SOUL MESSAGES FROM BABY KLEA: Her First 90 Days on Earth

SOUL MESSAGES FROM BABY KLEA: Her First 90 Days on Earth

SOUL MESSAGES FROM BABY KLEA: Her First 90 Days on Earth

SOUL MESSAGES FROM BABY KLEA: Her First 90 Days on Earth


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Communication with everyone and everything within the Universe is possible. With proper skills, you need to adjust to specific energy or vibration, and you can capture some part of the necessary information.
This book is about higher-level communication with Klea's Soul that sheds lots of Light onto babies, who they are, and what they can teach us. It also brings responsibility to all parents and adults to become more aware of what kind of wisdom and behaviors they will teach their children, and what they will be open to learning from these little Divine Souls.

Zeljka Roksandic, author and gifted clairvoyant who has taken the opportunity to share conversations with her first granddaughter Klea in her new fiction book titled: "The Diary of Baby Klea: Soul Messages-First 90 Days on Earth." It has 90 irresistible baby photos that complement the text and make this piece warm and heart filled. This book is written for adults. It is suitable for the general public, especially parents. Every expectant parent and grandparent will enjoy reading and learning something in the process.

In this 90-day interactive dialogue, the reader received perceptions from a humbled Soul who just descended into a baby's body. We often hear "We can learn from our kids," but now we delve deeper. The little newborn has some wonderful wisdom to share. The conversations between Granny and granddaughter are funny, serious, revealing, and challenging.
The dialogues are presented in three parts, each covering one month of baby Klea's Life on Earth. The 90 dialogues are short stories with different topics for each day. Sample subtitles are: "Like to Touch", "Stuck in the body", "Thoughts create Life", "New Time Zone". Each story is unique. Topics include how a Soul feels stuck in baby's body, why babies cry, and some messages for parents about living and learning Life.

Family members are pleased by news of a pending grandchild, but it's Grandma who shifts into ecstasy upon the baby's arrival. In this book, Zeljka finds 90 intriguing ways to tell you! Granny's life has become filled with purpose and clarity.
Writing this book was not initially planned. On the onset, Zeljka realized that her little granddaughter shared some really useful information with her. Granny began to write this information down, thinking that one day this would be great to share with her granddaughter. During the early part of the second month, the idea for the book came up. Let's face it, the information has value and was too important to be buried somewhere in the drawer where the majority of diaries finish.

Zeljka's passion for Life and creative pursuits help her clients and seminar attendees to sustain elevated levels of awareness and self-love. She has co-authored several books and is internationally published. As a psychotherapist, lecturer, artist, and healer, Zeljka began her working career as a teacher. She collaborated with UNESCO Healthy City Program to help people regain their composure and self-worth after the civil war in Yugoslavia. Born with the gift to heal, she developed her healing methods continuously over many years. Zeljka practices Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Color Therapy, Regression in Parallel Lives, Silva Method, Psycho-Cybernetics of Essenes, ZeRo Point Healing Technologies Program and Icon Code Therapy.

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