Surrendering to the Alpha (Ashwood Falls Series #3)

Surrendering to the Alpha (Ashwood Falls Series #3)

by Lia Davis

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Ashwood Falls' leopard Alpha, Keegan Andrews holds onto the pain of his deceased mate as his own personal hell—a reminder that not all things are what they seem. The Pack Scribe, Addyson Lewis is no exception. She's intrigued him like no other since the day she stumbled into Ashwood territory about twenty-five years ago. When he discovers that just being near her calms the storm inside him, he can't stay away even if it means exposing her to the evil she tried to escape.

Over a hundred years of psychological torture at the hands of the rogue Onyx Pack has left Addyson with no memories of her life before captivity and with the inability to control her psychometric nature. Anything or anyone she touches sends her into their darkest past and secrets, causing her pain she wouldn't wish on anyone. Without the ability to control it, she's forced to deny her leopard the connection she craves from the Pack that welcomed her with love and without judgment. That is, until the day Keegan involuntarily touches her bare skin and she finds the peace she'd craved for far too long.

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BN ID: 2940152154771
Publisher: After Glows Publishing
Publication date: 07/02/2015
Series: Ashwood Falls Series , #3
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Format: NOOK Book
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Surrendering to the Alpha 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
shannybaby1 More than 1 year ago
Love the Ashwood Falls series! Surrendering to the Alpha was excellent! I loved how Keegan, pack Alpha, steps down to protect his pack, family and his future mate! Addyson is sweet but has suffered greatly in the hands of the enemy. The onyx pack was also responsible for pain in Keegan's past. You must read to find out what secrets are revealed and how Keegan and Addyson help each other heal and discover the love they have for one another. Don't miss out, read the Ashwood Falls series now!
Theresa_Esterline More than 1 year ago
I surrender! I surrender! Who wouldn't surrender to the sexy Alpha from Ashwood Falls! I would run out with my white flag in a heartbeat! Surrendering to the Alpha is book 3 in the Ashwood Falls series. These books just keep getting better and better. In each book you learn a little more about the pack and hints of future books! This book was all about the leopard pack Alpha - Keegan - and his future mate, the broken, former Scribe - Addyson. And now a little of the story... Keegan lost his mate 37 years ago, after losing their unborn daughter 6 months earlier. He still carried around a lot of pain and love for Cate. On the anniversary of her death he woke from a nightmare he hand't had in years. He was in a safe house with Addyson and Will (scribes who had escaped from the rouge Onyx pack leader). While keeping Addy safe, they had learned she could touch him without all the awful physical and emotional pain she had when touch others. The emotional pull which started between them in A Mating Dance, explodes in this book. Watch as Addy learns to trust Keegan and a few more secrets are revealed about the pack. Favorite passages:  - "You're right. We are mates, and you're mine to keep and play with." - She scowled. "Take the jeans off." The corners of his mouth lifted in a sensual smile. "Is my submissive giving orders?" - Once the stone door was slid into place, Keegan closed the very short distance between them. She didn't move, nor did she flinch when he snaked an arm around her waist and drew her into his body, hard. A soft gasp escaped her, and she rested her palms on his chest. - "You're right. We are mates, and you're mine to keep and play with." - "You don't scare me. You're dominance does. I'm not sure how to react around you, to your leopard.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
2 stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you love this series this book is NOT to be missed. Keegan and Addyson have FIRE. Though Addyson still fears being touched due to the trauma of the past, with help from some of the pack members, she's learning to control the visions. Keegan as always is the level headed alpha male he is. His love for Addyson really shows through. There were quite a few laughs in the book and many OMG and AWE moments. Would highly recommend.
InspirationalAngel531 More than 1 year ago
Title: Surrendering To The Alpha - Ashwood Falls Book 4 Author: Lia Davis Publisher: Fated Desires Published: 11-21-2013 ISBN: -10: 1623220572 ISBN-13: 978-1623220570 E-Book ASIN: B00F0WWYZ2 Pages: 156 Genre: Romance Tags: Paranormal, Shifters, Erotica Keegan, Alpha of the Ashwood Falls Pack, a combination of the remnants of a wolf pack and a leopard pack, has decided the time has come to claim his mate and step down as Alpha. The Onyx pack of Rogues decimated the two packs two centuries ago and he has vowed to bring Felix the Onyx Pack Alpha down. Addyson Lewis stumbled into Ashwood Pack land as she ran from the Onyx Pack after being held captive and tortured for over a hundred years. With her mind fragile and her shields shattered. Keegan knows she is his mate, but is afraid of causing her pain with his touch, steps back to keep her from running. Addyson knows she is Keegan's mate, but feels she is too weak to be the mate of such a strong alpha. Plus she knows he still grieves for his mate who died nearly three decades earlier. With the Onyx Pack causing more problems and the revving up between Keegan and Addyson, this is an Ashwood Falls book that will keep you glued to your seat until the last word is read. Ashwood Falls is about the secret world of shifters hidden, by choice from humans and it all came from the vivid imagination of the author Lia Davis. She has brought it to life in such vivid detail that you can hear the waterfall pounding into the pool and smell the decay of old vegetation as you walk through the woods. The characters are well rounded and multidimensional. This installment offers more than a few surprises and is a do not miss. If you have not read the previous books I would recommend that you do so, mostly for the background so that you are better acquainted with the building of the characters and the storyline. Do not miss out on this talented author's action packed shifter series that is full of heat.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Bzangl More than 1 year ago
