Swift's Writings on Religion and the Church

Swift's Writings on Religion and the Church

by Jonathan Swift, Temple Scott
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Swift's Writings on Religion and the Church by Jonathan Swift

Swift's Writings on Religion and the Church
in two volumes

Edited by Temple Scott

Table of Contents

Volume I

An Argument Against Abolishing Christianity
For the Advancement of Religion
The Sentiments of a Church of England Man
Remarks upon "The Rights of the Christian Church"
Preface to the Bishop of Sarum's "Introduction"
Abstract of Collins's "Discourse of Freethinking"
Some Thoughts on Freethinking
A Letter to a Young Clergyman
Some Arguments Against Enlarging the Power of Bishops in Letting of Leases
Reasons Offered to the Archbishop of Dublin
On the Bill for the Clergy's Residing on their Livings
Considerations Upon Two Bills Relating to the Clergy of Ireland
Reasons Against the Modus
An Essay on the Fates of Clergymen
Concerning that Universal Hatred Which Prevails Against the Clergy
Thoughts on Religion
Further Thoughts on Religion
Prayers for Mrs. Jonson
An Evening Prayer
Observations on Heylin's History of the Presbyterians

Volume II

Tracts on the Sacramental Test
A Letter Concerning the Sacramental Test
The Presbyterians' Plea of Merit
Narrative of Attempts for the Repeal of the Sacramental Test
Queries Relating to the Sacramental Test
Advantages Proposed by Repealing the Sacramental Test
Reasons for Repealing the Sacramental Test in Favour of the Catholics
Some Few Thoughts Concerning the Repeal of the Test
Ten Reasons for Repealing the Test Act
On Mutual Subjection
On the Testimony of Conscience
On the Trinity
On Brotherly Love
The Difficulty of Knowing One's-Self
On False Witness
On the Wisdom of This World
On Doing Good
On the Martyrdom of King Charles I
On the Poor Man's Contentment
On the Wretched Condition of Ireland
On Sleeping in Church

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