Spiritual and Religious: Exploration for Seekers

Spiritual and Religious: Exploration for Seekers

by Roger Haight

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Collected essays on various topics in religion and spirituality by a world-renowned theologian and prominent Orbis author. More accessible than Haight’s academic theological works on Christology and Ecclesiology, these essays explore a broad range of topics befitting the author’s turn in recent years toward the interests of a seeking, questioning generation that finds more fruit in spirituality than in dogmatic religion. Haight also addresses interreligious dialogue, the uniqueness of the American church, and the connections between science and religion, among other topics.

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ISBN-13: 9781608336289
Publisher: Orbis
Publication date: 02/09/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 629 KB

Table of Contents

Introduction xi

Chapter 1 Religion and Spirituality 1

Locating Spirituality 2

Finding One's Spirituality 7

Chapter 2 Spirituality as the Basis of Theology 16

Seekers and Spirituality 17

The Experience of Transcendence 19

Finding a Conception of God 19

Jesus Represents God 20

Jesus Engenders a Spirituality 22

A Jesus Spirituality as a Basis for a New Theology 24

Chapter 3 The Uniqueness of Jesus 27

Uniqueness as the Particularity of Jesus 27

Uniqueness and the Status of Jesus among the Religions 34

Uniqueness and the Divinity of Jesus 40

Chapter 4 The Spirituality of the Cross 43

How Does One Address the Question of the Cross? 45

Historically Who and What Caused Jesus's Crucifixion? 47

Understanding the Crucifixion Spiritually 49

Making Sense of the Cross Today 52

Chapter 5 Spirituality and Church 57

The Concept of Spirituality 58

Christianity Began as a Spirituality of Following Jesus 59

How Jesus Spirituality Became a Church 61

Ecclesial Spirituality: Following Christ in Community 64

Chapter 6 Following Jesus in a Scientific Age 69

Scientific Challenges to Christian Faith and Spirituality 70

Spirituality of Following Jesus 74

Following Jesus in a Scientific Age 76

Chapter 7 Personal Spirituality and Ecclesial Authority 84

Personal Sanctification in Everyday Life 85

Religious Authority 89

Why Church Authority Is Needed 95

The Kind of Authority That Is Needed 96

Chapter 8 Liberation and Spirituality 102

Liberation and Spirituality 102

Four Witnesses to Christian Spirituality 105

The Eschatological Meaning of Liberation 110

Chapter 9 The Logics of Liberation and Spirituality and Ecospirituality: Two Facets of Creation Spirituality 114

The Logic of Liberation Spirituality 115

The Logic of Ecocentered Spirituality 118

What Christian Faith Adds to These Spiritualities 122

Chapter 10 Four Gifts of the American Church to the Universal Church 126

Religious Freedom 127

Women in the Church 129

Laity in the Church 131

Religious Openness to Other Faiths 134

Chapter 11 The Spiritual Exercises as an Ecumenical Strategy 138

Presuppositions 139

Spirituality as the Core of Christianity 144

Christian Spirituality as Foundation of the Church 146

The Spiritual Exercises Nurture What Christians Share in Common 151

Ecumenical Uses of the Spiritual Exercises 154

Chapter 12 Truth in Other Religions 160

No More Competition among Religions 161

Assessing Religious Diversity 163

The Kernel of Christian Faith 165

Religious Pluralism as a Natural Condition 166

Chapter 13 Ecclesial Spirituality and Living With Other Religions 170

Truth and Error 172

Humans as One Family 173

Grounds for a Spiritual Embrace of Other Religions 175

A Nondivisive Christian Mission Spirituality 177

Dialogue and Religious Reconciliation 180

The Common Bond of Compassion 183

Chapter 14 Trinity as the Central Christian Doctrine 186

The Genesis and Development of the Doctrine 186

The Story the Doctrine Narrates 189

The Failure of This Doctrine Today 191

Retelling the Trinitarian Narrative 192

What Is Trinity? 195

Index 197

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