by Colby Hodge, Cindy Holby

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Do not revive without authorization. Those were the words stamped on the cryo tube holding the prisoner. Lilly gazed at the prisoner and sensed the rage and frustration within him. Yet she tied her fate to his when their ship was attacked. Chased by Ravigans across the universe, she had no choice put to put her trust in Phoenix. But how was he able to penetrate her mind, filling it with teasing suggestions and sensual images, when that talent had always belonged exclusively to the generations of grey-eyed women in her line? Was the devil with the silver gaze the key to saving her beloved planet of Oasis, or just a common criminal out to take for himself whatever he could get his hands on?

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BN ID: 2940014303330
Publisher: cindyholbybooks
Publication date: 03/10/2012
Series: Oasis , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 508,433
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About the Author

Colby Hodge is the pseudonym for Cindy Holby who is an award winning author. For more info visit

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Stargazer 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Being the daughter of a murdering Circe witch who killed her father has hurt Lilly as much of upper society starting with her uncle blames her from the moment of her birth almost as much as her mother though Lilly was born after the homicide. Two decades later her uncle, Sovereign Alexander of Oasis still holds her culpable for his brother¿s death due to her mother¿s actions; still he assigns Lilly as his representative to the senate with war beckoning that could destroy the world. --- Ravigans attack her ship and her bodyguard Krebb is killed. Desperate she frees a cyro-prisoner Phoenix, whom she already held a telepathic chat with, from his frozen cell that stated ¿Do not revive without authorization¿. The prisoner was to be dumped in the deepest known hole for murdering five Senate soldiers. He sees his actions differently as he was avenging the murder of his parents. He is an anomaly as an unprecedented male surviving descendent of the Circe witches, but agrees to protect Lilly. As they fall in love, they have doubts about the underlying reasons for the upcoming war and investigate how he survived the Circe witches when they kill male infants immediately. --- STARGAZER is an exciting action-packed science fiction romance in which the worlds envisioned by Colby Hodge seem so real the audience will believe she is an ET from one of them. The story line hits hyperspeed immediately and never decelerates until the climax. The mystery of Phoenix adds depth on a personal level to this fabulous outer space tale that in some ways feels like a medieval historical tale as love and war are enhanced by trust and betrayal respectively.--- Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
It's nice to see some sci-fi in the world of romance novels! Stargazer is an up-tempo journey into a beautiful new world, lush with scenery and dynamic characters. I was glad to find some characters to love and some characters that I loved to hate! Cliffhangers at the end hook readers for the next in the series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lily, niece of Sovereign Alexander, is the only royal on Oasis who can save her threatened planet and protect its natural resource from being plundered. During a secret mission to address the Senate, Lily boards a cargo ship to disguise her presence from the marauding Ravigans who¿ve surrounded her home world. When the ship is attacked, and her bodyguard Krebbs is killed, she has no choice but to join forces with the only man on board who can save her life. What better person than a man guilty of murdering five Legionnaires? It doesn¿t hurt that his only other choice is imprisonment in the bowels of a prison planet. Yet, Lily¿s telepathic trip inside the prisoner¿s head shows her there is more to him than meets the eye. It begs her to answer the question--What kind of special secrets does Phoenix hold as the only male Circe ever left alive? This is the fundamental question that spurs Lily and Shaun Phoenix on, through a labyrinth of political intrigue to save her planet and their lives. When they can no longer trust anyone except each other, their relationship jumps at warp speed to a whole new level. From their first meeting, they¿re connected by a special bond as Circe witches which allow them to enter each other¿s heads (and adds a surreal sensual realm during their intimate moments). By overcoming their emotional weaknesses and supporting each others individual strengths Shaun and Lily multiply their ¿natural¿ powers to uncover the secret plots brewing around them. Their adventures immerse them in a myriad of cultures and several planets are fleshed out in complete detail, including a blood lust gladiator fight to the death and snakelike creatures waiting to pounce underwater. As Susan Grant noted in her praise for STARGAZER the novel does have connotation of Riddick and Star Wars. In fact, several times I caught myself reflecting back to various Sci-fi sources that could¿ve inspired Colby Hodge¿s imagination. Even though some of the pieces reflect classic moments captured on film, the way the author has mixed and matched the elements is masterful. Colby Hodge has taken the best pieces and twisted them into a tail that is intricately weaved and fast paced enough to have readers racing to the end to discover whether or not the hero and heroine¿s epic struggle will truly have a happy ending.