by John R. Hull


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These memoirs of a great aviation career are cleverly presented as a life flight adventure. Each chapter is a series of interesting, informative, and easy reading, short stories. Many are airborne adventures, from which pilots may learn from the author�s many mistakes, as well as his many achievements.

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ISBN-13: 9780738813790
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 05/06/2008
Pages: 612
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.36(d)

Table of Contents

Part IGeneral Aviation Industry
Chapter 1The Preflight Years
1.What do you Want to be?23
2.The Roots of my Raising Run Deep27
3.From Agony to Ecstasy on My First Airplane Ride31
4."You'll Never be a Pilot"34
5.The Pretty Party Crasher37
6.School Daze41
Chapter 2The War Years
7.Civil Air Patrol Coast Patrol Duty47
8.Regaining Respect at Coastal Patrol Base #2152
9.I Join the Marines by Mistake57
10.Surviving Boot Camp at Parris Island61
11.Tragedy and Heartbreak at Cherry Point65
12.The Fatal Switch70
13.Finding my Niche in Marine Aviation75
14.Tarawa--my First Taste of War78
15.Night Fighter Action in the Marshall Islands84
16.Mopping up on Saipan89
17.I Almost Miss the Boat93
18.Back Home in the Good Old U.S.A.97
19.Marriage was Far from my Mind101
20.Thrills and Chills on my First Solo Flight105
21.I Learn to Fly Right110
22.They Almost Ship me out Again115
Chapter 3The Training Years
23.On-the-Job Training121
24.I Finally Become a Private Pilot126
25.We Take a Second Honeymoon in A J-3 CUB129
26.Iron Thumb Barretta131
27.Exciting But Insecure Work133
28.Three Strikes and I'm Out138
29.Mechanic School--A Big Tough Decision143
30.Cal Aero Technical Institute148
31.Looking for Work154
32."You Can't Fly, you're Color-Blind"158
33.A Fast Track to a Commercial Pilot License163
34.A Home of Our Own168
35.An Airplane Becomes a Part of me171
Chapter 4The Professional Pilot/Mechanic Years
36.Any Old Port in a Thunderstorm177
37.The Piper Pacer Wing Ding180
38.A Pilot's Most Embarrassing Moment183
39.The Pressure Pot185
40.Walking in High Cotton190
41.Helpful Influences194
42.The Wrestler198
43.My Transition from Airplanes to Automobiles202
44."Where Are We?"206
45.We Called Him Steve210
46.The Phantom Runway214
47.Back Seat Airplane Driver218
48.The Clipped Tip Propeller222
49.Why I Quit Scud Running226
50.Caught in Violation233
51.From Norfolk to Amarillo with a Lunatic237
52.My Most Unforgettable Flight242
53.We Got a Bonus Instead of a Boy249
54.The Mexican Connection253
55.Just Turn It Loose259
56.Bill Piper's Tree Top Encounter263
Chapter 5Fixed Base Operator
57.Hull Aircraft Service267
58.Light Twin Airplanes Take Heavy Toll272
59."I'll Show Him"277
60.What Do You Mean, "Totaled?"282
61.Foolhardy Ferry Flight287
62.Stretching Fuel to the Max291
63.From Hard Times to Good Times296
64.I Bought a Piper "Pig in a Poke"300
65.Within an Inch of a Gear Up Landing304
66.Uptight Ferry Flight308
67.Why I Went to Work for the Faa312
Part IIFederal Aviation Administration
Chapter 6Faa General Aviation Inspector
68.Tough Beginning of a New Career319
69.Prince of Chiefs325
70.Close Encounters of the Jump Zone Kind330
71.My First Enforcement Case333
72.Personality Clashes338
73."I Suddenly Forgot How to Fly"343
74.The Fall of Trans-Air Lines347
75.The Church Takes Priority351
76.The Smoking Battle357
77.A Tale of two Mysteries362
78.The Ultimatum367
Chapter 7Faa Academy Instructor and Course Developer
79.Me?...Teaching College Courses?375
81.My Last First Solo Flight383
82."Study to Show Yourself Approved"388
83.Cheated by the Suggestion Awards Program393
84.Right on was Dead Wrong398
85.Can't Fly When you Want?... Fly When You Can402
86.The Tables Turn407
87.Leaving was such Sweet Sorrow411
Chapter 8Faa Regional Office Aviation Specialist
88.Welcome to California417
89.Write Your Own Ticket421
90.Solving Compliance and Enforcement Problems425
91.Swap--A Most Controversial Program431
92.Simplifying Systems Analysis436
93.Living in Pasadena was A Moving Experience442
94.Plane Sense Aircraft Alterations447
95.Clarifying Aircraft Maintenance Responsibilities452
96.Violation Prevention Program Perishes457
97.Persistent Problems with Noncompliance461
98.Warpping up and Moving on466
Chapter 9Ontario General Aviation District Office Chief
99.Problems of a New Gado Chief473
100.Stressing and Old Friendship to the Limits478
101.Three Unforgettable Ontario Flights484
102.From Affluence to Effluence to Paradise488
Chapter 10San Diego General Aviation District Office Chief
103.Welcome to America's Finest City493
104.Winners Again in Spite of Tragedy498
105.The Mystery Airplane of the Psa 182 Crash503
106.The Flight of the Terrible Typewriter Tiff507
107.Too much Work and too Few Workers511
108.The Agony of the Spiritual Quest516
109.Lost Weekend522
110.The Hull Report527
111.My Happiest Day in the Faa533
Chapter 11San Diego Flight Standards District Office Manager
112.Caught in a Reorganization Dilemma539
114.The Anonymous Whistle Blower547
115.Who's in Charge?551
116.What Makes a Good Supervisor?555
117.Multiple Awards for America's Finest Fsdo559
118.An Old Pilot's Nightmare563
119.Best Way to Beat Burnout567
120.Organizational Turmoil572
121.Bamboozled into Retiring?575
Chapter 12The Postflight Years
123.Post Retirement Reflections590
124.I Find a New Aviation Career595
Appendix A601
Appendix B603
Appendix C606
Appendix D608

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