Spider's Web in the Green Mountains: A Cooper North Mystery

Spider's Web in the Green Mountains: A Cooper North Mystery

by Richard Wolkomir
Spider's Web in the Green Mountains: A Cooper North Mystery

Spider's Web in the Green Mountains: A Cooper North Mystery

by Richard Wolkomir


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She lies on her back on the path through the woods, adjacent to the campus. She'd been walking home this evening, from the college library, where she's been digging into an old murder case. Now her China-blue eyes stare up into the falling sleet, unseeing.

This is Dill, Vermont, and local officers are here in force, along with state troopers and campus security police, but they all subtly defer to a tall woman, almost gaunt, with a hawk's sharp gaze and the profile of a gyrfalcon-Cooper North.

Most of these officers have worked with her for years, because she spent decades as the Allen County state's attorney, followed by stints as the Vermont attorney general, and a judge on the state's Supreme Court. She retired recently, quickly got bored, and agreed to help the local college set up a criminal justice program.

This murdered woman, lying in the sleet, was one of her students.

That's not the only reason this case is personal-someone has been shooting at Cooper. Who wants her dead she doesn't know, or why. She's sure, though, whoever shot this young woman is shooting at her, too.

Death threats even come for her new housemate, Henry, a Pembroke Welsh corgi.

Cooper knows just one thing for sure: in an old New England town like this, murder's roots can run deep.

She finds out just how deep.

Praise For This Mystery From Readers-

"I was up to two a.m. last night reading Spider's Web, and I just never do that!"

"One word. Wow! Five stars."

"Lots of Action! Five stars."

Another Reader's Comment--

"...a Mack-truck-out-of-nowhere double barrels into a never-saw-it-coming conclusion. On the way to the last chapter, it's also full of sleight-of-hand plot shifts and descriptive subtleties akin to poetry. There's 100% agreement among fellow mystery lovers with whom I've shared this book. We loved it!-5 Stars."

A Fifth Mystery Fan Said-

"Really liked the story. Interesting plot with twists. Good characters-5 Stars!"

Praise From Five More Readers-

"A retired prosecutor is in the crosshairs of hate. Who wants her dead, her dog injured and her reputation sullied?"

"This story keeps on giving. So much fun, it keeps you guessing as to whom the culprit is. Read and find out."

"I really enjoyed this novel. I hope that Mr. Wolkomir will turn the book into a series."

"Wolkomir avoids moralizing, while building well-rounded characters that have their faults as well as strengths."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the character, the dog, the subject, and the writing. It kept my interest-a very good mystery. I am hoping Mr. Wolkomir keeps up the great writing."

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