her brothers' weddings, he'd just worn a suit. But he'd put on a tuxedo today, because he was the kind of father who'd do anything his only daughter asked.

"Should I" — he hesitated before continuing — "make some sort of announcement?"

"What kind of announcement?"

Her father smiled sadly. "Angel, the wedding was supposed to start nearly an hour and a half ago." He held out his arms to comfort her, but she stepped back, conscious of wrinkling her dress.

"We don't know what happened yet," she said, folding her arms across her chest.

He sighed and nodded slowly. "Okay, we'll wait." He gestured toward the hallway. "Your brothers would like to see you. Can they come in?"

"No," Jenna said sharply. Even though she loved her four older brothers, she knew what they would say. Some macho bullshit about how they'd find Hal and beat the crap out of him. She didn't want to hear it, not when there was a chance he could still show up. "Please, Dad. I just want to be alo ..."

Her voice trailed off as Ashton and Chloe returned to the room, the same grim expression on both their faces.

Jenna backed away, a hand over her racing heart. "Oh my God. Hal's dead, isn't he? What happened? Did he get hit by a car, walk in on a robbery? What?" Hysteria raised her voice at least an octave.

Her father reached her side, putting his arms around her, but she remained rigidly straight, unable to lean on him.

Chloe cleared her throat. "Griffin and I called every hospital in the city, and no one matching Hal's description has been admitted."

A wave of relief washed over her. "Thank God. Then why do you look like you're about to tell me the world is going to end?"

Chloe looked at Ashton, who continued. "Ty called from your apartment. Jenna, Hal's things are gone."

Jenna blinked several times. "What?"

"His clothes, his laptop, even his toothbrush. All gone."

Gone. Gone.

The word bounced around Jenna's brain, and she grasped for the meaning. "Hal's gone." It wasn't a question.

Tears filled Ashton's eyes. "Yes. I'm so sorry, sweetie. He's not coming."

The bones in Jenna's legs instantly melted, and she crumbled into a heap of silk on the ground. As multiple arms reached to comfort her, she could only think one thing.

My dress is ruined.

* * *

I need to get out of here. Jenna frantically fanned herself as she paced the bridal suite. Despite the cool, damp day, her body was overheated, and she couldn't seem to get enough air in her lungs. Ashton, Chloe, and her father had gone to make the announcement that the wedding was off, and Jenna was stuck in the room until the crowd of people left. As anxious as she was to leave, the only way to the front door was down the stairs and through part of the main chapel. She was humiliated enough; she didn't need to add a walk of shame.

But the longer she waited, the more desperate and agitated she became. Stepping to the window, she threw it open and sucked in the cool air, not caring that rain pelted her. When she finally heard the door open, her knees wobbled and she grabbed hold of the windowsill for support. Her momentary relief evaporated when she turned to see the frowns on Chloe's and Ashton's faces.

"Are there still guests down there?" Jenna asked.

"They're standing around talking," Chloe told her.

Jenna clamped her eyes shut as the pain, which had been centered in her chest, made its way to her skull. "About me, what I did to drive Hal away." She wrung her hands together. "Please, I need to leave, one way or another."

As she glanced back at the window, two sets of hands grabbed her. "You're not jumping out the window," Ashton said. "We're a story up and there's a garden beneath this room."

"With some prickly looking bushes," Chloe added.

"Then you need to get everyone to leave," she begged.

"Okay," Ashton soothed. "We'll go back down and try to usher people out."

"Hurry," Jenna called after them as they walked out the door. She began pacing again, unable to sit still, as she waited for Chloe and Ashton to come back. The more time passed, the thicker the air became, the harder to breathe.

Back at the window, she hung her head outside like a dog in a car and sucked in deep breaths. But the more air she took in, the more she needed, and when black dots began to form in her vision, she knew she needed to get out right this instant.

Rushing to the door, she threw it open and darted toward the stairs. The cacophony of voices stopped her before she reached the first step. There had to be at least one hundred people still in the church. At the door of the bridal suite, she wrapped her arms around herself and rocked back and forth. She couldn't leave, and she couldn't stay.

To hell with the huge drop and the prickly bushes; she was going out the window.

