Storms of the Heart

Storms of the Heart

by Della Anderson


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ISBN-13: 9781414029146
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication date: 02/02/2004
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.32(d)

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Copyright © 2004 DELLA ANDERSON
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4140-2914-6

Chapter One

Stone Bleeds Stone was abandoned as a child No one there to really care, not for a while His journeys in life were twists and turns Heartsick for his family he yearns He's become an angry young man The Why's? In his life he couldn't understand Reunited, he found his family doing fine To his sister he was out of sight and out of mind He helped overcome an over protective Uncle By loving his niece and wouldn't buckle When he was on the rough and dangerous streets Who would have thought, Sunny he would meet Sunny became the sword for Stone Letting him know he was never alone Just when he finally found someone to love After so great a struggle he had to give it up He looks back in time, when he was naive Because of ignorance he's diagnosed with HIV But instead of just dying and giving up life He learned, he taught and continued to fight He knows that all the good in him Was brought out by all those who loved him He passed away with love, grace and joy But he left his true beloved; Sunny and more So remember his name, tough as a rock you see But even after his story "Stone" bleeds.

Loose your grip

There are times in our lives The pain we just cannot abide When the swells of the tide Seems to swallow you deep inside There just doesn't seem to be an end No matter how hard you try to swim The waves at first seem to lessen 'Til a wall of pain seems to stricken So filled with fear, you wail with grief But no one hears your call, for relief When your arms loose their strength And no one cares how you're spent You feel the only way out is to sink Yes, down, down, to give up, you think? When you think you're time is over Think again for GOD will give you cover.


I first saw you when were children Hoping, longing for a stronger friendship, then But as the years continued to fly, quickly Seeing you with one girl after another, I felt sickly I didn't know how to make you notice me For other girls flirting and looking sexy came easily From a child to the woman I am now Surely I can catch your eye somehow But you married someone else, honey Who loved you only for the money My heart is full of love for you still Praying you'll see it on my face, if you will Your failed marriage saddens me to no end When it's your woman who won't give of her men I see the hurt and bitterness in you arise Because of a deceitful woman in disguise Returning to your old world of play No, your interest didn't come my way Now that you're old and had your share of fun Your heart is lonely for that special someone Your eyes and attention turned my direction Reaching out after abusing my affection I'm an old woman now with a heart full of love We could have wed in our youth with God's blessings from above I wanted to experience the thrills and excitement The dangers, the sadness as it was meant Together we could have had the world in our hands When you allowed color, friends and society to dictate demands You should have truly followed your heart Now it's too late for us, too late to start God made us all the colors he loves, as one So don't judge your love by the color or else it'll be gone.

You don't know

You don't know the pain and sorrow When the one you loved is gone tomorrow You don't know how hard it is to go on When the one who birthed you is now gone You don't know the deep emptiness inside The kind so painful that you just want to hide You don't know when the next wave will hit When it comes in to strike, it is always quick You don't know how tough the struggle When your whole world has burst like a bubble You don't know if you can ride it out Because your tears flow like water from a spout If you cannot understand this flow Then you don't know...............

Careless words

This world we live in gets no better Because of careless words we utter We seek to find tender souls But what we get has no such goals Why are the people becoming killers? Is life worth anything but a bit of silver? Personalities seem to change every season Just to get ahead in life, is that a good reason? I know there must be a solution What we need is a non-killing revolution We are so full of hate That we cannot keep a mate Death comes; it's a part of life forever And we make it happen, daily or whenever We need to look at ourselves in mirrors Perhaps then we'll see the faults and errors With God's love we can create Let him guide us, and then we'll conquer hate.

The loss of a Mother

When grief strikes it's utterly blinding When the loss is as strong as lightening Your feelings are frozen in time Your emotions are all in a bind Words of sympathy are spoken to you But words, to your mind, are anything but kind You want to strike out at anyone near Because of a pain you just can't bare When the guilt you feel has you in fear When you care, guilt is natural, because she was so dear But just when you think you'll make it Just a song, word or expression and you're faking it This kind of pain you cannot describe Because this kind of pain can only subside So when you think of Mother, from your heart Remember she gave you life from the start Love will last forever and not wither Not even with "The loss of a Mother".