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Colby Hodge, better known as bestselling author Cindy Holby of 'Chase The Wind' and 'Windfall', is sure to attract a new legion of fans with her first science fiction adventure. From the haunting opening with Lily's psychic attraction to a helpless prisoner in cryosleep, Hodge/Holby takes the reader on a riotous ride through the fantastic realms of space. The plot moves at lightspeed, easily introducing new characters and revealing new twists without a stall. Han Solo has nothing on charming, hotshot pilot Reuben, and the evil Circe invoke nightmares. Although marketed as a fantasy romance by Dorchester Publishing, this novel really crosses genres. Fans of 'Dune' and 'Star Wars' will feel right at home in Hodge/Holby's galaxy, and her handling of the parapsychic realms draws favorable comparisons to Marian Zimmer Bradley's world of Darkover. This adventure is not to be missed. If there's any flaw with this superb new series, it's the delay between the release of the future sequels....Five shooting stars!
reneebooks on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Stargazer is a fun futuristic SF read with lots of non-stop action. Princess Lilly is a telepathic witch from the garden planet of Oasis which provides food for many planets. The neighboring Ravigans whose own planet has been abused for years, cannot raise their own food. They are threatening Oasis so they can plunder its wealth and natural resources. Her uncle, the king of Oasis, sends her on a diplomatic mission to the Interplanetary Senate to enlist their aid in protecting her planet. So she boards a cargo ship disguised from the Ravigans who have surrounded Oasis.Shaun is a convicted murderer and under sentence to spend the rest of his life underground on a prison planet and being transported frozen in a cryo tube on the same cargo ship. Lilly instantly feels a psychic connection when Shaun's mind reaches out to hers. The ship comes under attack and her protector is killed, so Lilly releases Shaun from his imprisonment and they escape to a nearby planet. Shaun takes on the role of Lilly's protector to the displeasure of her family.What follows is a rip-roaring adventure and I was thoroughly entertained. There is a bit a mystery about Shaun's birth, his psychic abilities and the scars on his neck that was obvious and I was able to figure them out immediately. The characters were well drawn but not deep, the dialog flowed smoothly, and the psychic bond between H/H was pleasantly satisfying. Shaun's friend Ruben was a fun character and I'm predicting he will get his own book. There were some gladitorial combat scenes that were violent and gory, so avoid or skim those scenes if you are a bit squeamish and you won't be missing anything. If you like space action adventure stories like Star Wars, you'll like this book too. (Grade: B-)
Jenson_AKA_DL on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Although this story rather unapologetically emulates Star Wars, really I didn't feel as though this was a bad thing. It was actually a bit fun. Shaun is a little bit Han Solo, a little bit Luke Skywalker and has been convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. Lilly is very Leah-like in her commitment to her home world and her duty. While sneaking away to the Senate to beg for assistance for her besieged planet, Lilly senses the presence of Shaun in the cryo-pod across from hers. Despite the fact that she is told that the man is a murderer, she is drawn to his sleeping consciousness and inadvertently awakens a power in him he himself wasn't even aware of.Political intrigue, evil witches, bloody fights and a wise-cracking smuggler round out this entertaining tale of good vs. evil. If you don't mind the Star Warsian background I would certainly suggest this sci-fi adventure story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book has the potential to be an excellent story, but the author seems to have taken 'Star Wars', 'Dune' and elements from 'Pitch Black's Riddick and mingled them all together. You can almost decipher which particular movie was on at the time she was writing. There are times when the story attempts to take off on it's own and plot it's own course, but she drags it right back to the movie that seems to be her favorite inspiration, 'Dune'. She has also taken Riddick and remade him for her own. I will say the plot flows, there's no real drag or sudden 'jumping' from subject to subject so there's no confusion. I just wish she'd done more to make the story flow from her own imagination instead of someone elses.
DrMikeL More than 1 year ago
Except for a cover designed by some homoerotic officionado, this book definitely rocks, as does the entire series. Definitely a must read.