The story starts immediately with Addyson and Keegan leaving the pack and there is little explanation to what had occurred. Prior to reading the story, I had thought I had read one of the previous stories in the series, but as I started I realized that I had not. This is not a series that you can easily start in the middle. I was able to follow what was happening, however, I felt like I was missing some of the dynamics. I did like how Addyson and Keegan were supportive and accepting of each other and how they helped each other to grow. That being said, I think I would have appreciated the story more if I had read some of the other books in the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Lia Davis has again out done herself! ! This series just gets better with every book. Keegan and Addyson's relationship truly comes alive. Each have pain and healing and with the love they have for one another they can and will win! ! Well done Lia Davis! This is a Must Read series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was a good book. 280pgs of reading, but at times it seemed as if parts of the story was missing. over all, I enjoyed it.
Liberty_Ann_Ireland More than 1 year ago
It wasn't until this year that I learned of my love for Shifters and Lia Davis' Ashwood Fall's series is a large part of the reason. Each time she releases a new book, I get so excited and cannot wait to read it. Actually, I think I get more excited with each one that comes out! Surrendering to the Alpha is basically Keegan and Addyson's story. Having met Keegan and Addy in the previous book, A Mating Dance, I was very curious to see how everything worked out between them. After all, we had to have their HEA or at least HFN, right?? Even thought it had been over 35 years, Keegan held onto a pack of pain from the traumatic loss of his mate and daughter. Addy had been tortured by the Onyx Pack and had some serious PTSD from it. While protecting Addy in a Safe house, they discovered that she could touch Keegan and not suffer the pain and emotional backlash she felt from everyone else. Yes, it was only a matter of time. *grin* My description makes it sound like it was all very predictable. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Lia's books cover Pack life so there are secondary characters that they interact with often, problems and issues that arise and must be dealt with like finding and dealing with the Onyx Pack once and for all, training, new characters that show up and all of these things affect the telling of the story. The plot is interesting and unique and once I begin one of these books, I do not want to put it down! The pacing is great, just right in my opinion, and the characters are ones I fall for over and over again. If you liked fairy tales as a child and can appreciate their magical retelling and presentations even now as an adult, you will love the Ashwood Falls characters, the series and especially Surrendering to the Alpha. Do not let me kid you ~ these are not for kids. The emotions, feelings and and intimate behavior are sensual, sexy and hot! Fans are highly recommended. ;) **5 STARS** *4 Flames* *Note: I received this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own and no further compensation was received.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
margie230 More than 1 year ago
I was soo looking forward to this book, and Mrs, Davis did not disappoint . I loved it , I fell in love with keegan since we first meet him. and Allyson evolving into the strong and independent woman he knew she was all along this two make such a great couple. I can't wait to see what comes next , will we see a end to the war, will felix be brought to justice? who is next to be mated ooh I can't wait. love this series and looking forward for the next one
WolfFaerie17 More than 1 year ago
Keegan Andrews of Ashwood Pack is haunted by the past and looking forward to the future as well maybe with his new mate Addyson Lewis. Addyson Lewis escaped the hell of Onyx Pack after hundred years in captivity. She's a wreck emotionally and believes herself broken beyond repair. She found her freedom with Ashwood Pack 25 years ago and much needed safety. The Onyx Pack is run by Felix not caring he's broken many sacred laws and abominations to keep his rule iron fisted. Keegan is relinguishing the reins of Alpha to pursue information given by a spy within Onyx Pack. He sets his plan in motion not realizing the chain of events it will set off. He knows that Addyson(Addy) is his mate but doesn't want to push her too far. What is secret purpose Keegan's hiding? Can Addyson be healed? Your answers await you in Surrendering to the Alpha. This ia very fast read just under 100 pages. This isn't your typical shifter book either. These shifter's can use magic and elements. My heart broke over the losses Keegan endured over his long life. He's an Alpha with a heart of gold. Addyson is so brave and shy but underneath it all she's a spitfire to be reckon with. This being my first experience with this author~I'll definitely be reading more books from her in the future.
slinkydennis More than 1 year ago
Lia Davis draws the readers in with the Ashwood Falls series and does not want to let them go. I was so excited when this book released a few days early. I grabbed it and started reading it as soon as I found out. I had just finished book 1 and 2 so I couldn’t wait to hear the story of Keegan and how he lost his first mate and also how his new mate heals his heart. I feel as though some questions weren’t answered, like was Cate really being controlled? I know it’s hinted, but I really wish it would’ve been proven. It may be in future books, so I’m not holding that against the book. Besides, this book was amazing without that information. Addyson literally lived through a hell on Earth. I couldn’t imagine going through what she has been through. Keegan and Addy are perfect for each other. They will heal each other’s souls. They both need and deserve that. And now I have another series I can’t get enough of. I want everyone’s story. I hope that Jared’s is next. He deserves to find out the truth behind his mate and to find his son.
blaise_zillah More than 1 year ago
Addyson has been slowly bringing her broken mind some healing after her captivity with the Onyx pack. While Keegan has lived with his own personal hell after what happened to his mate. We have meet these characters in other books but we now see more insight into there thoughts and feelings. Keegan is able to touch Addyson without causing her pain while Addyson quiets his mind. As much as Addyson is touch straved she is unsure how to handle Keegan even when he is near or touching her as he stirs her like no one ever has. Even though Addyson is a submissive we see her showing some backbone but mainly to Keegan because of how safe she feels. Keegan is unsure about giving into what his leopard is telling him since Addyson is still healing and trying to protect her mind from other peoples memories but even when he gives in, he takes care to let Addyson make the choice on when she is ready. There are a few suprises for Keegan in this book and Addyson learning why Keegan has been hurting so much. Was a great read and can't wait for more. We had some action scenes, steamy sex scenes and insight into a few other characters.