Taken and Forced (Mate of the Wolves Part 2) (Werewolf Erotica)

Taken and Forced (Mate of the Wolves Part 2) (Werewolf Erotica)

by B.B. Roman

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Taken and Forced (Mate of the Wolves Part 2) (Werewolf Erotica) by B.B. Roman

Used by the first wolves and still far away from the society she knows, Holly is taken on a journey to the den of the pack. Her trip takes a turn for the worst when she is kidnapped by a gang of sex-crazed panthers�and they want to use her body as well!

Warning: This story contains explicit sex and is for adults only!


There were three men in total, their bodies big and muscular, their hair varying shades of brown. While the wolves were also muscular, their physiques were more like that of runners than bodybuilders. For the cougars, it was not the case�they were big. They all looked fairly similar, more similar than Crynn and Luca did. Their eyes gazed at her with burning lust, a gaze that made her shrivel up inside.
"As the master of the den, I will tell you my name alone. If these others wish to share their names with you, you will know them as well. I am Kylar, the leader of the cougars you see here." Despite all of them being gorgeous, Kylar was actually the most gorgeous of all�and scary. His jaw was strong and prominent while the rest of his facial features were soft. He had creamy skin that was paler than the others, presumably because as the leader, he spent more time indoors that out hunting. He had an intensity that definitely belonged to a leader.
"W-w-what do you want with me?" she asked, her voice shaking with fear.
"We want to use your body. And as the leader of the cougars, I ensure that we always get what we want. Isn't that right, boys?"
"Yes" grunted the one on the left.
"Absolutely," said the one on the right, the one that had carried her.
"You're a special one," he said. "But you probably already knew that. We don't normally interact with the wolves, but sometimes our needs overlap. We've been craving human interaction for a long time. You might say it's become a need."
"Damnit," Holly said. She was once again in a situation she didn't have a grasp on�and thirsty. Backpack! Holly pulled the pack off her back and began unzipping it. The two currently unnamed cougars jumped toward her, yanking the bag out of her arms like it was a bomb.
"What are you trying to do?" Kylar said.
"Relax! It's just full of water and food. Unless you've got some you want to give me, you're better off giving me back the pack. Chill out."
They unzipped it and pulled out a few of the waters and the box, looking at each item carefully, hoisting it in front of Kylar. "Yes, yes, she's right. Give it back." They reluctantly handed it back to her.
Holly signed loudly as she received it. "I don't think you understand how dry your mouth gets when traveling at 40 mph for half a day."
The cougars all laughed together. "Actually, we do," Kylar said.
Holly shrugged. "Are these other two going to tell me their names or what?"
"God, she's pretty," Kylar said to the others. "And feisty." He walked toward her and pressed his nose into her hair, sucking in her aroma like she was a piece of smoked meat. His hand traced along the small of her back, a touch that simultaneously shocked and warmed her. Ever since the kidnapping, Holly realized that her instincts just hadn't been quite the same. She pulled away from him, planting herself back against the wall. The flames danced in the torches, casting their menacing shadows in every possible direction as they watched her.
The one with the longest brown hair stepped toward her. "I am Gorek," he said, smiling like it was required of him. He motioned to his companion to come forward as well. "Sven," said the other. Sven's hair was nearly blond and he was the tallest. Holly felt like she was at a bodybuilding competition when the three men stood together. It was no wonder they had been able to steal her away. In cat form, these guys could have probably taken down an elephant without any trouble.
Holly kept quiet, vowing not to reveal her name, even if they asked. But they didn't.
"And now that you know us," Kylar said, "let us know you."

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