Soulless (The Immortal Gene Trilogy, #1)

Soulless (The Immortal Gene Trilogy, #1)

by Jacinta Maree

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BN ID: 2940152741223
Publisher: Inked Rabbit Publishing
Publication date: 10/01/2015
Series: Immortal Gene Trilogy , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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Soulless (The Immortal Gene Trilogy, #1) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Book_Sniffers_Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nadia lives in the very distant future. Throughout the years things have change and everyone is now reincarnated over and over again. Robots scan the retinas of the people to see who is a criminal in previous lives, and who’s not. However, what happens when you don’t have any memories of your previous life? What about if you don’t have a soulprint in your eyes for the scanners to read. Unfortunately for Nadia, she has no soulprint of memories of previous lives to draw from. While that keeps her from going crazy like so many others, it also makes her a mutant, hunted by her own people in order to figure out why she’s so different. Soulless is definitely a dark read. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I picked up this book. In all honestly, the covers are what drew me in. They are just so awesome that I had to know what was inside. What I was not expecting was so much death, gore, and violence. Sure, the synopsis lets you know it’s in there but I thought it would just be in passing, I had no idea how ruthless Nadia’s world is. So, when the author says there’s some violence she’s not lying. There were a few times where I contemplated skipping past a scene because I could just picture it too vividly for my liking. One thing that I like about this story is that the characters are not just one-sided. I mean, sure you have Diesel which is this ruthless inmate that Nadia meets while imprisoned who is clearly only interested in himself. However, as the book progresses, you start to see some of his other previous personas make an appearance. It kind of made you question who the real Diesel was. Was he the ruthless killer who wouldn’t hesitate to kill Nadia or anyone who challenged him? Or is he the easygoing calm guy who shows affection here and there? I mean, he clearly states that he’s currently looking through the eyes or “windows” of a different person at the time but it still makes you wonder how much of his previous lives impact who he is today without him realizing it. Also, why was he blacklisted and rotting away in a cell? What heinous crimes has he committed. He lets on throughout the book all the tortures and horrible deaths he’s endured, so we know he hasn’t seem to live any sort of peaceful life before, but why is he blacklisted? Because of Nadia’s lack of soulprint, her “parents” sell her off to become a lab rat. I say parents loosely because they view themselves as the incubators for a reincarnated stranger, they don’t view their kids as their own. So, when they are presented the opportunity to get food and medicine, which is something lacking to anyone who’s not rich, they take it and don’t look back. Which is how Nadia finds herself being strapped and tortured in a prison for the blacklisted. However, when one of the other inmates helps her escape her first instinct is to go back home. Nadia has to wade through a lot of stuff in order to become the girl she is by the end of the book. I mean, she never had a cushy life but it was hers and soon she finds herself lost and unsure who she can trust. Things get even more complicated for her as she start to hear whispers about a prophecy about someone who is soulless, who will stop the cycle of reincarnations.
MayaTheBookExplorer_Blog More than 1 year ago
The blurb is definitely what made me want to read this book. And man, am I happy I did read it. It's bloody fantastic! I usually don't read dystopian books much but with this one you simply can't help but love it. It reminded me a bit on the hunger games, since you had to survive even canibals, yes, you've read that right!, and everyone is out to get you. True, most of them don't want to kill you but just use you as their lab rat. Having no soul imprint can become quite bothersome for Nadia and it definitely does not make her life any easier. Far from it. She's one tough girl that fights so hard to stay basically just alive. And by what life throws her under, she does need that stranght and steel determination. She's an amazing character that's strangely enjoyable. Her parents are not even worth being called that and what they do to her is just horrible. Everyone she loves turns on her. But when things look the most grim, she finds herself an unusual ally. One that still at times want to kill or possess or sometimes also experiment on her. But hey, in her situation she can't be picky, right? But over time I really got to like and enjoy Diesels sharacter. He's a strange and broken fella but the more we get to know him, the more he grows on you and you get to see more than just a tough and insane ex con. As far as the plot goes, I found it so incredibly interesting. There are people who can die but when they are re-born, so are their past memories. Yes, over the many life times that can lead some to insanity but the sole concept of that idea is amazing. You can be a doctor for over four centuries and really perfect your work or you can be someone bad and over the life times become even more evil. I love it! I know to some it might sound strange but wait till you read the book. It's really fantastic and there's never a dull or boring moment. You have so much action and betrayal and even some romance (a strange one, but a romance nonethless). Since this is a trilogy, I'm super happy that I already have the sequel because the cliffy at the end is a mean yet brilliant one. I absoltely want to know what happens next!
Boundlessbookreviews More than 1 year ago
Soulless, is a fresh, unique story in the Dystopian genre. There’s so many stories in this genre, that sometimes it seems their all the same. But not Soulless. This was a heart pumping, nail biting tale of Nadia. One who has never been reincarnated. And about everyone is curious about her and want to do horrific experiments. Until she meets, a psychotic pretty much genius, Diesel. “Humanity didn’t have any love left for anyone, not even themselves.” I loved Nadia and Diesel. You would think that Diesel would be one of those characters that you wouldn’t love. There’s so much standing against him. But who really is Diesel? in a world with no love, it’s hard to understand what your feeling. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I had actually seen Soulless often. But had never given it a chance till now. And yes I regret waiting so long. But usually the stories that you wait to read, are the best. This is the first I’ve read of Jacinta’s. Her writing was awesome and was able to draw me into the story. Enough for the sweepers to scare me through and through. The story is intense, You will just be fully immersed into it. Not even realizing the time or what page your on. That only happens so often. Overall, I give this book Five Boundless Stars. It is totally worth more than Five. But again, that’s how the ratings work. I can’t wait to jump into #2, Soul Finder....Lissa