Tagging for Talent: The Hidden Power of Social Recognition in the Workplace

Tagging for Talent: The Hidden Power of Social Recognition in the Workplace

by Michael Salone


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Tagging for Talent introduces a breakthrough approach for human resources, senior executives and line managers to find hidden talent from within their own organizations. This unique method challenges the status quo of talent identification and succession planning with an easy crowdsourcing approach to competency recognition.

This is not a book about using social media, but a true business solution using the natural behaviors of your workforce to self-identify potential myriad of talent. It speaks to HR professionals and senior leaders who are looking for simple to use, real-life solutions that can be implemented in business today. Employees already see the power of tagging and view this innovative approach as a fun way to recognizing talent, versus the old method of waiting for their manager to see or perceive their strengths.

For years, executives have been asking, “Why am I spending all of this time and money when I keep getting the same results?” Tagging for Talent inspires leaders to tap into the power of the crowd, along with practical guidance on how to put a peer-based tagging system in place—and take their company up a notch!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781641463737
Publisher: Made For Success Publishing
Publication date: 12/24/2018
Pages: 150
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Michael Salone, an international HR expert, sought-after speaker, and author. Michael is CEO of 3-6TY, a unique consulting firm which uses the power of the crowd to share knowledge and identify talent for organizations. Michael has helped multi-billion dollar companies, Alstom and Schlumberger and clients Carnegie Mellon University, the United Nations, Total, Eczacibasi Group and Michelin (just to name a few) identify the strengths they have inside their organizations. By observing and helping companies quickly and accurately identify talent, Michael has saved companies millions of dollars, increased company morale and aided them in sustaining success—and taking it up a notch.

Table of Contents

Introduction 13

1 Tags that Talk 17

Tags: Labels With Leverage 20

Shaking Up the Status Quo 23

A Blue Ocean of Talent 26

Sailing Along with Current Processes 27

Automating SLOP 33

Between Paradigms: The Power of Disruptive Technology 35

Tagging: A Return on Investment 39

Welcome to the Tagosphere 40

2 Tagability 42

Tagability in Action: How and What to Tag 46

Tagging Competencies: Bringing Them to Life 53

Using Tagability to Support People Processes 56

3 Tagitude 67

Shining a Light on Hidden Talent 73

Perceived Obstacles to Tagging and How to Overcome Them 78

Proud of the Crowd 89

What's in it for Me? 91

What's in it for Them? 93

4 Tagutation 95

Reputation Matters in More Ways Than Ever 96

Your Reputation inside the Company 102

Your Employee Reputation is Your Personal Brand 104

Managing Your Tagutation 107

Tagutation VERSUS Recommendations 109

Tagutation as a Form of Employee Referral 113

5 Tagognition 118

Vitamin R 121

Spreading the Love 123

Gauging the Weather: Tagognition and Engagement 125

Tagognition: Everybody Wants It 128

6 Tagtime 130

Tag Time Starts on Day One 132

After the Dust Settles 135

The Battle Between Training and Talent: a Solution? 139

Other Tag Time ideas 142

7 Tagovision (Conclusion) 145

About the Author 149

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