Surrender to Win

Surrender to Win

by Laura Harris

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Starting a business is never easy, neither is it easy being a seasoned entrepreneur. Wouldn't it be nice if someone laid out the basics so that others could save a lot of time, money, and grief? Laura Harris has done just that. Focusing on concepts that will help entrepreneurs avoid costly, time-consuming trial-and-error learning, Harris will guide readers through the challenges of running a business.

Based on the author's own hard-earned lessons and her years of experience consulting with thousands of business owners, Surrender to Win teaches readers how to generate more income, maximize profits, create client loyalty, develop autonomous employees, and decrease the stress that results from 'making it up as you go along.' An entrepreneur can achieve all of this and not be shackled to the business by developing a solid business plan, clear-cut operations, strong leaders, and competent employees.

Harris offers insightful and authoritative advice that both fledgling entrepreneurs and the seasoned businessperson will find helpful and practical. She can teach every business owner how to build a profitable business where employees think and act like owners.

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ISBN-13: 9781608320479
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group, LLC
Publication date: 10/01/2008
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 3 MB

Table of Contents

Introduction ix Part 1 Autopilot Leadership 1 Look Before You Leap 3 Am I Riding the Horse or Is the Horse Riding Me? 6 Autopilot Leaders Excel 9 The Power Is Not in the King 12 You Have Not Earned the Right to Sleep 16 Lead Me and Manage Me 20 Who Is Serving Whom? 23 Mentors Accelerate Growth 26 Do Not Avoid Fear ... Attack It 29 Get Happy or Get Gone 33 Move On or Move On 36 You Are the Average of Your Five Closest Friends 39 Do Not Prop Your Feet Up 43 Exercise Is Not a Luxury 46 Stop Speeding Through Life 49 Don't Drop the Ball 53 Part 2 Upfront Alignment 57 Sweat Today or Bleed Tomorrow 59 Begin with the End in Mind 62 Don't Stash the Plan 65 Market by Design, Not by the Seat of Your Pants 68 Take the Personal Out of It 72 Stay in the Helicopter 76 Hitting the Wall 79 The Secret Is-There Is No Secret 82 Written Goals Become Reality 85 Whose Goals Are They? 89 Measure All Your Critical Variables 92 Four Good Quarters Make One Great Year 95 The Man Who Chases Two Rabbits Catches None 98 You Are in It for the Money 101 Competition and Comparison 105 Every Day Is Plan B 108 If It Works-Don't Quit 111 Part 3 Team on Target 113 Plan Ahead, Hire Ahead 115 The Best One Is Not Looking 118 The Last Job You Will Ever Have 121 Who Are You, Really? 125 If You Are Not Like Me-I Like You 131 Put People's Personalities to the Test 134 Experience Is Not Necessarily a Good Thing 138 Don't Worry About What Will Happen if They Leave 141 Education Goes Only so Far 144 Never Be Held Hostage 147 Leave the Problems at the Door 151 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 154 Know the Right Thing to Say 157 Being Cheap Can Cost a Lot 160 Understand the Economic Equation 164 Defend Your Employees 167 I Want to BeEngaged 170 Three Strikes-You're Out 175 Shoot Your Own Horse 179 Feedback Without Fear 182 Part 4 Devil's in the Details 187 Sixty Days to Sanity 189 Remember Why We Do This 192 Make a Difference 195 Operating in a Silo 198 We Have to Start Meeting Like This 200 Confidence Transfer 203 Zap Your UPOs 207 Micromanage Processes, Don't Micromanage People 211 Transparently Yours 215 Don't Create Monster Clients 218 Loving the Difficult 221 Don't Let Them Leave Quietly 224 Don't Do What I Tell You 227 Take Your Own Advice 230 Don't Go Back Like a Tornado 232 Odds Are, I Caused It 235 Epilogue 239

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