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Spirit Guides


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The message of this popular book, in its seventeenth printing since first publication in 1985, is that we are not alone. We are surrounded at all times by love and support. The aim of author Iris Belhayes, who in the year 2000 passed into the world of spirit, was and is to help readers find their way back "home" to the love which is there whenever we choose to experience it.
In this book, Iris shared what she learned from Enid, a spirit guide who communicated with her over a period of many years. Enid's explanation of the roles of spirit guides and spirit families in our lives is one of hope, of joy and of reassurance. In this exciting view of the cosmos, all of us seek experience above all-and all experiences contribute to the world. There are no monsters, no demons, no evil creatures, except those we conceptualize and create in our own minds and imaginations.
This inspirational and uplifting book can be read on two levels. One level assumes spirit guides are actual entities from the other side. The other level considers guides our own inner wisdom. Like the many-layered universe she discusses, the approach of Iris Belhayes was very rich and can be viewed from several perspectives. But all viewpoints communicated a vision that is full of hope, love and affirmation.
Iris and Enid explain how each of use organizes our life according to a preset game plan that we freely choose! Our spirit guides and spirit families provide support and reassurance in helping us live out that game plan and have the many varied experiences we seek.
Besides offering a sense of meaning and purpose, the author presents techniques for getting in touch with your own spirit guides. Her message is one of strength and power. She encourages readers to go beyond what they think they see and experience physically to what she calls Real Reality, which is multidimensional. She discusses some of the other levels of reality and other beings which exist, and offers instructions for how we can go beyond our "physical universe trance states" to even higher levels of consciousness and understanding.
If you are ready to expand your boundaries of what is possible, this is the book for you!

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