The Beginning of Fearlessness: Quantum Prodigal Son

The Beginning of Fearlessness: Quantum Prodigal Son

by Lee Hager

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The Beginning of Fearlessness: Quantum Prodigal Son by Lee Hager, Steven Hager

Fear permeates our world. Fear is a thief that robs us of the peace and happiness we all desire. Science and religion have each had the opportunity to solve the problems that keep humanity in a state of fear, but they’ve both failed. Why? Instead of working together for the greater good, they’ve been locked in a power struggle that’s blinded both of them. Although Einstein recognized that science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind, we’ve been left with a chaotic world where fearlessness seems impossible.

To conquer fear, we must discover its root cause. The Beginning of Fearlessness: Quantum Prodigal Son is not a self-help book. Since we live in a world where we’re assaulted with new reasons to fear on a daily basis, we’ll never experience fearlessness by conquering one or two fears at a time. The Beginning of Fearlessness: Quantum Prodigal Son is a spiritual quest and a scientific adventure that finally brings together the information we need to make sense of the universe and our place in it.

After years of piecing together a wide variety of spiritual and scientific information, we discovered that fear originates in our fundamental misunderstanding of the universe and our place in it. Eliminating these misunderstandings proved to be the beginning of fearlessness we all desire. Although this sounds impossible, we found others who had discovered the beginning of fearlessness too. If they could live a life of fearlessness, you can too.

The book reveals an amazing message hidden in Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son. A line-by- line discussion of the parable makes use of the gnostic gospels, quantum physics, and the words of a wide variety of spiritual sages to unlock the parable’s secrets. Written in a straightforward manner, there’s no need for you to have previous knowledge or interest in either science or religion to understand and benefit from the material. Join in this spiritual quest and scientific adventure and discover the beginning of fearlessness for yourself.

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About the Author

Brought up in fundamentalist Christianity, Lee & Steven Hager spent over twenty years as dedicated Christian teachers. Although their service to others was the most gratifying aspect of their lives, other important parts of the puzzle were missing. They were disappointed that their faith had not resulted in the deep and sustaining peace and joy they believed it should, and it failed to offer satisfying answers to their questions about Ultimate Reality. Eventually their continued questioning resulted in excommunication. They persisted in their search for several years, but kept finding the same disappointing answers. Frustrated by severe illnesses (Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus and brain surgery), family and financial problems, and their seeming failure to find God, they made a suicide pact. Before carrying it out, they prayed one last time, but this prayer, and the result, was very different than anything they had experienced before.

Instead of asking for what they wanted, they laid aside all their personal preferences and preconceived ideas. For the first time, they were willing to accept any message they received as long as it resulted in a connection with Source. The answer they got came from a most unlikely source: quantum physics. They suddenly realized that science and spirituality create a powerful synergy that can transform our lives. They discovered firsthand that the misery and fear we each experience is the direct result of our misperception of the universe and our place in it. When we replace our misperceptions, fear is replaced with joy.

Through the ages, spiritual sages have approached the Divine directly. Most of us have been taught that we must go through saviors, masters, sages or gurus if we want to understand the universe and our place in it. But this idea is incorrect. As Buddha said, “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” The Divine wants to be known, and can be known, directly, and personally, by each and every one of us. How can this be done? The gnostic writer of The Dialogue of the Savior explained, “Light the lamp within you…knock on yourself as upon a door and walk upon yourself as on a straight road.” Join us as we look at the writings of the world’s greatest spiritual sages and the surprising revelations of quantum physics that sheds new light on their words. Discover for yourself that you are your own master.

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