Then, a red beacon caught her attention. Her hands reached up of their own accord, her body operating separately from her brain. And before her mind could fully comprehend what she was doing, she pushed the lever of the fire alarm.

And inside the 150-year-old church, it began to rain.

* * *

Jenna was married.

Luke Kearney closed his eyes to avoid looking at his watch for the one millionth time that day. He didn't need to look to see that three o'clock had come and gone, and by now Jenna and that asshat fiancé of hers were probably in the middle of their first dance.

Fine. So he didn't actually know that the fiancé was an asshat, but it was a pretty good assumption on his part. If the fiancé was such a great guy, why had Jenna come looking for Luke five months earlier?

An image of Jenna flashed through his brain. Jenna with her golden hair flowing and wild, creased from his urgent fingers running through the blond locks. Jenna with swollen pink lips from frantic, consuming kisses. Jenna with her shirt wrinkled and skirt clinging high on her thighs. She'd looked so delightfully disheveled that day. So un-Jenna.

Luke scowled, rubbing his hands over his head as if he could erase the memory of Jenna Rawley from his brain. He'd spent close to fifteen years actively forgetting about her, and then one pointless almost-fire at her friend's business and she was back in his mind. If only she hadn't come to the firehouse that day. If only she hadn't kissed him like the last decade-plus hadn't happened. If only she'd never broken his heart.

But she had, and he was over her. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Asshat.

He just wished he hadn't seen their wedding announcement in the papers. Otherwise this would be just another day, and not the day his high school sweetheart, the woman his stupid teenage heart had thought was his soul mate, married another man.

And on a day when he could have used a little distraction, they hadn't had a call in hours. What he wouldn't give for a small abandoned car fire. Hell, he'd even take a cat stuck in a tree.

"Yo, Kearney, you got cotton balls in your ears?"

Luke's head snapped up, and he returned his attention to the game. He glanced at his cards, and then threw some down. "I'll take three."

Donut — so nicknamed because he always had at least one donut at hand — set down a cruller and dealt the cards. Luke glanced at them, but they could have been written in binary code for all the attention he had. "I fold."

"Guess that means you'll be taking my kitchen duty this week," Mattie, a fellow firefighter and the only woman in the group, said with a wicked grin.

They played for chores and personal favors instead of money. The last time he'd been this distracted during a poker game, he'd ended up detailing Donut's car.

"Dude, can you get your head out of the clouds?" Kai asked beside him. "No offense to your cooking skills, but Mattie's are a hell of a lot better."

Luke gave him a playful slug on the arm. "Just for that, you can go hungry."

"You've been distracted all shift," Mattie noted.

He ignored her, although Mattie was right. Because if he gave the slightest indication something was off ...

"Leave him alone," Donut said, reaching for his jelly-filled namesake. "The poor guy's heartbroken. His girl is getting married today."

Ah, shit.

"Wait a minute," Mattie hooted. "The blond ice princess from a few months ago? The one who came in looking like a Neiman Marcus mannequin and left practically undressed?"

"She was dressed," Luke said, rolling his eyes. Rumpled, yes, but definitely dressed. "And I'm not distracted because of Jenna. I'm not distracted at all."

"Sure." Mattie quirked up one side of her lips.

He shot her an annoyed look, which she returned tenfold. Not hard to wonder why Kai had nicknamed her Medusa.

Damn, this teasing was exactly the reason he hadn't wanted his teammates to know. The firehouse thrived on gossip; secrets were nearly impossible to keep. And if someone thought you were holding something back, they'd badger you until you broke. Donut claimed it was about trust. If you couldn't trust your fellow firefighter with a secret, how could you trust him or her with your life?

Well, Luke wouldn't hesitate to put his life in the hands of any man or woman in this house, no questions asked. Didn't mean he wanted them nosing around his personal life. Especially when it came to Jenna. If only Donut hadn't seen him looking at Jenna's wedding announcement.

"She was your old girlfriend, right?" Kai asked as he shuffled the cards and dealt a new hand. "Dude, she was hot. You still tappin' that?"

"You're a pig," Mattie said with a scowl before Luke could reply. "She's getting married. To another man."

Kai shrugged. "You're the one who said she left here half dressed. Do you get what that means, or do you need me to draw you a picture, Medusa?"

