by Shay Savage

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In a world plagued by constant earthquakes and volcanic debris, people in the valley struggle to survive while those on top of the hill want for nothing.
This is where I come in.
I spend my nights plundering supplies in the walled city of Hilltop, and I trade them to the valley people below. I'm not a thief. I prefer to be known as the head of Lost and Found.
When I discover a beautiful but dangerous competitor in my territory, I also learn she knows more about me than she should. Is she a spy sent by my father, or is she a rebel like me? I don't trust her, but together we'll discover secrets that may destroy what's left of our world.
There have always been those with wealth and those without.
My name is Talen, and I'm here to even the score.

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BN ID: 2940161286043
Publisher: Shay Savage, LLC
Publication date: 02/19/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 699,830
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About the Author

Shay Savage is an independent author from Cincinnati, Ohio, where she lives with her family and a variety of household pets. She is an accomplished public speaker and holds the rank of Distinguished Toastmaster from Toastmasters International. Her hobbies include off-roading in her big, yellow Jeep, science fiction in all forms, and soccer. Savage holds a degree in psychology, and she brings a lot of that knowledge into the characters within her stories.
From the author: “It’s my job to make you FEEL. That doesn’t always mean you’ll feel good, but I want my readers to be connected enough to my characters to care.”
Savage’s books many books span a wide variety of topics and sub-genres with deeply flawed characters. From cavemen to addicts to hitmen, you’ll find yourself falling for these seemingly irredeemable characters!

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Talen 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
FS_Meurinne More than 1 year ago
I love Shay Savage's books, Talen was not what I expected for her to write next but in a very good way. I loved this story, Aerin was the perfect match for Talen in every way. The dystopian Robin Hood type got me, the humor, drama, mystery and romance was in a perfect balance. I am so recommending this book!
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
TALEN by Shay Savage is a post –apocalyptic, dystopian romance story line focusing on twenty-seven year olds Talen and Aerin, survivors in a world gone to h*ll. Told from first person perspective (Talen) TALEN follows a hundred plus years after the ‘Great Eruption’ in which most of North America fell prey to earthquakes, floods, viruses and death, leaving the survivors divided into two warring camps-the Thaves (the haves), and the Naughts (have nots). Talen lives amongst the Naughts and ‘procures’ the necessities of survival for the people he has learned to call family and friends. Segregated in a valley, in a small encampment known as ‘Plastictown, the Naughts battle the elements, the environment and one another in order to survive. As the resident ‘thief’ and ‘lost and found’ expert, Talen ventures into a world many will never experience, in the hopes of finding the tools and necessary implements in order to survive. Enter Aerin, a young woman whose own adventures find her ‘hunting’ in the land of the Thaves, where upon she will come face to face with her future. What ensues is the building relationship between Talen and Aerin, and the potential fall-out as the Thaves descend upon the remaining survivors in an attempt to take everything and more. TALEN is a story of betrayal, vengeance, survival and loss; power and contol. Talen and Aerin both have secrets that if revealed would deeply affect their precarious friendships with the remaining Naughts. As the government and Thaves put their plans into action, Talen and Aerin must face a possible future alone or not at all. Working together, Talen and Aerin ensure that the people in power pay for the current situation, and the death of their friends. There is a large ensemble cast of colorful, energetic and broken characters. We are up close and personal with the people who struggle one day at a time-people who never knew the comforts of living a life without the daily battle to survive. The requisite evil has many faces. TALEN is a thought-provoking and cautionary tale of what if; what if the world as we know it was destroyed by climate change and the fall-out of man’s destruction of the environment? The premise is imaginative; the characters are eclectic and spirited; the romance is passionate and emotional, without the use of over the top,sexually graphic language and text. I am not sure if the author has plans for a series but there are a large number of characters and open ended plot points that could use some resolution.
shabbyarora More than 1 year ago
A Dystopian romance with a very Robin Hood like feel. I rarely venture in this genre, preferring to mortals who roam the good 'ol  Earth with human flaws and rippling bodies. But I trust Shay's  storytelling skills and so I dared to venture in blind.  The setting is post apocalyptic Plastictown, which is across from the Thaves community, separated by the river. Might as well be the Grand Canyon, seeing the difference of lifestyle, money, luxuries and education between the Naughts & the Thaves. ❝ I have to do what needs to be done to keep the Naughts in Plastictown safe. They count on me to provide them with what they need and to protect them.❞  Enter TALEN who appoints himself as the Leader of Lost & Found. He's the self appointed leveller of the disparity, evening out the field by his small efforts every day. Thief with a heart of Gold. ❝ I'm just the head of lost and found. I find things and return them to their owners. Sometimes the owners are grateful and provide me with thing I've lost in return.❞  On one such nightly forays in the dark, he meets Aerin, his counterpart and she is his equal in everyway. Yet she knows more about him than he knows about her!! Is she one of those spies who come to gauge the Naughts? Cause she seems educated enough. The sexual chemistry is very hot between TALEN and Aaron and the danger threatens them at every turn. They don't have a moment of peace as every day brings new struggles and fresh challenges I enjoyed reading it, but would rather stick to present day romances. 4 stars 
carvanz More than 1 year ago
What an awesome read! I’ve only read a handful or less of post-apocalyptic books and I’ve enjoyed each of them but this one was incredible! Talen is the sweetest, kindest hero I think I’ve ever read. He does have a dark streak that runs through him but he struggles against it to the point that you know that isn’t his heart. His soul survival is to provide for the people he’s adopted into his life and the community that he calls home. On one hand he was a bit naïve and on the other he’s fierce and determined. I’ve never met another hero like him and I loved him completely! Aerin is his perfect companion when it comes to executing a plan. She has the capacity to think things through and make a plan that works. The fact that she tended to take the lead was a novelty to me but it didn’t hinder my enjoyment at all. In fact, I adored the way they complemented each other and worked together. While this one didn’t have a mind boggling twist to it, it did have enough surprises and action to keep me turning the pages as quickly as I could. The world Ms. Savage created felt very real and it wasn’t too difficult to imagine myself in it. I wouldn’t do well. This does have a political bent to it and I know some readers are going to take exception to it, but I understood the “moral of the story” and accepted it for what it was and will keep my own opinions to myself. This isn’t a short book, and there’s a lot of information and introspection, but I found it to be evenly paced and never felt bogged down and I never skimmed. I didn’t want to miss a minute of what was going on with this couple. Secondary characters were just as well developed as the hero and heroine but never took over the story. While I didn’t necessarily feel a lot of chemistry between this couple due to having only Talen’s point of view, I was convinced of Talen’s desire and his feelings towards Aerin. And the steam during the smexy times was pretty intense. Overall, this was a great read that I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys post-apocalyptic romances.