Soyala's Saga (Revised)

Soyala's Saga (Revised)

by Richard Donahue
Soyala's Saga (Revised)

Soyala's Saga (Revised)

by Richard Donahue


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Soyala's Saga is the story of a Shield Maiden - last survivor of her lineage. She and her foster brothers and sisters have been raised by her Foster Father - Emperor of The Turquoise Kingdom - unaware of her heritage or destiny.  

Soyala is helped on her journey of self-discovery and redemption by the spirits of her ancestors and her loyal friends - a minstrel and a forester. Along the way she meets a Shrouded Stranger and a Feral Child - both of whom provide guidance and enlightenment.  

Among her adventures - Soyala will explore the mysteries of The Turquoise Tower and the secret catacombs beneath this ancient watch tower. Here she will meet the spirit of her grandfather who will explain her ancient birthright and the tragic history of her people.  

In The Land of The Sun King - Soyala will take passage on The Pleasure Barge - a floating island of marble fountains and bounteous fruit trees. Here too she will learn of the tragic fate of her people and of the evil Tona-teootl and his High Priest - Four Hands - so named for his habit of wearing the flayed skins of his victims.  

Later we will meet The Shrouded Stranger and The Feral child and share in their adventures and their journey to meet with Winktje - Keeper of The Geode Cavern.  

Finally - we will live the climactic battle between good and evil as Soyala and The Stranger battle Four Hands and his creations - The Stone Golems - animated by the captured spirits of Soyala's foster brothers and sisters.  

An adventure in the truest sense of the world and in the spirit of the earliest storytellers of fantasy and morality plays.

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