Tales from Alaska

Tales from Alaska

by Tom Lang

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Tales from Alaska by Tom Lang

TALES FROM ALASKA is a box set of the animal fable books I've written over the last 15 years while working as a river/nature guide in Alaska. There's the eagle with the fear of commitment, the salmon studying at the fin of the Holy Fish, the Dolly Salmon, the bear in Anger Management therapy, the Moose detective hot on the scent of a serial killer, a wolf pretending to be a domestic dog to survive the Alaskan government's aerial killing of wolves program.
My mother instilled in me the love of animal mythology by reading fables to me every night when I was a young boy. She performed the voices of all the dogs, cats, wolves, bears and squirrels in the stories, pulling me deeper into the tales with her dramatic pauses and creative voice modulations. When my mother finished reading to me each night, she closed the book, brushed her hand across my head, kissed my forehead and turned off the light. I would tumble into a dream world of talking animals and thick, rich forests.
When I first began guiding and giving nature talks in the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve in Haines, Alaska, I developed a style that revolved around explaining nature through the animal’s eyes and those talks evolved into the book series that includes Eagle, Salmon, Bear, Moose and Wolf.
Animal fables may be the oldest form of story telling. They are the first Self-Help stories, moral tales spun to inspire introspection and to give life lessons for the greater good of the tribe.
I’ve extensively studied the history of fables from Africa to Asia to Europe to South and North America and I’ve worked hard to create the best fables I’m capable of in my little animal books. I read every book I can find on the animal. I speak with as many of the world experts that will talk to me. I observe the creature in his habitat as much as possible so I can merge the rhythm of his life with the rhythm of my writing.
My goal for each fable is for it to be funny, educational and for the story to resonate with a timeless theme that will keep the tale relevant and thoughtful for years to come.
Welcome to Tales From Alaska and enjoy.

Tom Lang

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About the Author

Tom Lang divides his time between Haines, Alaska and Bali, Indonesia. His humor books have been featured on National Public Radio and the Wall Street Journal. Tom has been the featured speaker at universities, conventions and private functions.

Since 1991 Tom has worked as a river guide and lecturer outside of Haines, Alaska in the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, site of the largest gathering of bald eagles in the world. Tom’s talks on nature are known for their humor and distinctive insight into the natural world and how those insights apply to humans.

Tom is the co-founder of Great Guides, www.greatguidingprinciples.com, an international consulting company that brings a fresh approach to building leadership and teamwork for companies in the service industry. Great Guides was originally created to inspire workers in the tourism business, but Tom now conducts his innovative workshop, The Guiding Principles, for yoga teachers, management teams and educators. Great Guides has conducted workshops in the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean and Central America.

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