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Tales of a Battleground: New Jersey's Role in the Era of the American Revolution

Tales of a Battleground: New Jersey's Role in the Era of the American Revolution


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Tales of a Battleground takes the reader to the compelling and convincing conclusion that New Jersey played a significant role in the era of the American Revolution. Recognition of this fact has been sorely lacking in the teaching of American history over the years. This book clearly demonstrates the need to recognize this role, the importance of educating the public of this fact, and the imperative to promote this awareness through the perpetual preservation and interpretation of the remaining historical sites that tell this story to future generations.

Tales of a Battleground accomplishes this by taking the reader through three units of study. The first unit explores the background of colonial New Jersey that established its readiness to assume its role in the "pot" Sam Adams was boiling in Massachusetts. Unit two illustrates how New Jersey, with great sacrifice, was the scene of over 100 battles and engagements throughout a period of seven years, more than any other state. The final unit reminds us of the many years it took for the nation to emerge united, and the important role New Jersey played in that story.

Tales of a Battleground tells this story in a clear and concise manner that makes history come alive to the average reader.

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ISBN-13: 9781425907082
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication date: 02/23/2006
Pages: 228
Sales rank: 915,845
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About the Author

Born November 14, 1928, Henry F. Skirbst has devoted his life to public service. Raised in Irvington, NJ, he was a police officer's son. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Kean College and earned his Master of Education from Rutgers University. For three decades, he impacted the lives of thousands in their perception of history, as a teacher. During this time, he also served his community as an elected official and helped establish various historiacl and environmental groups. Although retired in scenic Harmony Township, Mr. Skirbst has continued to teach others about history through his authoring of Tales and Trails: New Jersey's Places, People, and Past. Over the past two years, he became inspired to write the current book, Tales of a Battleground. Proclaiming the important role New Jersey played in the era of the American Revolution is the theme of this current book. Sadly ignored throughout history, this book makes the case that this small state played an enormous role in our nation's founding days.

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