Talk This Way

Talk This Way

by Dakota Cassidy

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In her sexy new series, bestselling author Dakota Cassidy introduces the Call Girls, a spirited group of friends ready to take on lust, love and everything in between…. Find out where it all began in this delicious novella!

If life is like a box of chocolates, Cat Butler has tasted them all–and decided on none. It's no wonder she can't keep a job, even though her mother's health depends on it. Just when she finds herself up a creek without a paddle–again–a benevolent friend throws her a lifeline. In the form of a job at, of all places, a phone sex hotline. Not exactly what she had in mind, but if it pays the bills for her mom's expensive nursing home, what's the harm?

Successful entrepreneur Flynn McGrady knows a thing or two about responsibility. So when his mother has a stroke, he knows the right thing to do is relocate to Atlanta to be near her while she recovers. He's got a plan for everything–except for feisty Cat, who finally gets his mama to talk again. Talk dirty, that is, and he's not pleased. Cat is gorgeous and sassy to boot…too bad she's not the type to settle down.

Cat and Flynn may have bigger fish to fry, but the sparks between them are hotter than hell. And when they finally give in to temptation, the results are explosive. Can a girl who follows her heart and a guy who follows his head find their way to forever?

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ISBN-13: 9781459256064
Publisher: MIRA Books
Publication date: 04/01/2014
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 132
Sales rank: 211,317
File size: 199 KB

About the Author

Dakota Cassidy lives and writes in Oregon in a castle high on a hill, overlooking her quaint mobile home village, and she has a husband that puts the heroes in her books to shame.