Not alone

When I feel I cannot go on She whispers softly to me, you're not alone The pain I bare is so very, very strong Because she's gone and I'm on my own When she left me, my heart was aggrieved I've lost my anchor, now I'm lost out to sea I don't know if I can ever be found Because she's not there, no, nowhere around Then I seem to suddenly remember She was strong and brave, no never a quitter I'll struggle to hold on to her in my heart Because if I loose my grasp I'll fall apart There are times I feel so alone, deep down in my bones That no place ever feels like home When I finally rest my weary, weary soul She'll wipe my tears in my dreams then says "you're not alone".

Never forget God

When you have God in your life He'll be your protector in this place of strife Believe in him not to guide you forward right Will surely lead you to lose your wife Forgetting in him who cares, the chosen Hearing your prayers for a good husband His love, he show us every single day But we're just too proud, too set in our ways His son came down to lead us on high Thinking we know best, we misdirect our lives God graciously opened the way for us We ignore him to live for the rich and plush When you hold on to God's way for all you're worth He'll take you safely home, through turmoil on earth As soon as you leave God's home You've opened the door for Satan to roam If you forget to behave Godlike Remember Satan's just waiting to steal your light As you continue in this life you've trod Just follow, follow the steps of God.

This World

Reaching deep in our hearts what will we find? Is it love, compassion and mercy for mankind? We find it hard to let go of the bad That it is destroying so many lives, it's so sad Why is it easier to distrust each other? When we're all born the same, from a mother Why does being different frighten so much? We hurt each other, and for what? Does wealth belong to just one? Forcing people to live by the gun Do you smile when someone's child dies? Caused by society's opinions and lies God made this world for all to equally live To laugh, work and play together and to love Clothes of many colors for us to adorn But shades of people we hate and scorn This whole wide world we live, can never win Until we fill our hearts with love for humanity, not sin.

Mother's day without ...

Mother's Day without her Is like a storm without the calm Mother's Day without her light It just does not feel right Mother's Day without her wisdom Leaves me lost and full of confusion Mother's Day without her scolding Seems my life stops unfolding Mother's Day without her laughter Makes me wonder how I'll live without her Mother's Day without her here Always makes my eyes tear Mother's Day without her love Is very hard to dream of Mother's Day without her through the coming years I realize Mother's Day is not forlorn Through me, she'll be reborn.

By myself

When I am sad, I don't want anyone Because space is what I need to think Alone with my thoughts I always get caught My emotions are so down So low to the ground They drag through the mud Striving to get higher, if they could It feels like an anchor of weight Feelings of drowning is my fate I try and try to lighten my spirit But it's oh, so heavy, to lift it I pray to God to send me a blessing But seems to me he's not listening My voice just can't reach very far It's lost out to sea, drifting, sealed in a jar I'm just feeling sorry more or less I really don't want to be by myself.

Buried with her

I've always dreamed of having a family And dear mothers' there with me, just busy I've made mistakes with her, in my life But she corrected me without causing strife When I thought I knew the answer She was diagnosed with cancer I couldn't believe what the doctors said Because she was surviving, not dead I would talk to her about it, to help But she kept on denying how she really felt I was so frustrated and angry over it all She had so much love to give, for her to fall I know in my heart she's wanted to travel But she put her children first, as long as she was able I walked the corridors of this place Sitting with her, watching her breathing pace Next time I saw her she was stronger She smiled at me; I whispered "rest a bit longer" I received a call early morning hours She had gotten worse, without me beside her I don't know how long the drive All I wanted was for her to survive I came to her bedside, held her hand and smiled At my touch her eyes opened just for a while "Do you know me" I asked She admonished me with a soft laugh When I stepped out with the doctor you see Then I returned in time to see her bleed I called to her strongly as I grasped her hand She never opened her eyes; no never again Now every emotion is gone; everything so dear For every part of me is now buried with her.

