Superior Self: Reaching Superior Health for a Superior Self

Superior Self: Reaching Superior Health for a Superior Self

by Kj Landis
Superior Self: Reaching Superior Health for a Superior Self

Superior Self: Reaching Superior Health for a Superior Self

by Kj Landis


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Superior Self is a smart, how-to suggestion guide for men and women looking for motivation and information to overcome their personal struggles with fat loss and overall wellness. KJ Landis shares her personal story, research, and the success stories of her coaching clients. The Wellness from Within Guide shares simple, step-by-step instructions on how to give up processed unhealthy foods, and how to replace them with nutritious choices that give us energy, vitality, and also have the capacity to reduce or reverse illnesses. Superior Self covers underground cancer and healing therapies, and their relationships to fat loss and overall health. Inside, you will find tips and tricks to build your mental strength, where to reach for support, and the importance of inspiration in your journey.

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ISBN-13: 9781452521350
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 09/22/2014
Pages: 244
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

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Superior Self

Reaching Superior Health For A Superior Self

By KJ Landis

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 KJ Landis
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-2135-0



Losing weight is simple, right? Eat certain foods, stay away from other particular foods, and remember to exercise a lot. The combination of these activities produces weight loss. It is pretty easy in the math too. Take in fewer calories that you put out, and the result is the body of your dreams ... Bogus, bogus, bogus.

When I did the government and medically recommended methods of weight loss, I did lose weight for a little while. Then a little while later, I gained the weight back. Because of my talent in following the rules, so many of my experiences resulted in disappointment in myself and lower self esteem. I did not pig out to gain the weight back. I just ate "normally" again. I never stopped going to the gym or running. In fact, I was a certified spinning instructor and completed fourteen marathons during the years that I steadily gained weight. I even ate "healthy whole grains" and "low fat, heart healthy" products.

So, what was it? What was my downfall over and over again? Besides being fooled by the American Dietary Association, the American Medical Association, the Food and Drug Administration, and mainstream media, it was my own mind. I had to change my mind in order to consistently change my habits. I couldn't finish a three hour kick-ass workout and hit the Chinese food buffet anymore. I had to hit a deep, dark hurting spot, that wall in my mind that says, "I am done with this roller coaster ride. I don't want to exercise more and more hours a day year in and year out and still gain a few pounds and inches each and every year. I am desperate. DONE."

That was my turning point. Next came my big WHY. Why did I decide to seek a permanent change once and for all? Basically, I wanted to be more of me, my most authentic, loving, giving, un-self-conscious self. In order to do that, I had to shift my eating paradigm and seek out a different protocol for life. If I could change the psychology, I could change the body.

Ask yourself, why? Why this time? Why this time in this particular period of your life? Who do you want to be healthy, happy, and fit for? What other life goals will you go after when you achieve your superior health? Do you desire to reach your superior self? This challenge is a journey for the mind, body, and spirit. It is a task well worth attending to because you are ready now. You are a shining, sparkling, invaluable being, worthy of every goodness and blessing. You are worth it! I truly believe that, or I would not have begun coaching for free, blogging, and sharing my story of discoveries.

Put your attention on your intention. What is your intention? I intend to have superior health and happiness. Why? I intend to have superior health and happiness because I desire to live long and be supple in my movements. That robust longevity will enable me to be of service to others and to fully enjoy my family, friends, and those whom I serve.

Now, to fully pay attention to that, I had to do something about my weight. That was when I was opened up enough in my soul spot, my vulnerability, to acknowledge and accept the HCG Body for Life protocol into my personal space. I was ready to fully trust the process. Perhaps you are ready for a program of eating and wellness that will serve your higher purpose. It does not have to be the same one I was committed to, but it must resonate with your whole being.

What we think over and over again becomes what we believe. Our thoughts become our beliefs, and then our whole being gets the message by aligning within that belief system. Then our actions support that belief system. Why do we seem shocked when we get results based upon that activity? We think it's a miracle, but it is our own personal answer based upon a spark of new information or insight. Kind of like, "wash, rinse, repeat, wash, rinse, repeat." Sooner or later we will believe the clothes (or hair) will be clean. Your intention may not be fat loss or a smaller clothes size. Your intention may be to gain energy, lose aches and pains, or sleep through the night. Whatever the goal, put your attention on your intention.

The HCG falling into my sphere, when I had never come across the word before, was the divine spark. Then I went beyond the surface of the HCG protocol and it became a journey that was something else entirely. I read, listened to, and watched everything I could get my hands on in ancient and new alternative methods of eating for health, fat loss, optimum nutrition, and natural healing of all kinds of conditions. The fire inside of me is still stoked daily by new questions that pop into my head. Then, I'm off and running to seek out the answers for those whose lives I touch as well as for myself.

Hide-and-seek ... We played this game for years as children. When we found our friends hiding, we were happy to see them. Be happy to find your true self, hiding in the corners, under things, behind things, in the closet, under the bed, under the covers. When you discover the authentic you, you will be greeted by a hidden best friend, who was waiting patiently, ready and willing to play some more, laugh some more, and love some more. So what are you waiting for? Whether it is the body of your dreams, the love of your dreams, the career of your dreams, or to be your personal best, know that others are there to play with you, uphold you, and support you to your highest version of yourself.

