Songs of Thalassa

Songs of Thalassa

by Brian Tissot
Songs of Thalassa

Songs of Thalassa

by Brian Tissot



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On a mission to surf the monster waves of the ocean planet Thalassa, Sage encounters something she didn't expect--sentient life. As her quest for fame turns to one of survival and she must mobilize the clans of the cetacean-like Nesoi to stop the destruction of the planet she does the only thing that works--sing. Songs of Thalassa is a beautiful out-of-this world adventure story that takes you on an aquatic, competitive, athletic and emotional journey through the lens of Sage, a young Hawaiian water woman as she explores the novel wildlife and geography of Thalassa guided by her Hawaiian elders and ancestors. Not only is it an unusual adventure of survival, but it's also a tale of natural beauty and personal discovery of a resilient young girl stranded far from Earth and forced to face her destiny. The story creatively weaves the fields of marine ecology, geology, natural history, and astronomy into a fascinating tale that empowers female leaders and Earth caretakers to stand up and protect our home planet. Songs of Thalassa will appeal to fans of Island of the Blue Dolphins, The Martian, and Contact, and features a young woman on a journey of self-discovery struggling to develop a sense of place and connections between herself, her culture, and the universe on a virgin ocean planet.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781098301514
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 04/01/2020
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 320
File size: 7 MB

About the Author

Brian Tissot is a marine ecologist and surfer living on the far Northern California coast. As a scientist and surfer, he has dedicated his life to exploring the world's waves and oceans and leading research on coral reefs and the deep sea. He has authored numerous scientific papers and his work has been featured in popular media and films.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements xi

Book 1 Sage 1

Chapter 1 Sage 3

Chapter 2 Milo 12

Chapter 3 Big Island 20

Chapter 4 Ocean Planet 28

Chapter 5 Waves of Change 35

Chapter 6 Orbit 44

Chapter 7 Thalassa 54

Chapter 8 Unearthly Slabs 65

Chapter 9 Sea of Dreams 71

Chapter 10 Ocean of Nightmares 81

Chapter 11 Colossus 87

Chapter 12 Maelstrom 98

Book 2 Nesoi 105

Chapter 13 Matriarch 107

Chapter 14 Islands 111

Chapter 15 Discoveries 117

Chapter 16 Crossing 125

Chapter 17 Journey Within 128

Chapter 18 Home Island 133

Chapter 19 Songs and Cycles 142

Chapter 20 Reunion 149

Book 3 Tidefall 157

Chapter 21 Chimera 159

Chapter 22 Black Rain 162

Chapter 23 Cauldron 173

Chapter 24 River 178

Chapter 25 Ruins 184

Chapter 26 Syzygy 189

Chapter 27 Visions 197

Chapter 28 Love & Light 201

Chapter 29 Precipice 208

Chapter 30 Songs of Thalassa 215

Chapter 31 Crossroads 220

Chapter 32 Clans 224

Book 4 Awakening 231

Chapter 33 Mythmaking 233

Chapter 34 Coming Home 239

Chapter 35 'Ohana 245

Chapter 36 Circle of Aloha 250

Chapter 37 Exhibit 259

Chapter 38 Kumu 266

Chapter 39 Maka 275

Chapter 40 Ho'olökahi (Come Together) 280

Chapter 41 Edge of Po 287

Glossary 295

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