The Adventures of Dixie and Pixie: The Journey Begins

The Adventures of Dixie and Pixie: The Journey Begins

by Dustin Bennion


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ISBN-13: 9781546211280
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/03/2017
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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In a land far away, in a giant Hickaboo tree that stretched to the clouds in height lived two large butterfly fairies; Dixie and Pixie. Dixie and Pixie stood about five feet tall, with human-like bodies and large beautiful wings that rolled up and tucked away behind their back when not in flight.

Dixie and Pixie were sisters and looked similar, as sisters often do. However, Dixie had deep sparkling purple wings with long flowing hair, while Pixie's emerald green wings and shorter spunky hair captured the attention of all passing by. The two sister fairies lived wonderful lives, enjoying afternoons flying high in the blue sky warming their wings under the bright sun.

They could only fly for brief periods of time because their wings would quickly lose their strength and would take time to recover. For this reason, their wings were typically rolled up and tucked away to where they were hardly noticed. When they flew, they made the most of it by racing through the clouds or playing air tag by Elmer Frog's Lilly Pads.

Dixie and Pixie spent most of their time on foot; walking, running, and hiking.

They loved nature and the beauty of the great outdoors.

Often, at night, Dixie and Pixie would lay on one of the massive Hickaboo tree leaves and watch the vibrant colors of the sunset change as the bright stars filled the night sky.

On one of these particular nights, sitting side by side, Pixie being the more adventurous of the two, looked over at her sister and said, "Dixie, do you think there are fun adventures somewhere out beyond the stars?" "Well, I would think there is something out there," replied Dixie as her eyes lifted from the last ray of sunlight to the emerging stars, high in the sky.

At that moment, a fiery red shooting star raced across the sky! Pixie's eyes widened with excitement. "Did you see it?" Pixie yelled.

"That was really neat!" Dixie replied. "Hey, Dixie ... where do you think that shooting star went?"

"I have no idea," Dixie replied. Pixie's eyes fastened on the dark night sky. After thinking for a moment, she quickly turned to Dixie and said, "I know how we can find out!"

"Find out what?" Dixie questioned. "What's out there," Pixie responded with wondrous eyes as she pointed to the sky.

"What do you mean?" asked Dixie, obviously confused.

"I mean, I have an idea that will get us out beyond the stars. All we need is a boost to get up high enough — but, we must time it perfectly," exclaimed Pixie.

"OK, Pixie. Now I'm really curious."

Dixie stood up and walked to the edge of the large Hickaboo leaf. Looking up at the night sky, viewing the radiant stars, Dixie took a deep sigh and said, "OK Pixie, I'm ready to hear your plan."


Early the next morning, Dixie and Pixie stretched their large beautiful wings and stood on the edge of the highest leaf on their Hickaboo tree. They jumped and soared through the air.

Crisp air cooled their wings as the morning sun began to shine over all the land. Down below, the two sister fairies could see movement as all forms of life began to awaken. Pugsby Pigugsby and her 12 piglets could be seen eating mud pies for breakfast, while Gigi Longhopper joined Little Miss Dragonbug for a leafy bite to eat.

It was a beautiful morning as Dixie and Pixie neared Mr. Hooten Owl's mighty oak tree.

"Mr. Hooten, are you home?" called Pixie. "Dixie and I are here to see you!"

"Why, yes! What a pleasant surprise! Come on in," Mr. Hooten replied.

The elderly owl was the wisest and oldest owl in all the land. He had spent most of his life teaching young birds how to fly. He was now retired, and lived in the Mighty Oak Tree community.

"Mr. Hooten, Dixie and I need to figure out a way to fly past the great blue sky and reach the stars. We are not strong enough to do it on our own, so we came to you for your advice," Pixie explained.

"Well, my! Hmmm, let me think. I've never had such a request. Very interesting," Mr. Hooten said as he stroked the fine feathers on his chin. "Perhaps, Dixie could just give you a nice push," he chuckled.

Pixie gave him half a smile.

"Oh, well, yes, seriously speaking, it's quite simple. The way I see it, you need a strong boost to get you as high as possible, then at the moment you've gone as high as you can go - deploy your wings and then you'll have the strength to fly past the blue sky, into the world of the stars. And I only know of one person that could give you the boost you're looking for."


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