We can self-talk into limitations or into limitless possibilities. Sometimes when attempting something for the first time (or the umpteenth time), we say that we can't. Really what this means is that we won't. We do not want to do X, Y, or Z. Not now, not yet. Realize that this is an imaginary limitation. The imagination is a great source of explosive creativity and yeses. The imagination is also a great source of negative stories that feed self doubt. I am asking you to reverse the conversation you have with yourself that keeps you in less than optimum health and vitality. As you believe in yourself a little bit more each and every day, the yeses will outnumber the noes, and perhaps at the end of your time here on Earth, you will be completely satisfied and blissful on the way out.

I do not want more and more and more things at the end of my life. Rather, I want more and more and more of me at the end of my life. Old habits are comfortable and non confrontational, yet they yield old results. New habits are uncomfortable and may create tension in your internal and external worlds, but they yield new results. Place the imaginary limitations into the incinerator, ditch the old habits, and embrace the positive you, the person you know that is inside of you, patiently waiting for this moment.

How do we change the internal language that we have had for so long? The feeling in our heart that we can't, we aren't good enough, etc. can be altered with conscious and repeated effort. If you attempt this admirable feat a little at a time, the internal dialogue will change permanently. If you were at a restaurant and the food you ordered came out completely wrong, you probably would send it back. You would patiently (or impatiently) wait for the correct order. I suggest doing that with the negative internal conversation. Send it back to the kitchen (brain) to be made right. Tell yourself that it is unacceptable in this presentation.

When I was overweight, rarely did strangers on the city streets give me attention. I felt comfortable in my own skin. I felt attractive, liked, and trusted within my circle of family and friends. Being overweight made me invisible in a way that was perfectly okay with me for a long time. After all, I was married for close to two decades and had two children. Being just another middle aged, frumpily shaped woman was acceptable to me. When I lost the weight and fat, my youthful modeling shape reemerged. All of a sudden, I was getting whistled at, received cat calls, and more attention from both men and women I didn't know at all. This created a new kind of tension and anxiety within me. I had not had this sort of public attention in years, and it was uncomfortable at first. Even though I was proud of my weight loss, I had not anticipated the extra energy being thrown at me freely.

Perhaps we feel safe being at a size or shape that makes us invisible in a crowd. It takes a lot of mental effort to be willing to shed that layer of safety along with the layers of fat and weight loss.

The mind and body do not have to be at constant odds with each other. Do we really have to have the mind versus the body? It is our heart that can be the mediator between the two. I believe we can utilize the heart and ask it to massage both the mind and the body into a cooperative relationship. The heart perseveres with grace, strength, and tenacity. Sit quietly with yourself a few minutes each day. Pray for your heart to reach the rest of you.

Two things to consider when we talk about the mind versus the body are willpower and won't power. Our mind is strong and flexible. It will work with us to meet our goals. It won't, however, change our basic genetic makeup. An apple is not a pear is not a stick of gum. A person who is pear-shaped will not become apple-shaped or stick-shaped no matter how hard he or she works at it. We can improve upon the basic framework that our genes gave us, but we cannot completely change everything. We are predisposed to a particular body type. We must work within that parameter, and be aware of it so that we do not feel like a failure.

Getting your mind right and ready for your superior self will allow your life goals to happen naturally in a flow so that you may redeem all of the benefits and qualities of the body your spirit is living in. Confidence, self esteem, greater health, ease of movement in mind, body, and spirit is attainable, my friends. I am living proof. Now it is your turn. I offer you your superior self.



When we are overweight, some of us believe that the reason we are fat is because we didn't work hard enough, or that we didn't have enough willpower to not eat junk food and treats. That, simply stated, is a lie. We are not weaker than thin and fit people. Populations around the world have been extremely disciplined and successful at losing pounds in the short term, repeatedly. We are not overweight because of gluttony and sloth. We are overweight because of our physiology naturally reacting to the low fat, whole grain, artificially sweetened foods that we consume when we follow the mainstream media and medical community's recommendations. It has been this dogmatic approach for so many decades that has brought us to this epidemic situation of obesity in our modern society.

If we are expending more and more energy, and not taking in equal energy, our brain sends signals to the body to eat, eat, eat. Eventually we receive the message. We are usually ravished by this point, and we pounce upon insane things, where we would have probably chosen better foods had we not been so deprived. We may relieve ourselves of the guilt and self hatred caused by breaking our deprivation. We are not meant to starve for years, months, weeks, or even days on end.

Our body wants to remain in balance. It is self regulating of all of its systems. This internal stability of our body systems is called homeostasis. Our willpower is limited and sooner or later our brain signals surpass the willpower and our body instructs us to eat. So we eat. What we choose to eat after suffering the imbalance is the key to why our bodies are metabolically broken. After a diet of struggle and not eating enough nutrients to feed our cells, we usually turn to a highly processed grain product, coupled with refined sugars or toxic fats or a combination of these three things. This cycle, when used habitually, can cause adrenal fatigue, inflammation, as well as a myriad of illnesses and conditions, including weight gain.