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Talk This Way 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 39 reviews.
adwest More than 1 year ago
I gotta say, I've been looking forward to the start of this new series and this novella didn't disappoint! I think the concept of a story about the girls working for a phone sex company is unique and great! This story starts us out with who will now be the head of the company, Cat, after her friend hires and leaves it to her when he knows she needed the job most. Commitment doesn't come easy for Cat, but when paying for her mom's medical bills, she has to do something. Cat has a lot of personality, and she'll need it for this job! Great start to what should be a fun new series! was definitely a quick, easy read!  I was given an early copy by the author for an honest review
WyldeMom More than 1 year ago
From the first time I picked up and read the first book in Dakota Cassidy's "Accidental" series, I knew I would be a forever fan! Her books are a refreshing mix of humor, heart and romance - blended with a "snarkiness" that only Cassidy can give - that hook you from the beginning and take you on an amazing journey.  "Talk This Way", the first book in this new series, is no exception. Cat, as the daughter struggling to pay for her mother's rehab care, and Flynn, who struggles to connect with his mother after her stroke, are the main storyline. But, in my opinion, Landon, a friendly former patient from the rehab center, steals the show! I will warn you, the end of the book, tissues may be necessary! I am so looking forward to the rest of this series! 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received the ARC of this book in exchange for a honest review, from the Author.  Right from the first paragraph you know this is going to be a good book. To say this book is amazing is putting it too mildly. The characters are well thought out and draw you in to loving them as much as you love your favorite Aunt. This book made me laugh out loud in the middle of the night, which earned me a dirty look from the hubby, and cry when it came to the end of the book.  I will be looking forward to more works by the wonderful, funny, and talented writer. 
krissysbookshelf More than 1 year ago
*~*Glam Fam Review*~* Dakota Cassidy is an amazing author with a wonderful talent, she reaches deep into the core emotions of her characters and her readers creating a wonderful heart felt tale that lingers in your mind long after the last page is read. I love the characters Dakota creates because they're so real and her world that she creates is so lush with detail that I could easily picture myself being drawn into the story into a real place where love really does exist and couples always have a happy ending. I often found myself laughing and crying at the same time because I felt like Dakota reached into my broken life and wrote this book just to heal a few wounds especially for me. Absolutely love her, can't get enough!
nutsaboutquinn More than 1 year ago
Life Is Like A Box OF Chocolates, NOT! I was given an advanced copy to read early in exchange for my honest review of this book. All I can say is Whoa! I was blown away by the emotion in this book. Talk This Way is the Prequel Novella to the Plum Orchard series by Dakota Cassidy. I will be honest and tell you this is the first book I've read by her. All my friends told me I needed to read her Accidental Series. After reading this book, I must say this will be next on my list by her. From the beginning to the end of this book it held my attention. To be honest I couldn't put it down. One of the reason was bigger than life Cat Butler, who has tried almost every job that is possible. She really loses interest and changes jobs, like people who changes their underwear. Cat is like a Wild Mustang who can't be broke nor fenced in. She is just a bundle of pure energy. This book starts out with Cat working at a coffee house and she visits her mom in a Rest Home/Rehab facility. Cat's mom is in the facility to recoup after having surgery to her hip. The recovery period of Cat's mom has allowed Cat to make friends with the other residents. Cat's love for people gives her opportunities to help other residents and bring smiles to their faces. Cat feels it's her fault that her mom is in this facility, so she will stop at nothing to make sure she stays until she's fully recovered. With Cat's vivacious personality the residents adore her along with most of the staff. Cat just has a natural ability to love and help people and she knows how to make them feel oh so important. One patient in particular a Mrs. McGrady, Cat has a soft spot for her. She is a stroke patient that doesn't seem to be responding to her therapy like she should. Through Cat's visit's she see's that the lady is bored and has lost her will to recover. Cat find's that Mrs. McGrady has a love for Romance Novels and brings her books and get's her to come out of her blue stage. One day Cat get's Mrs. McGrady to speak and wouldn't you know the first words out of her mouth is "Spank Me Harder", and at this time who makes his entrance? Flynn McGrady, Mrs. McGrady very uptight entrepreneur son. He is not happy with Cat. In fact he's livid at what kind of reading material Cat is bringing his mother to read. Flynn is such an up tight man. He reminds me of a Vanilla Virgin. He lives in his perfect Entrepreneur world of technology and doesn't realize not everyone is up tight and is like him. When Flynn finds out that Cat is the one behind bringing in the Smut books as he refers to them in his mind, he is livid.. Now this is where the fireworks start between these two. Cat & Flynn live to antagonize each other. She thinks he's an up tight stick in the mud who doesn't know his mother as good as he thinks he does. He thinks she's a crazy woman who is a bad influence to his mother and he will stop at nothing to keep her influence away from his mother. Even if it means he needs to temporarily move there. These two people are powder kegs ready to explode at each other. Flynn, goes to Cat's job one day and provokes her . In return it causes Cat to lose her job. Cat really needed that job to continue to pay for her mothers rehab. The sparks between Cat & Flynn are non stop. After losing her job, she feels like she's hit rock bottom and she doesn't know what she's going to do. She has a problem keeping jobs. On this day Cat doesn't know it yet, but her life is going to change. A close friend she has met at the rehab facility runs into her, and offers her a job she can't refuse it even has benefits. Landon is a recovering Cancer patient who is in remission. He is the perfect Southern gentleman. He makes you laugh and he's oh so gorgeous and he loves his Kit Cat. It also helps he's filthy rich and he has a love for life and his friends. The fun starts when Cat accepts the job and she finds out that Flynn lives in the building where her new job is at. This book had me falling in love with the characters. I laughed so much in this book. Cat reminds me so much of myself. I could actually feel what she felt. Their was times I wanted to slap Flynn myself for he could be so frustrating at time I warn you because this is such a heart felt book, you will have to have some tissues by your side. Because you will bawl your eyes out. I give Ms. Dakota 5 stars on this book. The only complaint I truly had about this book, is it ended to quick. However, I look forward to Book 1 in the Plum Orchard Series Talk Dirty To Me. In my opinion it can't come out fast enough for me.
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
This is the prequel to Dakota Cassidy’s new Plum Orchard series.  It tells of how Cat Butler comes to manage the business and why it moves to Plum Orchard a small town in Georgia.  Along the way we learn more about Call Girls and Cat falls in love.  This has all of Dakota Cassidy’s best.  Funny, sexy and sweet.  I can’t wait to go to Plum Orchard.
