Tess Has a Broken Heart, and Other Comedies Full of Errors

Tess Has a Broken Heart, and Other Comedies Full of Errors

by Leonora Ross
Tess Has a Broken Heart, and Other Comedies Full of Errors

Tess Has a Broken Heart, and Other Comedies Full of Errors

by Leonora Ross


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Friendship and tea ease worries, wine makes merry the heart, and love creates fools out of us all.

Tess has been living in Los Angeles for the past decade with her best friend Zara and Zara's daughter, Zénnie. Zara-a neurosurgeon who's divorced-decides to move back to Canada out of concern that Zénnie might conform to L.A. culture as she grows older. She accepts a position in Calgary, Alberta, and Tess decides to move with them. 

So, begins a brand-new life for the three women, but little do they know they are in for much more than outdoor adventures in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Tess, on a whim, entices Zara to rent an enormous house with spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains and big open space around. The snag: they will need subtenants to afford the rent. Zara is apprehensive about living with strangers, but the idea grows on her, and they decide to do it! 

When five gorgeous men-originally from Namibia-and a kooky English woman move into the house and into their lives, unexpectedly deep friendships form and the big house bustles with opinionated conversations and hilarious antidotes to inner struggles and sometimes, surprising personal revelations. 

Tess is a loveable, yet slightly neurotic artist, who analyzes and dissects everything. Her biggest fear is taking a chance on love again after a devastating heartbreak many years ago.

Despite this, and against good common sense, Tess falls in love with a younger man, but is faced with the reality that he has no intention of getting serious, yet she inexplicably hangs on to the hope he might change his mind.  

When love enters through another door, she is initially too caught up in her struggle with herself, to notice. But her world full of doubt and preconceived ideas, is about to topple and she has no clue how to handle it. 

Her girlfriends fear she will miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. They try-not always patiently-to talk some sense into her. And they hope, for her sake, her heart will accept him.

Tess Has a Broken Heart, and Other Comedies Full of Errors, is a story about people who enter our lives as strangers and become like family; the constant struggles-inward and expressed-women face in a world obsessed with youth and beauty, and how women's friendships help them navigate through these changing ocean tides. It is also about good, beautiful inside-out men who see the true qualities in the women who share their lives and stand ready to defend and support them.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781777890926
Publisher: Leonora Ross Author
Publication date: 11/15/2021
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 330
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Leonora Ross is an artist and lives in Western Canada. She can be reached at: https://www.leonoraross.com

Table of Contents


Who's In The Book

1 A New Start  

2 A Vacation 

3 Paint and Turpentine 

4 A God Descended

5 Friendship, Tea and Hot Kisses 

6 Women's Lib Versus Darwin 

7 Trudging Through Quagmire  

8 Vanity's Mirror  

9 Sort of Hidden Things 

10 Space Full of Junk  

11 Irrefutable Truth 

12 Uncertainty's Preconceived Ideas 

13 Mountains on the Surface 

14 Journey of a Thousand Tears 

15 The Story of Tessa's Heart 

16 Bonding Under Big Trees 

17 To Be or Not to Be 

18 The Long Wait 

19 Cape of Good Hope 

20 The Three Percent Rule 

21 All Matters Pertaining 

22 Practising Diaphragmatic Breathing 

23 The Sleeping Beauty: A New Twist 




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