"Enough," Luke commanded as he put an arm out to his left, keeping Mattie in her seat. Her green eyes shot darts at Kai, no doubt tipped with poison. Kai didn't look that concerned, but Luke was pretty sure everyone at the table knew Mattie could take him in a fight.

"Whatever you say, Lieutenant," Mattie said icily.

Luke needed to end this before things got out of hand. This was what happened when a group of people spent nearly twenty-four hours together without much action. He let out a long sigh. "Yes, Jenna and I dated in high school. She left after graduation to model in Europe, and I didn't see her again for nearly fifteen years. No" — he leveled a glare at Kai — "I'm not 'tapping' that. She's married by now, and I have no interest in resuming our relationship anyway." He threw down his cards, not even bothering to glance at them. "The question and answer period on this subject is over. Forever."

Some divine force must have been looking out for him that day, because just as three mouths opened to protest, the loudspeaker came on with a squeak, alerting them to a call.

Their chief stepped out of his office. "We've got an alarm triggered at the Church of the Everlasting. No reports of smoke but, because it's a historic landmark, we're being sent in to back up Station Fourteen."


Excerpted from Some Like it Sizzling by Robbie Terman, Stacy Abrams. Copyright © 2015 Robbie Terman. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Some Like It Sizzling (Entangled Select Contemporary) 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
I love the second chance at love themes, the wondering about what could have been. This story was very realistic to me without the easy and fast reconciliation. Very believable. I enjoyed the chemistry between Luke and Jenna. They both had their demons to face and get past and in the same instance they could not stay away from each other. I loved their denial, loved their friends who kept them in check. Although it was a happy ending, I would have liked a little more for them, a little more with Eli. The bonus with this book was the story for Olivia. I liked her, a strong woman who would not settle, and who also was great support for Jenna and Luke. I am glad she was a major part of this book too. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.
gromine49 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this story. Jenna is left at the altar by her exbezzling fiance and in desperation, pulls the fire alarm and her high school sweetheart, Luke, now a fireman, shows up. Fast paced, enjoyable, including the secondary characters this is a story you will want to read again and again. There is only one part that was thrown in for conflict and it was silly. Now I need to read the previous stories.
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
This is the story of Luke, a divorced firefighter and Jenna, his high school love, who is about to marry another man. Luke and Jenna have a rich history, a lot of secrets, and many fun friends and family. At the beginning of the book, Jenna's life blows up and she is left penniless, unmarried, and living with her parents. She and Luke start to hook up and eventually work out trust issues. We also meet Olivia, Luke's ex, and she is treated to her own romance with a hot younger hockey player.  I agree with other reviews, the leading couple were hard to connect with. I really enjoyed the romance of Olivia and the cast of friends and family from other books. Overall it was a good read, but not outstanding.  I was given an arc copy for an honest review. 
mysticrosetiger More than 1 year ago
This book is a great read. Jenna and Luke story is loving someone no matter what is better then all the material thing you can buy.
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
True Love overcomes all ...Second Chance Love Story is Luke and Jenna's story!! Great Read :-) ****A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review*** This is my first chance reading a book in the Perfect Recipe series. ‘Some Like it Sizzling” is book 3 and it is Jenna & Luke’s story. Jenna left town after Luke proposed to her 15 years ago. There were reasons why she did , to which she never shared with Luke. When this story starts, she has been left at the alter by her fiancé who then ran off with most of, if not all of her money.  Due to that, Jenna is forced to move back home, get another job and face Luke. Since Jenna moved back home, Firefighter Luke has had to see his x gf, people have had them interact and now, they have to plan their High School’s fifteen-year-reunion together. Things like this can drive a man to drink, if not drive him mad. Luke wonders in the back of his head what if- what if he had not gone on and married another woman, had a child with her and then gotten divorced.. the what if game. He never stopped loving Jenna. Jenna found out Luke moved on without her and married Olivia and they had a son then ended up getting divorced. Jenna was heartbroken but knew if she had stayed, then she would have had Luke’s child, if not children by now. Olivia , Luke’s ex wife at times came across as a Mama Bear. She was very protective of her son but also of Luke. I wanted to smack her some because she was not helping matters but she then learned to really see Jenna and that is when Jenna had someone on her side. While reading this story, I had to grab the tissue box, for I could feel the heroine’s pain. This was a roller-coaster of emotions throughout this story. All I have to say is, second chance love stories are the best. There are some twists and turns so when you least expect them, they will be there. Great Writing and Great Emotional Range in this story!! My rating: 4.5 stars 