SoCalChele More than 1 year ago
I was lucky enough to be given a copy of this in return for an honest review. I gotta say, Dakota Cassidy strikes again! Free spirited Cat spoke to me, as I was a job hopper in my youth as well. She's not a flake though, as she's stepping up to help her mother. Flynn was a bit uptight at first, but I grew to love him. Spicy and very satisfying, I can't wait for Talk Dirty to Me!!
sunflowermeghan More than 1 year ago
OH THE FEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This novella had me laughing and crying. I fell in love with Flynn and Cat and the way they interacted with each other. The way Cat can make Flynn blush at the drop of a hat reminded me so much of me and my husband. And Landon...who can forget Landon? He has such an amazing heart and is so protective of the ones he loves. I loved how his friendship to Cat was such a blessing to him as well as to Cat. I am so excited to find out what happens in the next book, Talk Dirty to Me.
BooksAndBeer More than 1 year ago
Humorous and poignant, definitely worth a read! I received a copy of this book In return for an honest review. Cat's in need of a job - again! Her flighty nature has caused her to lose yet another one, and this time she really needed it to pay for her mother's hospice care.  But before you can say "Fairy Godfather" a benevolent friend offers her a job with great benefits - as the manager for his phone-sex company! Flynn's is a dutiful and steadfast son.  And he's been knocked out of is comfort zone by Cat. Not only is he attracted to her, but she was able to get his mother to speak again when he couldn't. To add to his discomfort - his mother's talking dirty! As the sparks fly and their relationship grows, Cat wonders what will happen when Flynn discovers what she does for a living. Can she  really be the steady person he needs? Cat and Flynn jump right off the first page with witty banter. Their dialogue is natural, and creates a fun and funny chemistry right away. Cat's sassy mouth seems to rub off on Flynn very quickly, and their conversations often made me laugh out loud. Their character voices are strong and consistent. Even though they are archetypes,  they have warmth and depth to them. As always, Dakota Cassidy's satellite characters are just as well written. I really think this is one of the main  reasons this story works so well. Without her knack for creating a full cast of characters, this could easily be just another book on the contemporary romance shelf.  There's quite a bit of humor and some very unexpected character development for Flynn. (I love the things he does to try to connect more deeply with his mother!) The story is a bit rushed, due to the short length, but not to the point of stretching past the point of credulity. It's more as though the story had to be limited in length. The author does a very good job of giving a plot with some depth in such few pages. But like a photo that's been cropped and stretched, it loses some of its sharpness. I found this to be especially true toward the end. This issue is balanced out quite well with a lovely sub-plot that really fills out the story, despite the short length.  It's poignant, sweet, and evokes emotion that reflects onto the main plot and characters in a way that amplifies  Cat's inner struggle above the tropes of the romance novel heroine. I look forward to the series of books to follow. If she could write such a great story in such a short format, the full-length books are going to be a real treat!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the characters and the interesting plot. I will be reading even more by this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Once I started reading I couldn't stop myself. I love it .
TheRavenReader More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was one of the most heartfelt and touching books I've read by this author it had me full blown crying at one point and tearing up throughout the book awesome read highly recommended beautiful story
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. A must read! Laughs and tears.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have expierence with helping people in need :D
BooksnKisses More than 1 year ago
NUMBER OF HEARTS: 4 REVIEW:   Poor Cat Butler finds herself trying her hardest to keep her head above the water and keep her ill mother in the very expensive rehab home.   But when Cat’s sassy mouth gets her fired from her latest job, she finds a very unconventional job offered to her by her friend Landon.   The question is will she take a leap of faith or sink.   Oh and did I mention the smexy Flynn?  Flynn McGrady is only in town to check on his mom.  The last thing he ever expected was the sweet and sexy Cat Butler to be able to get his mom talk again.  But saying “Spank me harder” was not exactly what Flynn had in mind.  But there is just something about Cat.  Something that makes him lose his mind and good senses.  As with all novellas I can’t give away to much.  So I will leave you with this:  Talk this Way was a very fast read, yet it was a very fun story and a great beginning to the Plum Orchard series.  Looking forward to all the books in this series.  Disclaimer:  I purchased this novella and this review is my own opinion and not a paid review. 
ArizonaJo More than 1 year ago
Talk This Way by Dakota Cassidy is the prequal to her new series Plum Orchard. Although this is a novella, it read like a full novel and I enjoyed reading it. Cat Butler is a commitment phobic young woman who prefers to think of herself as a free spirit. She is sassy,independent, kind and has the biggest heart when it comes to taking care of others. Her mother is in an expensive rehab facility after falling. Cat wants the best care for her mom and is trying to keep her latest job at a coffee house to pay all of the bills. Flynn McGrady is a self-made millionaire by being an internet geek. His mother is at the same facility as Cat's mom while recovering from a heart attack. His mother, Della, loves Cat and enjoys her visits. In fact, Cat brought Della her favorite books to read while in the facility - unfortunately, they are romance/erotica and Flynn didn't approve. Even though Cat and Flynn are total opposites, the sparks between them are scorchers. They both feel the attraction, but fight it for a short time. Cat just loves to push Flynn's buttons and then the hotness starts. Whew! Landon Wells is just so much of a fully developed secondary character in this novella that I really loved him. I would love to meet him personally. His role as founder of Call Girls, Inc. was surprising and yet perfect as you got to know him and the girls that worked there for him. Even though this is a novella, the storyline and pacing was perfect. Dakota provides the reader with all of the feels that I love in a good romance novel. There is humor, but there is also poignancy as you get to know and love these characters. Keep the tissues nearby because I had tears. I look forward to read more of the books in this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really really enjoyed this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book although I felt it was rushed. It was only around 100 pages and felt like it was very rushed at the end. I was ready to read another 200 pages by this author! I thought the author did a great job developing the characters. They were very relateable and people you would like to meet and be friends with in real life. This book made me giggle and made me cry. Also made me angry when it rushed at the end! I will look for more books by this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not a bad read, just ok. Sad, I almost cried. Nice characters, ok story line, short (100 pages). But not so great that I would want to purchase the next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great quick read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Quick read