Spells: New and Selected Poems

Spells: New and Selected Poems

by Annie Finch

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ISBN-13: 9780819573636
Publisher: Wesleyan University Press
Publication date: 04/02/2013
Series: Wesleyan Poetry Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 236
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

ANNIE FINCH is a professor of English and director of the Stonecoast MFA Program at the University of Southern Maine. She is the author of five books of poetry, including Calendars.

Table of Contents

A Blessing on the Poets
Abortion Spell
Your Land
Stone and Cloth and Paper
The Naming
Frost’s Grave
Tarot: The Magician Card
Beach of Edges
Earth Day
POEMS, 2000–1990
Watching the Whale
Paravaledellentine: A Paradelle
Wild Yeasts
Earth Goddess and Sky God • Conversation
Over Dark Arches
A Carol for Carolyn
Chain of Women
Ghazal for a Poetess
Meeting Mammoth Cave, Eight Months Pregnant
Butterfly Lullaby
Intimations of Pregnancy
Walk with Me
Two Bodies
Final Autumn
Elegy for My Father
Poems for the Wheel of the Year
Winter Solstice Chant • Imbolc Dance
A Seed for Spring Equinox
A Wreath for Beltane
Summer Solstice Chant
A Mabon Crown
Letter for Emily Dickinson
A Dance for the Inland Sea
Iowa Barn
Landing Under Water, I See Roots
Changing Woman
Spider Woman
The Furious Sun in Her Mane • Aphrodite
Inanna • Coatlique
Running in Church
Blood Charm: From the Menstrual Hut
Gulf War and Child: A Curse
Being a Constellation
My Raptor
The Wish for Eyes
The Last Mermother
The Intellect of Woman
POEMS, 1989–1980
Courtship • Zaraf’s Star
The Grim Garden
Inside the Violet
Blue Willow
Speak Softly
The Door
No Snake
A Small Sound in the Dark Woods • From the Lost Poems
Such Husks
Now in November
Song of the Sorry Side
Awful Friend
Another Pregnant Woman Remembers Incest
Tongue of Language
Lesson from a Rock
Reconciliation Bread • Night Rain
An Imaginary Companion
The Ages’ Years: A Dialogue
Harvest Seam
Shallow Sky
Wine-Glass Woman
Lady Bug
A Wreath of Time
She That
From The Encyclopedia of Scotland
One, from “Rockwood” • The Body of the Thing, from “Feeding the Admiral’s Pussycat”
POEMS, 1979–1970
The August Porch
A Dusk Song
In Cities, Be Alert
List • Still Life
Coy Mistress
When Daphne Ran
Lucid Waking
Sapphics for Patience
Another Reluctance • A Way to See
First Poem
Caribou Kitchen
PERFORMANCE WORKS, 1983–2010 • “Creation Story,” excerpted and adapted from Sheba in Eden
From The Mermaid Tragedy
From Marina Tsvetaeva: A Captive Spirit
From Among the Goddesses: An Epic Libretto in Seven Dreams
From Wolf Song • TRANSLATIONS, 1978–2010
The Seafarer
Louise Labé
Sonnet 2 [Handsome Brown Eyes]
Sonnet 5 [Bright Venus]
Sonnet 13 [The Ivy and the Tree]
Sonnet 4 [The Point of Death]
Sonnet 16 [Impotence]
Sonnet 18 [Kiss Me Again]
Sonnet 19 [A Meeting with Diana]
Sonnet 21 [Love Forces My Judgment] • Sonnet 23 [The Tangle]
Anna Akhmatova
The White Bird
Lot’s Wife • Andrée Chedid
In Praise of Emptiness
A Fragment of Sappho

What People are Saying About This

Ron Silliman

“Annie Finch is an American original, a master of control who shows no fear of excess, and none of quietness either. With a perfect-pitch ear for the American tongue, she is a formalist as much in the tradition of Robert Duncan and Bernadette Mayer as of Hart Crane and John Berryman. The directness and simplicity of her poems are deceptive –they have depths and delights that appear to go on forever. We haven't had a poet so capable of combining control and excess since the young Robert Duncan.”

Charles Altieri

“Annie Finch understands better than any contemporary I know what poetry feels like and sounds like when it is completely at home in its traditions. . . . She is a major poet, one of very few who understand how lyric lives in part because it can speak for something larger than the ego.”

Carolyn Kizer

“Whenever I get discouraged about some trends in contemporary poetry I think of Annie Finch, a shining light, and I feel better.”

Marilyn Hacker

“An exuberant exposition of Annie Finch’s accomplishment as a poet of craft, humor, myth, intimacy and of the natural world.”

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