Mennina1 More than 1 year ago
Jenna takes off the day after graduation, and they day after her high school sweetheart proposes to her. Now she is back in her hometown and was left at the alter by her boyfriend. She turns to the one person she shouldn't. Especially when she has the true reason why she left town a complete secret. Luke has never gotten over Jenna Rawley. Even through a marriage and a child. Jenna comes back into his live, but can he trust that Jenna won't get scared and run off again like she did to him years ago and broke his heart. Loved this book. I just wanted to know what the big secret was! Great job by the writer. Will look forward to more from her. I was provided a copy of this book for my honest review.
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
2 - "You are some piece of work." Stars. Having waited patiently for a year for the third book in Robbie Terman’s A Perfect Recipe Series, I was so happy to finally get to read Jenna and Luke’s story. You were given a little tease of the potential fireworks that could go off between them in Some Like It Sinful and I couldn’t wait to see how this second-chance love story would play out for them in Some Like it Sizzling. Jenna has always been the cool self contained girl of the trio and it was no exception in this book. Problem being the author did such a good job of making her an unlikeable snob in the first 60% of the book that by the time she loosened up, I didn’t really care either way anymore. I think what really was the final nail in the coffin of this one was the fact that Luke, albeit in response to Jenna’s behavior and attitude towards him, turned from a sweet, hot, dirty Fireman into a bit of a douche as the story progressed as well. There were glimmers between them, but one or the other would then do something that turned the sweet to sour pretty much every time. "That hand is lethal…" "Wait til you feel my mouth." The big secret that Jenna nursed over the 15 years they were apart, and the reasons why she left without telling him… Felt like a total cop out to me if I am honest, I was expecting more, I wanted more, the characters deserved more. The one thing I did love about this book was the side story between Olivia and Riley, I kind of wish they had had a bigger part in the book. Older woman, younger guy, sexy times… In fact, I would like them to have had their own book. I like the authors writing style, the previous books in the series were extremely enjoyable; I just struggled to connect with the characters myself, or feel much of a connection between the two of them for most of the book. ARC generously provided via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review.
AMANDA_BRAT69 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! I have been following this series from the beginning and wasn't disappointed I hope to see more of Olivia :)
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
High school sweethearts, Jenna and Luke were perfect. Luke proposed Jenna and the next morning Jenna was gone. Fast forward fifteen years and Jenna returns home. Luke is now divorced and is a fireman. There is a sizzling attraction between these two but is it enough. I really enjoyed the chemistry between these two. An easy flowing read that you do not want to put down. This is part of a series, which I have not read the two previous book but was easy to follow. This is a new author for me, and I just bought her other books in this series. I received this book from the publisher for an honest review.
Blsfan68 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! The characters are very interesting and the story is well written. There are some surprising occurrences that helped add to the suspense. This is the third book in the series. I haven't read the others yet, but this book works very well as a stand alone and is easy to follow. I couldn't stop reading until I finished it! Excellent pace. ARC received from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars! Some Like It Sizzling (A Perfect Recipe #3) by Robbie Terman, is a terrific novel. I read the first two books in the series and this one is a little less foodie, yet sizzling with a blast from the past for the two main characters. Each book centers around one of three very best friends who co-own a restaurant together, and ex-model turned restaurateur, Jenna Rawley, is in the hot seat. The prologue opens the book with an exciting scene that introduces the hero and heroine to the reader, while simultaneously detonating the sexual tension that still exists between them. Jenna and firefighter Luke Kearney were high school sweethearts and madly in love many moons ago. Luke was beyond devastated, when Jenna secretly left town a day after they both graduated high school to pursue a modeling career in Europe. However, she had legitimate reasons for her disappearance act. Now years later, they are forced together to plan their fifteen year high school reunion. They have no choice but to get to know each other once again, air their dirty laundry and acknowledge that their feelings for each other remain alive and well. In fact, they can't seem to keep their hands off of each other. This is a well-written, second chance romance. Ms. Terman creates wonderful, realistic characters that are both interesting and engaging. At times, my heart actually ached for Jenna and Luke as they felt the need to hurt each other due to their lack of communication. This is a good book and the entire Perfect Recipe series should definitely be added to your TBR list. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