Go Away

There are times you want to just go away Because of the sadness that holds sway You ask "Why does this have to be? Can anyone feel or seem to see? They say our world will be automated People will be as robots, not as God has created If people stop being people then I truly wonder where it will all end We seem to forget who made us all, but With a wave of God's hand we are dust Remember we all came from clay Cause only God can make the world go away.

Thoughts of you

When I lost a very dear one For me a new world had begun Resisting the shifting changes of life I can't stop time no matter how I fight As waves of sadness rush all around Battering my emotions without a sound When grief somehow overwhelms me I pray to the Lord to hear my plea And if loneliness sends me sinking I try to over come it with my thinking My heart with despair is engulfed That's when I need you the most You send hope on the wings of a dove Brightening my life and filling it with love I don't know where all the years flew But my heart always has thoughts of you.

End of Time

We've had some hard times and easier times We've lost time then found time We've borrowed time and have given time We have regretted at times and been grateful at times We've been sad at times but also glad at times But remember, we will always be sisters Yes, until the end of time.


Are we really born so differently? That we discriminate automatically Is hate a child's nature? Or installed? Not knowing right from wrong yet, as I recall Are our children to be used for gain? Can we really compare wealth to their pain? What kind of world do we want for them? Spending everyday of their lives killing men? Do we truly know what love mean? We don't because daily there is a bloody scene We take life quicker than we give Is this really how our children should live? When there is no respect in the house We breed killers, liars and thieves, no doubt Children love with the innocents of mind If we follow their lead we can save mankind.

Dream Love

Growing up, you have a special dream Not the kind that you wake and scream This is one you've had all of your life No problems, no cares and no strife Then the world shakes you awake And tells you that it is just fake You say "No it's real, just go away" But the doubts that arise make you sway Who do you seek for advice? Someone who's knowledgeable and precise I remember a story told to me of a man That he had the power to help like no one can I read the book he provided to guide me It's wonderful to know that he is the key Now when the world enters my dream cove I turn a blind eye to see only my dream love.

Too Soon

When as a child growing all the while She was the one who taught me to smile I went to school as most children do She wanted me to learn and be true Teachers taught me to read and write But she showed me how to lead a good life My life got rocky as I went along She was there to help guide me on home Then illness struck like a knife Her life's in jeopardy just over night I prayed on my knees to the Father "Don't take her now because I'll be lost without her" I tried to give her strength with all my might That she may live to see daylight I now stand weeping at her gravesite at noon Whispering, repeatedly "It was too soon!"

Not Just a Man

The sad times that you feel Make it all seem so surreal When everything is out of focus And you feel just so hopeless Just remember to think of God Because he is your light, your hope and guide When things don't go as you plan Count on him for he is not just a man.

Dappling Shadows

As I sit and listen to the wind Breathing deep to feel cleansed Feeling a jolt from the breeze Stretching and relaxing, quite at ease Looking down across the grassy slopes While at the lake there are several boats As they bob and jet on the water I enjoy the solitude without a bother

Seeing the stream as it turns and twists Flowing over rocks in its midst Listening to the soothing gurgle And splashing and flapping your feet like a turtle When the sun goes down fiery as the dawn I don't want the day to end, all this calm Treasure these times forever my fellow Remember your dreams during the dappling shadows.

Her Light

When I needed sustenance she gave me......her light I never thought much of how I grew nor learned until......her light The steps I have taken in this world were due to......her light When life seemed to get me down I was drawn by......her light I had problems so dark I couldn't see the answers then she'd bring......her light But through good times and bad; joy and pain I'll make it because of......her light She was a person the whole world could see, yes always......her light.

On the Wind

When the clouds of life roll in It is brought in on the wind We search for answers through the dust But cannot find them for there's been no gust The loads of life are filled with strife So unbearable that we can't move or fight We seem to be drowning in darkness With no pathway to follow nor guide us We cry aloud, our plea's we send To be carried near or far, on the wind When we hurt others with concern so thin Breathe deep and exhale it on the wind And when the heart is free of sin Will send it soaring high above, on the wind.


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