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The adventures of Angus the Mouse

The adventures of Angus the Mouse

4.8 5
by Montice Harmon

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�The Adventure�s Of Angus The Mouse,� is a base learned short story, about a mouse that loves to adventure, and despite his passion to discover new and exciting things, he battles with everyday situations we face in life. Being the youngest out of his mother�s litter, he has a hard time fitting in with the rest of his siblings.Throughout this story, Angus learns


�The Adventure�s Of Angus The Mouse,� is a base learned short story, about a mouse that loves to adventure, and despite his passion to discover new and exciting things, he battles with everyday situations we face in life. Being the youngest out of his mother�s litter, he has a hard time fitting in with the rest of his siblings.Throughout this story, Angus learns valuable lessons. So please pay close attention, and enjoy Angus, and his adventure.

Editorial Reviews

Amazon.com - Brandy Norwood
This book is wonderful and my daughter loves every bit of it. The morels this book gives encourages all ages and motivates them to love one another no matter what. I'm so thankful and appreciate the advice it gives my child to know she's important at the end of the day. And most of all that family matters most.

Harmon your such a sweet heart and encouragement for all generations to come. Me and my daughter would like to say, thank you :)
Amazon.com - Chanel Erwin
The adventures of Angus the mouse, is so adventurous and gives important values each Child should know. Angus battles with acceptance and longs for the chance to become an adventurer.
It teaches kids that friendship and family is important and i feel every detail Harmon gives. As in steps to teach you're Children the ground rules to safety, this is by far the greatest Children's book I've read in years. It encourage everyone not to doubt the impossible.
Amazon.com - Flye Books
The young are explorers! This way and that way, they move about in the world - ever learning, ever growing, wanting to know more, more, more! In Montice Harmon's delightful tale, The Adventures of Angus the Mouse, we see this exploratory spirit in action as Angus encounters the pitfalls of venturing far from home and learns valuable moral lessons about the kindness of strangers, the power of prayer, and the love of family!The Adventures of Angus the Mouse is a wonderful little book.
Amazon.com - Faith Lewis
I really enjoy reading this story to my family. All the great morals this story delievers, brings back golden memories. I would like to think Montice L. Harmon for making a difference in my childrens lives. Changing them for the better and also teaching them family is more important then anything. But with faith anything is possible.

Thanks Harmon :)
Amazon.com - Latoya Rice
I'm a single parent who loves reading to my four year old son. In 2010 i was introduced to this book by a friend and fell in love with this character. My son loves this story and asks me to read it to him each night.
Why i love Montice L. Harmon so much? First off his words of encouragement is so deep and helps make everything okay. And thats what this book has taught my child. He's more respectful to his family and others also.

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Special Edition , #2
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Barnes & Noble
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21 KB
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3 - 5 Years

Meet the Author

Montice Harmon, is a writer of all sorts. Life, fiction, suspense, love and mysteries. A human being with dreams of success, power and ambitions of honesty, trust and commitment. Made of flesh and bones as the next man. Perfect in no shape or farm. He love, he cry. He lone for life, full of dreams. Dreams not only for him, but for mankind. Saving such a strong and intelligent race as ours, gaining an understanding of our feelings and well beings. He's that brother, son and friend of love and love alone. He won�t to share words of motivation. Providing guidance of encouragement. Sharing with you, love, struggles and break through. With such faith as mine, winning the hearts of reader�s and fallen souls. Let him enlighten you with peace and hope for a brighter future, brighter days. Giving motivation through the hearts of our little ones (They are the future) His mission is to write, rebuild the mind of negativity, into peaceful thoughts.

Montice Harmon is many things, but one thing I tell you that is true. he's writing to make a difference, to put a smile on each Childs face, touch within a broken heart, healing it with knowledge and faith, giving reason to live. Life is so precious and worth so much. he wont you to know, he's only human and have had his share of break downs. But faith and motivation has changed he's point of view on life. Giving him a meaning so true, so he'd asking you to take him as I am and enjoy his books, with blessings.

He is...

�Boss Writer�

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The Adventure's Of Angus The Mouse 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow, i love this book so much. It teaches wonderful morals kids now today lack. It teaches safety and the importance of family and friends. I
JazHardy More than 1 year ago
Angus becomes a character readers can relate too, with His courageous ambition to venture out to explore the world and come to his own; but life teaches Angus a valuable moral that family is what matters most. Wanting only to be accepted and loved. Most kids can relate and understand what Angus goes through. I feel deep inside Angus teaches Children to love honor and respect one another. Encouraging those battling with acceptances. The book reflects on faith, hope and courage to never give up. This book also helps parents bond with their children, without picture throughout the book, parents have to paint a vivid picture. Requiring more time and builds stronger communication skills.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book, i wish and hope the second version comes out sooner then 2013. with understanding my kids love Angus's imbitions to discover family values.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Rita V for Readers Favorite The Adventure's of Angus the Mouse is a delightful children's book written by Montice L. Harmon. Growing up in a large family, Angus did not fit into the family niche, and his siblings did not include him in play. On one bright, sunny day, Angus and his mother venture into town. He often liked to go off on grand adventures into the woods to see what treasures the humans had thrown into them, but on this fateful day, Angus would not return as normal to his mother. Once in the woods, Angus soon discovers that he is lost; he has a run in with an enormous black bird, befriends a rat named Sam, meets an old beetle named Edward, and encounters an evil snake. Sam is quite sure that his family does not miss him and is somewhat hesitant about trying to find his way back home. Through his adventure, Angus discovers friendship, enemies, danger and sacrifice. I found this children's book to be very well written, easy to comprehend, and the plot flows smoothly. In all honesty, I was a little conflicted as one of the characters must make a sacrifice for Angus and loses his life in the process. If I were a child, this might scare me a bit, even though the wording is nicely portrayed. That is the only reservation I had about the book, but I do see the author's point in teaching children positive lessons from this book such as making a sacrifice for a friend and finding the strength and courage to go onward. The reader comes away with the sadness left behind by one friend, but realizes how important family is and how vital safety and rules are in a child's life.