This reunited lovers romance is the story of Jenna and Luke. High school sweethearts, Jenna took a chance on a modeling career in Europe, leaving friends and family behind. When that didn't work out she eventually came home, found a rich husband to be and thought she knew where her life was going. When her fiancé ditches her and she ends up living with her father, looking for work, she reconnects with Luke. But will she be able to convince him that she no longer needs money to be happy? This was an interesting read, in part because it's told from three points of view - Jenna, Luke and Luke's ex-wife Olivia. I don't think I've ever read a romance that featured an ex's story alongside the main romance. Truth be told, I actually liked Olivia's character the best. She made smart decisions for her and her son, she was friendly, likeable, competent and protective of her son. There is a side story with her meeting a younger man that I thoroughly enjoyed. Jenna and Luke's story fell a bit flat for me though, mostly because I didn't care for Jenna. She pouted a lot. The love scenes with her and Luke were well written but I didn't feel a lot of chemistry between them, so it was harder to buy into their romance. But Olivia's story made it worth the read for me. 3 stars.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Loved! This! Book! It's a great second chance story. It's also the third in a series but I have not read the first two (YET) and had no problem following the story so it's easily a stand alone. I really enjoyed the writing style of this author and the pace of the story. I am so glad to have discovered this author and as soon as I finished the last page of this book I was one clicking all her other available titles. I highly recommend this one!
Sheri_B1975 More than 1 year ago
Originally posted on my blog: Tangled Up In Books I received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway either my review or my rating! Second chances at love are some of my favorite types of books to read. There's the connection and spark that's already there. There's usually something at least one of them is bitter about still that ended things to begin with. There's just so many possibilities for tension and romance and passion. While I loved the storyline...I did have one issue with this book. I adored Jenna's family and all of her friends. I fell hard for Luke, his family was lots of fun, he has the most adorable and inquisitive little boy. I even loved....loved his ex-wife Olivia. Flat out loved her. The one person I couldn't stand unfortunately was Jenna. Had you completely removed her from this book or given her a complete personality overhaul I would have easily gone 4 to 4.5 stars on this one. Jenna is very vain and materialistic and such a label whore that before 50 pages in there were already 3 name drops and by the end of the book it was closer to 10. I honestly don't know why this bugs me so much but it always seems to. At one point Jenna even makes some sort of mental reference to the fact that she measured financial security by things. Not only that but after high school she was the one who left Luke for partially selfish reasons. She left without a word and sent him a letter from Europe as a kind of oh-by-the-way-I-moved type of thing, it was her choice right? Well when she's back home and she discovers her family like went to his wedding and kept in contact with him she would call them traitors and was honest to goodness pissed off that he was still part of their life. Not that it mattered that both families went way back before they even dated in school to begin with. There are just too many reasons and situations that even when she started making changes toward the end, the damage was already done. Not a Jenna fan sorry. But on to the better parts of this book. Seriously Luke is as close to perfection as you could get. Besides the fact that he's a firefighter (um, yeah, I'm already sold) he is just a genuinely sweet and wonderful guy. Very family oriented, he's an amazing dad and his son Eli is the center of his world. He has the most healthy and awesome relationship with Olivia, the ex-wife, to the point where for the longest time I was actually hoping a miracle would happen and Jenna would run off again and he'd get back together with Olivia instead. I haven't read the fist 2 books in the series as of yet but the females are Jenna's best friends who you get to know a tiny bit in this one. They both seemed like so much fun and so I will more than likely be giving them a try. This book really was good it was just one character that I didn't get on with. And surprise, surprise...without giving anything away there is a second storyline that is going on within this one and with the exception of Luke, I almost wish that there had been more of it since I was far more interested in all the people involved there instead. Don't worry it's not complicated because the stories are meshed together and related. But anyway, final thoughts would be that for the most part I did love this book and if you think a character like Jenna won't bother you than I do recommend it because it had plenty of moments that were heartwarming, heartbreaking, funny and very steamy. Thanks to Entangled for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book!