Star Knight Errant: Thrust

Star Knight Errant: Thrust

by A.K. Shelley

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When Martian Air Science Engineer Cass Hedley takes a dare to use her new Artificial Intelligence system for a night of erotic release, there's only one man she can imagine spending time with—the legendary comic book hero Star Knight Errant. She imagines strong hands, hard abs, and bubble baths, but her black market AI has another idea—an illegal fight club that will only end in her sexy companion's death...or hers.

When Evander Mór transports to an unknown desert planet, his mission changes. Instead of brokering a peace deal, he'll figure out what backwater he's landed on and enjoy a well-earned weekend off with a gorgeous scientist. But when things get hotter than a supernova between them, he discovers he only has eighteen hours to stop an AI bent on murder, convince Cass he's more than fiction, and find a way to cross the gulf between galaxies to bring her home.

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BN ID: 2940163122226
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Publication date: 08/26/2019
Series: Star Knight Errant , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 652,528
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Star Knight Errant: Thrust 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
BossAngel 24 days ago
Loved this tongue in your cheek sci-fi romance. Recently divorce in a new compound on Mars, Cass looks forward to a weekend with herself since her two kids are staying with her ex husband, Richard. On a chat to her friend Sylvia she's reading the A1 manual which she named Jemaine that she got on a deal. Sylvia recommends she programs a service companion for the weekend. She finally gives in after relaxing with drinks and a bath and tells Jermaine to make a companion experience based on her favorite comic character Star Knight Errant. When she goes to her kitchen Star Knight (Evan) strolls in and mayhem ensues. Jermaine also incorporated the battles from the comics and no matter what she does she can't stop the program or leave because Jermaine locked them in the compound. With budding feelings growing between them can Cass and Evan defeat Jermaine without being killed? This was a totally enjoyable story with steamy romance and action and great characters to read and review via booksprout. I'll definitely be looking for other books written by this author.
EmilyP23 24 days ago
Martian Air Science Engineer Cass Hedley was in mid-chat with her friend, Sylvia, when the call was once again dropped, a regular occurrence with Mars’s feeble electromagnetic field. When they reconnected, Sylvia asked what she was reading and she said it was the Instruction Manual for her black-market House AI unit the lab network guy found for her with a nanny companion mode capable of watching her kids while she was working at the lab. When Sylvia discovered that Cass’ two kids were staying with her ex-husband over the weekend, she suggested that an AI-generated companion — a program intended for housework and short-term childcare— could be used as a temporary boyfriend! When Sylvia dared her, Cass decided to give it a try. Her AI, Jemaine, confirmed her comic book hero Star Knight could be generated for her. Oddly Jermaine’s light pulsed red instead of its usual blue – had he malfunctioned? Even his voice was different, much lower than his normal voice. But he confirmed there was no error. And then a velvety voice from behind her asked if Cassandra was her name! Cass stood there in her threadbare tank top, too-short shorts, with her full mud facial mask that she had not washed off! And she faced her stunningly handsome hero, Evan -- Evander Mór of the fictional planet, Exeter! Suddenly three alien warriors with weapons appeared – weapons were never allowed to be created! Cass screamed for Jemaine to end the program, but there was no response, other than the steadily blinking red light. Star Knight stepped forward to defend her and, right in the middle of battling two of the aliens, he actually winked at her! Cass reached for the keyboard to manually shut down the program, but it gave her no access. The replicants should have been programmed to prevent harm to humans. It was every AI’s prime command. Why couldn’t she shut them down? Cass is unable to stop the program and cannot escape because they have been locked inside the compound. Will Cass and Evan be able to stop the AI program without getting killed? Will Cassie ever get her boyfriend-time with Evan? I loved this crazy book – what a brilliant idea! It was hilarious as the two of them met and immediately had to fight for their lives, with Evan relaxed and snarky throughout the fight scenes. Poor Cass had to join in their fight for survival. Would they be able to stop this madness? And what would she do about Evan? This is definitely a fun read – don’t miss it!