The standard American diet has duped us, unfortunately. The abbreviation for it is SAD, and it is very sad indeed! Food that is made from highly processed, non-nutritive substances has a great chance of making us fat, sick, ugly, and old ... eventually. These non-foods, let's call them edible-food-wannabes, are filling us up but not fulfilling our essential nutritional needs. Therefore we get signals from our brain very soon after ingesting them that we are still hungry. So we eat again. The cycle continues. I think of this cycle similar to a life of one night stands versus a long and satisfying relationship. Do we want instant gratification or overall lasting health?

Obesity is not the entire problem. A broken metabolism is the problem, and obesity is a side effect of that. Most health care costs in the USA result from diseases and conditions caused by a broken metabolism. One does not necessarily have to be fat to suffer from a metabolic disorder. Many of us know people who are "skinny-fat." They may be thin as a rail but are taking high cholesterol medications, have type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, gout, memory loss, etc. Immunity to any disease begins in the gut. What we take into our bodies is of the utmost importance.

The calories in, calories out model of health and vitality serve us no more. It does, however, serve the mainstream farmers, the food manufacturing industry, the FDA, the advertisers, mainstream media, and Wall Street. Anybody hear of 100 calorie packs? Why haven't those 100 calorie packs kept us free from obesity? Some expert thought they were a great idea.

If I drank only a can of cola and ate an apple daily, in a few days I would lose weight. It has roughly 300 calories, less than my body needed to maintain my weight. Besides that, I would feel hungry, fatigued, and grumpy. On the inside, however, my organs and hormones would not be working very well. The hormones that process and regulate my energy, fat, and appetite would be out of whack. The body's imbalances don't happen after one fast food meal. These things take time and the body can really take a lot of abuse before things break down.

In my own case, I was blindly setting up my imbalances from a very young age. I began life as a normal weight child. Then from about age five to twelve I steadily became larger and larger, slower and slower. My family fed me well, according to the four food groups that were the guidelines of my youth. My parents came from Russian and Eastern European backgrounds, where meat and potatoes, stews, stuffings, breads, pastries, and cakes were daily occurrences.

The 1970s modern conveniences of canned, packaged, and frozen goods assisted my mother greatly in preparing meals for a family of seven. The price points of these convenient products added to their appeal. Margarine and lard type shortening products, as well as new, cheaper, and "healthier" vegetable oils added to my personal demise. Instant cold and hot cereals, cake mixes, instant rice, mashed potatoes, and of course soda pop were all around me. I was happy to be a part of the new age. I belonged to the clean plate club too. My mother was so proud of her good eater!

Little did I know that by age 12 those daily habits would literally age me. Remember that I mentioned earlier that these substances would make us fat, sick, ugly, and old? Well, it eventually broke my metabolism. I was 12 years old, five feet two inches tall, and weighed 173 pounds.

My parents took me to my yearly checkup, where we all received a verbal slap on the wrist from the pediatrician, and I was sent directly to the endocrinologist and dietician. There, I learned that I would be at least five feet eight inches tall when I was done growing. I also learned that I had the insides of an obese, ill, 48 year old person, with cholesterol and triglycerides running so high that the ink ran off of the ink graph charts. The endocrinologist scared my family straight. He stated that if I kept up my bad eating habits, I was playing fire with heart disease and heart attack risk. He also said that my knees probably would begin to ache if I gained more weight because my legs were skinny compared to the rest of me and they may not be able to support my body.

For the next two years solid I kept a food diary. I ate no more than 1200 calories a day, and chose fruits and vegetables over everything else. I exercised as a means of weight loss, not for play's sake. I would not permit myself to go to sleep until I completed 200 sit-ups. I met monthly with my pediatric dietician for weigh-ins and intake of my food journal. During those two years I lost 40 pounds and grew eight inches. The pediatric staff declared me one of their most successful outcomes. My hard work and discipline paid off. Yet nobody at the clinic shared with me that the composition and the quality of the calories were just as important, if not more important than the number of calories. No one told me how vital water intake was to weight loss and overall health either.


Excerpted from Superior Self by KJ Landis. Copyright © 2014 KJ Landis. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Foreword, ix,
Preface, xi,
Acknowledgements, xv,
Introduction: My Story, xvii,
Chapter 1: The Mind vs The Body, 1,
Chapter 2: The Truth, 11,
Chapter 3: The HCG Protocol, 25,
Chapter 4: What I Eat Now (And What I Don't), 59,
Chapter 5: Reaching Waaaay Back To The Future, 91,
Chapter 6: Alternative Cancer and Healing Therapies, 113,
Chapter 7: Simple vs Easy, 129,
Chapter 8: That's the Way, "Ah-ha, Ah-ha" I Like It!, 139,
Chapter 9: Frequently Asked Questions, 151,
Chapter 10: Their Stories, 179,
Chapter 11: Your Story, 191,
Appendix: Meal Ideas, 203,
Podcasts I Enjoy Listening To, 211,
Bibliograph, y213,
About the Author, 217,

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